Fan fiction list

Fan fiction is fan-made, just for fun. They are written an incredible amount, here is a list of the best to my taste.

All fan fiction can be divided into two groups, those that require knowledge of the source and those that do not. Many people write fanfictions as coloring books, events are known, characters are already registered, the world is thought out, to make a coherent story easier. It comes to retelling, called "novelization". But most prefer to change, to introduce their elements, continuing the story, to introduce elements of other worlds or arranging a full-fledged clash of different universes. What is impossible in official stories. Some effects can only be achieved in fanfic, for example, the notorious Cupcakes which caused heavy damage, cognitive dissonance, many My Little Pony fans.

Short list

1. Harry Potter and methods of rational thinking , Eliezer Yudkovsky - no comment.

2. Plotnikov Sergey, Web of Light . Fanfik on the manga "My keeper Himari." Put in second place, urban fantasy, science fiction, social fiction, fresh world, epic story, the first creation of a good author that can be seen. 5 books in the middle of the story slows down slightly, but then a completely chic ending. To the heap, the author gives a practical answer to the “Main Question of Life and All That”. Great thing.

3. Renegade Reinterpretations, College Fool . Mass effect, the world is seriously changed, fan fiction belongs to the worldcraft genre, that is, work on the world to the detriment of the narration. The story was repainted in gloomy tones, the author managed to paint the war and politics. Changed the background of the world, the background of many characters, some in-game solutions and much more. I recommend to all fans of ME, a great and interesting work.

4. You live only three times, Hitech Alex Harry Potter. Bond and Harry Potters crossover, Bond is great, crazy technical innovations, as well as hundreds of references, if you are still in doubt, open footnotes .

The list is longer

Friendship is Optimal , Iceman, My Little Pony. She wrote the AI, called him Princess Celestia, and gave her main task: to satisfy the needs of the people by taking them through friendship and ponies. Celestia will do this by guiding you through friendship and pony, and it will be solely by mutual consent.

Paladin, Petrov Andrei . Heroes of Might and Magic. Excellent living language, the author writes easily and readable. The best thing about Heroes.

Terminator, Sick bastard Harry Potter. The work of the series "The Little Boy Found a Machine Gun", banter and black humor.

Adventurer (working) and Nekanon , Dark Cat, Mass Effect. "Nekanon", an alternative world, evoking memories from the 90s. “The Worker (Worker)”, an absolutely mainstream product, with a hitcher and everyone with everything. It differs from others in volume and quite good language.

The Secret Diary Of Cameron Baum , Pjazz A terminator sent back in time with the task of protecting John Connor. Satire on the American way of life.

Overlady , Earthscorpion. Crossover Zero no Tsukaima and Overlord, Overlord is an old toy about a goblin overlord, humor, and Evil Evil. You can read as an independent thing.

Meta , TinyGladiator, Worm. Fanfic on the Worm, someone started to post the Worm on the PHO. Only if you read the Worm

Divided , Para_Docks, Worm. An alternative world, without endbrings, however, superpowers continue to seek and create conflict, the Worm cannot go well. Only if you read the Worm

It gets worse , Ack, Worm. Humor, Taylor gets an alternative power, guaranteeing that everything will be fine with her. Only if you read the Worm

Infiltrait0rN7 , Ranubis, Mass Effect The little thing about the Legion, pure rjaka. For fans of ME

Where to find and where to start is the largest collection of fanfics, there are many millions of them, it is difficult to find a good thing to your taste. The tropes page dedicated to the recommendations of fan fiction, a good way to find fanfic in taste in large fandoms becomes ineffective. Also the most comprehensive list of terms on this site. is the largest Russian-language, again problems with finding a good one. Samizdat, the largest Russian-language literary portal, search problems. spacebattles are interesting in their forum, where hundreds of works are written and discussed daily.

There are a few large sites, but for starters, this is enough. If you decide to search for fan fiction for the first time, then be sure to look at the age rating, type of romance, warning! MANDATORY!


The surrogate of the Hero, Aleskandr Zaitsev Cybersport, a fantastic everyday life based on the myths of ancient Greece, the formation of a hero. The author writes excellent things, and it is concretely the best for the last year of the works I read. One of the most interesting and awaited of the writing, just completed. Sadly, no more waiting for Fridays.


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