HyperX will light at the exhibition "Igromir 2017"

This year, Kingston prepared for “Igromir” so much of all that was cool that just the smoke from the ears comes when you try to remember all this. Imagine a stand where the stars of eSports will fight shoulder to shoulder with the guests of the stand and explain how to learn how to play correctly. With overclockers who squeeze "all the juices" out of game iron. With huge discounts on gaming accessories, gifts for guests and the famous Sergei Druzhko on stage! Welcome under the cut, where we will tell you in detail what will happen where and at what moment.

“Igromir” is not “I will install all the games now” offline, and not even seductive cosplayers in tight-fitting outfits (although they are very important). Igromir is a hot gaming New Year in cool autumn Moscow. Developers and publishers of "netlenki" gaming industry and a crazy concentration of gaming iron and peripherals per square meter.

Even if you perceive computer equipment not as a tool for entertainment, but as a computer, go away anyway - catch a dose of adrenaline and a holiday, like when you meet astronomically expensive and cool computers in stores from distant childhood. If you like games, you will plunge into the ocean of thousands of like-minded people and you will be able to “touch” the newest titles that even the beta tester’s foot has not stepped on. Joy and usefulness are enough both for those who admire the plot and dramaturgy in games (spectacular videos, "confessions" of game creators, new content and presentations), and for those who are interested in efficiency and professionalism - cybersportsmen are right there, a huge number of illustrative matches and master classes with the ability to learn, “how do they manage to do that?” guaranteed.
In this huge exhibition, equipped with all the idols of gamers, HyperX organizes a holiday inside the festival. Come to HyperX at booth A3 in hall number 4 from September 28 to October 1 at the address: Moscow exhibition center Crocus Expo (pavilion number 1) - you will not regret!

Because there is so much entertainment that no one gets bored. We disclose the entire list:

HyperX gaming peripherals in super-discount

You can not be a spectator of the show, but you can not refuse the low price of a brutal mechanical keyboard with a steel base, right? Therefore, at the HyperX stand all the days of the exhibition (September 28 - October 1), the store will work with all the “tuning” peripherals for gamers.

Good discounts for your favorite gamers

All current models of HyperX gaming headsets - from the inexpensive but sturdy and highly customizable Cloud Stinger to the flagship Cloud Revolver S with 7.1 surround sound to feel that the enemy is not "somewhere out there" but "45 degrees to the left" .

Mechanical keyboards for any game technique and predilection: three types of switches of varying degrees of rigidity, smoothness and "coinage" - MX Cherry Red, Brown and Blue. From the effect of "typewriter" to "air" on the sensations of the keys in the work.

Any kind of switches in HyperX mechanical keyboards

Design is also for every taste:

Alloy FPS - steel plate, right angles, no "lush shapes", no extra keys. The classic layout, exemplary "combat" ergonomics, adjustable backlight. Classic with increased reliability and accuracy of the keys. Hardly ever out of date or tired.

Alloy Elite is a mechanical keyboard adapted to “civil exploitation”. It is equally effective in games, but it will not even please the ascetics. Therefore, it has a support for the hands, and a volume control wheel, and a full-featured USB 2.0 port for connecting a flash drive or smartphone “right here.” Everything for a comfortable pastime in any working conditions.

Alloy FPS Pro - the most radical keyboard, the absolute victory of maximalists and gaming efficiency lovers. In general, nothing superfluous, even a digital unit. Light, occupies a minimum of space, does not at all resemble a “grand piano” or a “typewriter”, but will appeal to even the most troubled gamers, because it is always possible to completely blindly adjust its place on the table and navigate the keys.

Not a gamer with a single keyboard, so pleasant prices will be on the minimalist Pulsefire FPS mouse and Fury game mats so that everything is feng shui.

Freebies and gifts

In packages with gaming peripherals, additional marks will be hidden on our stand. Be sure to open and look after the purchase of “keyboard heads” in search of a label - with it you will receive an additional gift from HyperX!

There are two more sure ways to get presents .

First, a lottery awaits our guests - look for September 29 and 30 for promotional models (lovely ladies, I mean) HyperX. Receive a lottery ticket, return to the stand and participate in the raffle of valuable prizes from HyperX and AOC!

The exhibition is large, but you can easily find HyperX promo models.

Second chance - to take part in the quest . Find a card, find a promotional model for it, answer questions about HyperX, get a stamp in your passport and return for the prize to the company's booth.

Cybersport Stars and TV Show Stars Visiting HyperX

“Igromir” is also meeting with people who see the games “through”, as Neo sees the “Matrix”. With guys and girls who “cut the frags” almost on automatism, and in PvP they calculate all the maneuvers, like chess players, with cybersportsmen.

How to live and train those who earn their gaming skills? What are the "chips" these guys have learned after they began to see the game through the eyes of professionals? How did they manage to go beyond "I just went to play" and succeed in computer games?

Meet our stars:

Arseny “Ceh9” Trinozhenko is a professional e-sportsman, now a blogger and commentator at major tournaments such as Epicenter, etc. As they say abroad, “Been there done that” went through eras both from inside eSports and watching tactics, preparation and, sorry for anglicism, "suspense" at close range.

Anatoly “liTTle” Yashin is a member of the CS: GO team from CSKA and an analyst at major tournaments. He sees the players through and through, is familiar with their reflexes and tactics from and to, very accurately and accurately explains the gameplay in situations where ordinary mortal eyes run.

Max Shelest is an IT blogger and winner of the first season of the Battle of Gamers HyperX (this is a gaming reality show). He tested hundreds of gaming mice and keyboards and took ultra-meticulous but funny reviews of each of them on video.

The novel “Resolut1on” Fominok and Alexander “XBOCT” Dashkevich are some of the best players of Dota 2, as well as commentators at eSports tournaments. Real pros who understand the mechanics of the game from the inside, know the skills, habits and tactics of famous players and repeated champions of the competition.

Sergey “starix” Ischuk is a famous cybersportsman. He was famous for his exploits in the Na'Vi team, then he became the coach of one of the strongest teams in the world, today he plays in the team Spirit Team. He knows everything about Counter-Strike 1.6 and Global Offensive, almost ideally owns all types of weapons.

Eugen "Yozhyk" Mostovik - the most titled eSportsman in the discipline "FIFA" from the CIS. The star of the Na'Vi team knows everything about football simulators.

Anton "Cooller" Singov - the most titled "Quaker" in the world, won in almost all championships from 2006 to 2010! Now continues to light in Quake Champions as part of Na'Vi.

Who is on PvP with a cyber sportsman?

Cybersportsmen will come to visit not just as “people-monuments” - tournaments will be held at the stand, in which guests can compete with Arseniy “Ceh9” Trinozhenko and Sergey “starix” Ischuk in CS: GO and try to play against cybersportsmen.

We are looking for talented gamers from the common people

And the main “tin” will occur when the masters compete with each other - first the legends of Dota 2, Alexander “The Tail” Dashkevich and Roman “Resolut1on” Fominok, and then the pro in CS: GO Arseniy “Ceh9” Trinozhenko and Sergey “starix” Ischuk will converge in a show match. You will admire the toughest and fastest game of people with the reaction of “robots” - a game that it happens only in tense world championships.

And we could not help but invite the famous Sergei Druzhko to the show - an actor and a TV presenter who knows a lot about modern technologies and knows how to tell about them so that the essence is understandable both to preschoolers and the elderly. He knows how to say catchphrases - we assure that you know a couple of his famous phrases, even if you have not heard of Sergei before.

Liquid nitrogen tricks and healthy lifestyles gamers

Cybersport lived and will live not instead of a healthy lifestyle, but with it. A gamer in good shape is a successful gamer. Therefore, famous bodybuilders (bodybuilders) - Dmitry Golubochkin and Olga Shestoperova will hold contests at the HyperX stand for gamers who are deft and quick not only in games, but also offline.

And HyperX, as a well-respected brand, cannot be imagined without super-cooling and world record. This time there will be a lot of nitrogen, but in very unexpected tricks - Vladimir “Smoke” Georgiev will play the role of Sub-Zero and freeze a lot of unexpected things in order to show how familiar overclock liquid nitrogen can be “useful on the farm”.

Don't try this at home.

He broke up the iron - received prizes

“We need more hardworts!” Where is hardcore overclocking ?! ”, enthusiasts are worried. Overclocking? We have them! Come to stand B1-2 to visit HWbot Workshop if you want maximum overclocking. There, overclockers will take on the extreme overclocking of computers, and you will see for yourself what HyperX hardware is capable of in “combat” conditions.

There is even a separate discipline "Yes, I would not have dispersed any worse!". Come to the booth on any day of the exhibition, say “look how I can do it!” And accelerate the hardware. Visitors with the coolest results in the benchmarks for the day will receive prizes from HyperX.

See you at the festival of fast computers and the best games!

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