XRONOS cryptocurrency aggregator launched presale coins

The time has come! The first XRONOS cryptocurrency aggregator is 100% ready for use. XRSS is on alert, the site is running, the technical documentation has been laid out and framed - you can start. XPO Presale coins will last until October 21, 2017.

About the project in 1 minute

If someone missed our previous posts - XRONOS is the first aggregator of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. The main goal of the project is to create a so-called. Stable Coin: stable fiat money. Consider this to be something like the “Bretton Woods” monetary system in digital form, only instead of fully tangible and final gold as security — other cryptocurrencies and their growing capitalization.

What's inside?

The system consists of three products (own Blockchain, the Wallet application and the XRSS program), together they form the XRONOS cryptocurrency that is stable with respect to fiat money. Each product has unique characteristics, and their sum makes the whole project truly breakthrough:

All three products are 100% ready and can be tested by taking part in Presale's new cryptocurrency, which runs from September 21 to October 21, 2017.

Planned results and global goals?

As we have said, the immediate and tangible goal is to create a Stable Coin: a cryptocurrency that is not tied to any of the fiat currencies, but stable against them.

If we think globally, then we want to create such a cryptocurrency payment instrument that can open the real economy sector for cryptocurrencies, move an outdated banking system and “release” the genie from the bottle: start the process of forming a p2p economy. To do this, our crypt must be truly decentralized, stable and, most importantly, widely used. To this we strive.

Four stages of course stabilization

For active growth of the user base at the start and further development, XRONOS has a planned period of speculative growth, divided into 4 stages. Each of the stages is associated with the sale of additional XPO coins with a guaranteed price increase for the next ones. This will allow gradually connecting, testing and expanding the functionality of the system without risks for its reliability, as well as smoothly increasing the capitalization of the new cryptocurrency.

The uniqueness of Presale's and ICO project lies in the fact that only a part of the collected funds will go to the development of cryptocurrency and its services (20% from each stage), the remaining 80% will become a guarantor of coins solvency. This will ensure its liquidity, give guarantees for the return of investments and reduce the risks of the first users of the system.

  1. Presale XPO for $ 2.15 will be held from September 21 to October 21, 2017;
  2. ICO XPO for $ 3.50 will run from November 21 to December 21, 2017;
  3. Presale Globula for $ 10.75 scheduled for March 2018;
  4. ICO Globula for $ 16.15 is scheduled for June 2018.

What after?

The transition to a stable exchange rate will be implemented after the issue of 21 million XPO. According to today's calculations, its planned value is $ 21.53 for XPO, but in August 2018 it may be slightly adjusted, since XRONOS relies on GAW and SDR values. Upon reaching the target values ​​(emissions> 21,000,000 units and a stable XPO rate), the percentages of the distribution of income from emissions will change in favor of network participants: 98% will go towards providing XRO, and only 2% will go on developing and improving XRONOS and its motivating services.

How to participate?

The starting point for working with XRONOS is a Bitcoin wallet with a certain amount of funds on it: with them you buy XPO coins. To work with the system, you will need a personal wallet, which can be made here or in the application for mobile devices. And there everything is simple: go to the official website and buy yourself a piece of a bright future. :)

From next week we will begin a detailed analysis of each element, and by the middle of the presale you will know the project device as well as ourselves. Great weekend to everyone!

Whitepaper (PDF)
Whitebook (PDF)
Presentation (PDF)

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