The conflict of the ex-employee of Telegram with the Durov brothers: two court sessions took place, the post was removed with Medium

A few days ago on Geektimes a rather extensive post was published about the conflict between the ex-employee of the social network “Vkontakte” and the protected Telegram messenger with Nikolay and Pavel Durov. Anton Rosenberg, that is the name of the employee, sued Telegraf LLC, which, according to him, belongs to the Durovs. Anton believes that he was illegally fired and demands a compensation of one and a half million rubles from the employer.

In turn, Telegraf LLC filed a response lawsuit demanding the recovery of 100 million rubles for the disclosure of commercial secrets. The other day, both lawsuits were held in the courts of St. Petersburg.

Representatives of Telegraph LLC did not come to the meeting where the case on disclosure of commercial secrets is being considered. At the same time, lawyers considering the case on the side of the plaintiff filed a petition to transfer the case from public to closed. According to Rosenberg, he fears just such an outcome. The reluctance to allow the transfer of the case from open discussion to closed and prompted Rosenberg to publish his post on Medium. The next meeting will be held on October 17.

“A lawsuit for 100 million is a cause for concern. Well, in a closed process, anything can happen - for example, there will be some non-disclosure documents that I allegedly signed. I hope now this will not happen, ”- said the defendant.

As for the other case, where Telegraf LLC is already the defendant, the lawyers of this company did not appear at the court session. The next meeting will be held on October 24th.

In addition, today it became known that the resource Medium, where the post of Anton Rosenberg was published, deleted this post. Representatives of the company said that the publication was deleted, because according to the rules of service in posts can not post screenshots of correspondence.

Whatever it was, but the case is probably not quickly closed, so it remains to follow the developments.


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