Expanding your ownership: Facebook, Google, Switch

The amount of data stored and processed in data centers is reminiscent of a turbulent flow: it is rapidly growing and gaining power. The construction of new server farms is the direction that is developing and is in constant motion. A unified, flexible, and scalable architecture — that is what gigantic corporations are guided by when building their next creation.


In early 2017, Facebook announced its intention to build a new server farm in the vast Scandinavian southern country, Denmark. The choice fell on the Danish city, the shopping center of Funen, Odense. It will become a 3 facility built outside the borders of the United States. McEntegart in a statement announced that the data center in Odense will be the most modern and energy efficient in the world.

Currently, Facebook is owned by data centers in Luleå, Sweden and in the village of Cloni, Ireland. The data center in Odense will be the second in the Scandinavian countries, where several companies have already decided to deploy infrastructures for their global platforms. The region is attractive because of the abundant cheap energy of renewable sources (mainly hydropower), cool climate and friendly tax conditions.

Datacenter in Luleå, Sweden

At the moment, detailed information on the construction of Facebook server storage near Odense is quite small, it is known that the company acquired a 50-hectare land plot last year. According to forecasts, the entire project will cost $ 100 million and will be launched by 2020.

Future territory under Facebook data center Odense, Denmark

Facebook is currently planning to build two data center buildings on this site, about 25,000 square meters each, as well as an administrative building with an area of ​​6,500 square meters.

The high level of environmental awareness of Facebook influenced the company's decisions when creating the infrastructure of the data center. The company will ensure the operation of the facility from 100% renewable energy sources. Thus, the company plans to use the heat emitted by the server farm equipment for heating neighboring houses. After using the heat of the exhaust air to heat fresh supply air (recovery process), thermal energy will be transmitted through the centralized heat supply system of Odense by means of which it is possible to heat almost 7,000 residential buildings. Such a move will kill two birds with one stone: not only reduce the criticism from the green defenders, but also raise the data center to the rank of advantageous neighbors.

Cold air from the surrounding atmosphere is blown by fans.

Everything is just beginning, the general contractor of the construction company MACE. In June 2017, about 60% of the 300 workers at the site were from Denmark. This is a good percentage of Danish workers, despite the fact that many large projects in Odense involve local labor.


In general, back in 2016, Google increased its spending on the construction of data centers. The plans until 2019 to launch another 3 cloud server storage. New data centers will work in the Netherlands, Canada and the USA (in California).

In January of this year, two years after the start of work was announced, the search giant Google put into operation a server farm in the Netherlands, the project cost the company $ 635 million. The campus of the data center covers an area of ​​45 hectares. This farm is fully powered by 100% of renewable sources. The main source was wind energy, electricity is generated in the wind parks of the local energy company Eneco.

Joe Kava and the Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs Kamp with local students at the opening of the data center in Eemshaven

In the new Dutch data center will use the latest developments in the field of cooling. Cold outside air and wastewater are the natural resources that will cool the search giant's server farm. Currently, all Google data centers use 50% less energy than typical data center.

The company plans to strengthen its position in the European market, which will serve as the opening of server storage in Sweden. Google has chosen the neighborhood of the Swedish city Avest (140 km from Stockholm) for the implementation of this project.

Sweden is attractive for its tax policy and climatic conditions. The winters are cold here, and the summer is short, to cool server farms, you can safely use natural resources, which will help save investments and reduce the impact on the external environment.


Switch, a large colocation provider known for its giant campus for SuperNAP server storage in Las Vegas, announced the launch of the first data center on the territory of the new Michigan campus, previously a corporate 7-story office building, which is a pyramid-shaped structure, was purchased by Switch Corporation.

Amazing design - this is what distinguishes Switch data centers from other data centers around the world, most of which (with some exceptions) are simple, inconspicuous structures.

The new data center is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan (USA). The project of 167 thousand square meters after the completion of all phases will draw in the amount of $ 5 billion. It will become one of the largest data centers in the world, its capacity will be equal to 320 MW. For powering the data center will use electricity from 100% renewable energy sources. The facility in Michigan is focused on customers from Chicago, New York, Northern Virginia, Washington and Toronto.

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