Lenovo Yoga 920 - a laptop-transformer 2 in 1: almost 50 years in development

At the end of next year, the 50th anniversary of the first personal computer will be celebrated. In December 1968, inventor Douglas Engelbart went up to the scene of the now-closed Brooks Hall in San Francisco and showed what is now called the “Mother of all demons”. For more than an hour and a half, he hit the audience with a live demonstration of a computer mouse, the WYSIWYG principle (“what you see is what you get”) in a text and graphic editor, networking, clicking links, and communicating in a video conference. None of this has ever been demonstrated.

Years later, Engelbart will explain that he and his familiar engineers have focused not on automating the computing processes, but on expanding the possibilities. The inventor believed this: in order for a computer to become truly useful, it must make working with data much more natural and intuitive. This will initiate the development of new types of thinking and technological innovation.

We want to think that those pioneers of computer engineering would be delighted to see how their views on human-computer interaction are reflected in the new Lenovo Yoga 920 transformer. Starting with a digital smart pen that can recognize your thought flight with the accuracy and sensitivity of a conventional pen , and ending with a virtual assistant with voice control, using artificial intelligence to study your habits. From biometric protection that recognizes you among billions of people, to virtualization of mixed reality and expanding the boundaries of your home and environment. The new Yoga 920 has an incredibly natural interface between people and machines.

Multitasking Yoga 920 is improved for more natural and intuitive work.

Voice is the most important way to communicate.

The global voice recognition market is projected to reach an estimated $ 6.19 billion this year, and will grow threefold by 2023. In fact, more than 60 million people, or a fifth of the US population, used the built-in voice assistant, like Cortana, at least once a month this year. People will communicate more with voice assistants, and Cortana opens up new ways for users of Yoga 920 to interact with the system.

Yoga 920 is equipped with long-range technology, which uses Cortana to recognize commands from a distance of up to four meters. This way you can do more things in a simple and fast way - with your voice, whether at home or at work. You are busy cooking dinner or getting ready for work, you can use Cortana to simply add items to your shopping list, play music, check traffic, send short letters, track packages and much more.

Add items to your shopping list or send short letters through Cortana assistant in the new Yoga 920

More importantly, with your permission, Cortana can automatically recognize information from your letters and, if necessary, offer reminders of upcoming events. For example, if you were asked to send a report to a manager, Cortana will offer to add the case to the task list.

Pen is still important

Despite the growing popularity of voice assistants, a lot of work in the office or school - especially in the creative and manufacturing fields - still requires a keyboard or a pen. In the case of the Yoga 920, the optional Lenovo Active Pen 2 pen with 4096 sensitivity levels provides limitless possibilities and the potential to work on a PC.

Windows Ink allows you to write, draw and create sketches for the Yoga 920 with the optional Lenovo Active Pen 2.

The accuracy of the ordinary pen allows you to write without any delay. Lenovo Active Pen 2 makes it possible to take notes and draw new schemes or make adjustments to existing graphs and documents on the fly. Working on a presentation? Use the quick access button on the pen and check your mail, staying up to date with the latest project team work, transfer the sketches to the presentation, add colors and explanations, and then send a letter - and all this without postponing the pen.

Yoga 920 with optional Lenovo Active Pen 2

Actual studies show that students learn more about the material and express their thoughts through electronic pens than words written on the keyboard. Moreover, students using digital pens “make more diagrams, correctly form them and give more accurate conclusions on the available information” compared to those who work with ordinary pencils and pens. The key point: digital pens are good for users and are a great addition to the keyboard and mouse.

Power, design and style

In addition to the intuition that comes with pen and voice control, the Yoga 920 is equipped with an eighth generation Intel Core i7 processor — the latest Intel chip designed for the future. Also, the laptop is equipped with Windows 10 and two ports of Thunderbolt 3, each of which supports the world's fastest data transmission protocols and provides excellent video bandwidth over a single cable, and at the same time also charges the device. With all the benefits of hardware, including the latest generation of Core i7 protection, the Yoga 920 has a convenient fingerprint reader and Windows Hello protection for biometric user detection.

The Yoga hinge offers great flexibility in work, including typing in laptop mode, showing presentations in demo mode, surfing the web in a tablet form factor, or watching videos in tent mode.

360-degree hinge on Yoga 920

When it comes to watching videos, the Yoga 920 will offer you a virtually frameless 4K screen with IPS technology. The display is touch and has a diagonal of 13.9 inches. Thanks to the Dolby Atmos system, the sound literally spreads around you when you listen to music on headphones. Yoga 920 provides a great dive. You can also connect an additional helmet Lenovo Explorer for virtual reality Windows, which will open the way to virtual travel and great games.

Dolby Atmos Dynamic Sound in Yoga 920

These premium items are combined with a brilliant design. The laptop weighs only 1.37 kilograms and has an incredible thinness - 13.95 mm. The body is completely metallic, among the available colors - platinum, copper or a unique bronze shade. Also happy to announce a limited version with Gorilla Glass: Yoga 920 Vibes, Star Wars Special Edition Yoga 920 Rebel Alliance and Star Wars Special Edition Yoga 920 Galactic Empire.

Star Wars Special Edition Yoga 920

From past to present

In 1968, computers were large, expensive, and inaccessible to the majority of the world's population. After nearly 50 years, another dreamer, head of Lenovo, Yan Yuanqing, said: “Today we stand on the threshold of the fourth revolution, which will change our style of work and life — like no one could have imagined in the 18th century, or even 18 months ago ... This is a smart transformation is a transformation driven by big data, cloud services and artificial intelligence. ”

Along with voice recognition, AI capabilities, smart-pen functionality, mixed reality, biometric protection and other tools that maximize your personal and collective potential, we believe that computers like the Yoga 920 personify what many computerization pioneers wanted to create. years ago.

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