Battle: assassins drones against the "immortal" DJI Phantom 4

Scenario 1: the usual Phantom 4 against the gun “Stupor” .

Scenario 2: Upgraded Phantom 4 vs. Stupor Rifle

Scenario 3: Upgraded Phantom 4 versus stationary droner jammers 10 meters.

Scenario 4: Upgraded Phantom 4 versus stationary droner jammers 400 meters away.

The power of a conventional Phantom 4 transmitter is 15 milliwatts, and with the “Immortality Code” the power increases 66 times (almost watts). And the power of the video link is increased 25 times.

TL; DR: the usual drone from the store is helpless against a gun and a stationary jammer, but if you upgrade DJI Phantom, it becomes immortal. GPS is dying, but control and video stream remains.

Under the cut - the device, which was used in the video.


Mobile Stunners


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The jamming gun against the drones “STUPOR” creates a 16-degree jamming cone, jamming the radio control of the console - drone, transmitting video via Wi-fi drone - remote control and receiving signals from the satellite - drone.

Suppressed frequency range:

5.1-5.5 GHz
5.5-5.9 GHz
Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz: 2400-2500 MHz
GPS L1: 1575 MHz
GPSL2: 1227 MHz
GPS L5: 1176 MHz

Power per channel - 2 watts.

Stationary 360 ° jammers

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Technical characteristics "Killer Dronov - 6" :


DJI Phantom 4 with a code for immortality

There are special things - signal amplifiers:

The principle of operation of the antenna amplifier is as follows: it concentrates the usual radiation of the antenna, which is directed in all directions from it, and forms a directional signal beam from the control panel. This allows you to increase the range of communication with the copter at times.
ITELITE DBS02.2x signal amplification antenna for the Phantom 3 Professional / Advanced, Phantom 4, 4 Pro / Advanced / Plus, Inspire 1/2 and Matrice 100/200/600 includes an antenna panel and two high-frequency cables for connecting to the remote control .

The package also includes a support bracket for more convenient installation tools. The equipment is mounted in minutes and does not require soldering.


Upgrade kit antenna gain signal DBS02.2 to a more powerful: provides an increase in flight range and video transmission up to 12 km.

The glushilok developers are constantly working to improve their guns. And the drone developers are over the upgrade of the transmitters. Who will win?

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