[CASE] 3D printing in art: sculptures by artist Kavargi

3D-scanning and 3D-printing is used not only for utilitarian purposes and for entertainment, but also in serious art. Recently we wrote about how a copy of the sculpture “Worker and Kolkhoz Woman” by Vera Mukhina was created for the Museum of European History at the EU Parliament. Scanning and 3D printing are indispensable when copying a three-dimensional object, but they can also be used to create new works of art.

What is it about

This article is about our customer, the famous contemporary artist Dmitry Kavarga , or rather, about his experience of using the PICASO 3D Designer 3D printer in creating sculptures. Kawarga shared with us his impressions about working with a 3D printer and kindly provided all the illustrations for this material.

“Paleo-geo-morphology. Kern number 17. ”Top.

How was the printer chosen?

Dmitry Viktorovich, as a solid person, but not previously dealing with 3D printing, chose a suitable model for a long time.

“I had to ask for advice from all familiar robotics, one way or another interacting with printers. They expressed themselves extensively and convincingly, but so contradictory and intricate that I sneaked bad thoughts about their clever collusion. ”

As a result of endless conversations, the choice still fell on the PICASO Designer, as a time-tested and optimal apparatus for the realization of its intentions.

PICASO 3D Designer

Now available and a newer model PICASO 3D, with two extruders and other modifications - Designer X PRO .

What is used

The main task of a 3D printer in this case is the printing of an infinite mass of small details, elements of sculptures. These details are different - both constructive, consisting of straight lines, and biomorphic, repeating the geometry of living beings. Various cubes, gears, figures of people and animals, and other objects.

“Paleo-geo-morphology. Kern number 17. ”Middle.

As it was done before

Creating such a number of small parts was very time consuming and far from the most interesting process:

“Earlier, before the appearance of a 3D printer in the workshop, each element had to be done manually, then take off the mold and cast endless copies until it got bored, and then the same amount. The quality suited me, but not everything can be molded, even in the form of high-quality rubber. ”

New opportunities

As in other areas, the use of 3D printing in sculpture gives its advantages.

“Has the horizon of the possible expanded? Perhaps, because I was irretrievably wasting my precious time on all this small things, which my PICASO is now crushing. He does not get tired, does not grumble, does not ask for food, and produces three times as much as me. ”

“Paleo-geo-morphology. Kern number 17. ”The lower part.

Are there any minuses

All things have both good and bad sides. The use of a 3D printer in art is no exception.

“There is a minus, a very serious minus - with the new capabilities, the horizon of plans has spread so much that now a couple more printers and a good 3D scanner are needed for their implementation.”

“Paleo-geo-morphology. Kern number 17 ”, fragment.


As we see, a 3D printer can be used to create sculptural compositions, where it is necessary to introduce a large number of small details.

You can print and larger objects, including in parts. 3D printing gives sufficient accuracy to combine them into a single object without visible gaps, especially when applying post-processing.

“Inhabited Sculpture for Birds 2017”

The creation of physical objects from digital models has not yet become commonplace in art, even in modern, but this is the avant-garde, the morrow for translating the ideas of artists into reality.

A 3D printer will become a very useful assistant not only for the maker, engineer and modeller, but also for people of more creative professions.

In one of the following materials we will try to tell about how 3D-technologies are used in show business by artists and property owners - for printing details of costumes and elements of the entourage.

We wish Dmitry Viktorovich Kavarga success in the embodiment of all artistic ideas!

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