Rossvyaz is studying the possibility of creating a single database of IMEI phones operating in the Russian Federation

Yesterday it became known that Rossvyaz is engaged in a new project - the ministry is exploring the possibility of creating a unified unified IMEI database of telephone codes operating in Russia. The basic outlines of this project are already ready, and they are planning to implement it with the help of the Central Research Institute of Communications, reports Kommersant. Why do we need a single base? It can, in particular, be used to block devices that were either stolen or entered Russia illegally.

The single base in question will contain IMEI whitelists and blacklists. In addition, the developers are going to include in the database and subscriber number or identifier of the SIM card. It is possible that the creators of the database will add there, and that, and another, which will reduce to zero the likelihood of erroneous blocking of phones with duplicate IMEI (more on that below).

As for the Central Research Institute of Communications ( ZNIIS ), the infrastructure of this organization can serve as the basis for creating the base in question. The fact is that the ZNIIS is already acting as the database operator of the numbers transferred when the subscribers changed the operator numbers. At the same time, the study of the possibility of creating a single IMEI database by specialists of the institute has been conducted since 2015.

The customer of such a base is likely to be one or more departments, including the Federal Customs Service, the Ministry of Communications, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, or law enforcement agencies. The main goal of the project is to prevent the use of stolen, counterfeit, illegally imported mobile devices into Russia. The authors of the idea note that similar systems are already working in the USA, Great Britain, and India, therefore the experience of these countries can and should be adopted and implemented. It is planned to finance the program with the help of the federal budget.

According to the general director of the ZNIIS Andrei Gryazev, the base can be formed using various methods. One of them is the registration of IMEI when the phone first connects to the network. This will determine the origin of the phone - "gray" he or "white." “If the mobile is imported illegally, a notification is sent to the seller. If the legislator says - it is possible to block the device by authorized organizations. Maybe the buyer will be given a month or two for legalization and execution, ”says Gryazev.

Analysts of the Association of Internet Trading Companies (ACIT) previously estimated the number of phones with duplicate IMEI at 5-10% of the total number of terminals in Russia. Gryazev believes that it is impossible to block all such phones. “In this case, we will punish 99% of people, and dishonest market players should be punished,” he comments on the situation.

At the same time, according to ACIT President Alexei Fyodorov, currently IMEI numbers can be duplicated only in the case of using inexpensive devices from China, which are ordered by Russian citizens on AliExpress. Official suppliers of popular models, including Apple and Samsung, exclude such a situation. Fedorov also believes that it is important who becomes the IMEI database operator, since all phones imported into Russia must be registered in a single database that is served by one organization. In this case, it is quite possible to limit the importation into the country of "gray" devices. "The lists of registered IMEIs should be transmitted to operators of the Ministry of Communications with the participation of Roskomnadzor, while the devices imported into the country before the introduction of IMEI regulation can continue to work," says Fedorov.

The system, which is now being developed in Russia, really works in some countries. It is most clearly manifested itself in Turkey. The fact is that any device that is imported from abroad is subject to registration here, plus a tax must be paid for it. If this does not happen, the device is blocked after 120 days. The Turkish authorities even counted how many smartphones and in what time a citizen of the state could import from abroad. Thus, the Turks can import no more than 1 phone into the country every 2 years.

If a similar system works in Russia, then any phone that is imported into the country illegally may be blocked. For example, if a citizen of the Russian Federation buys a phone abroad, then he has 1-2 months to legalize and design the gadget. Registration procedures include the need to pay taxes. I did not fulfill all the requirements of the law in time - the terminal is blocked, it will simply be impossible to use it in Russia. It seems that everything to such a denouement and moves.


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