Hacker sells a hacked version of the Tesla Model S P90 ++ for $ 150,000

Well-known security expert Jason “wk057” Hughes is interested in cracking Tesla cars. A year ago, he received full control over the rear-wheel drive Tesla Model S, created his own control board, unlocked software-blocked 5 kWh on Tesla batteries. In January of this year, the hacker cracked the power management system and disassembled the battery at 100 kWh (in reality, there is 98.4 kWh of operational capacity and a buffer of 4 kWh.) After all his discoveries, Jason Hughes has become a real celebrity in the Tesla owners community. And in February, his fame reached a peak - then he presented the first truly modderskoy version of the Model S P85, which after the upgrade was called the Model S P90 ++.

In the upgraded version of the Model S P90 ++, 30% more horsepower (the author himself spoke about ~ 570 hp ), a 90 kWh battery, software from the Tesla twin-engine versions (Ludicrous mode), self-installed equipment for the autopilot, and so on .

The key element of the upgrade was the installation of control software with Ludicrous mode.

The fact is that such software Tesla installs only on powerful modifications of the Model S with two motors. However, Jason still managed to deceive the car and create the impression as if she had two engines. He emulated the second engine with the help of self-made hardware and the developed software. Hacker posted a photo of the hardware module, which is installed in the car instead of the second engine (front-wheel drive).

Virtual second engine

Although the modder himself talked about 570 hp, but the test on a dinometric machine showed power on the rear wheels 553 RWHP and a torque of 480 pounds of force-feet RWTQ. The results from the dinometric machine are depicted in the diagram.

When Jason Hughes told everyone about the modifications, some Model S owners expressed a desire to do the same with their cars. Someone just wanted a fake front-wheel drive, and someone wanted to buy a full package with a battery.

It is not known whether Jason Hughes himself was engaged in commercial activities, whether he sold “pumping kits” to motorists who wanted it. But now the hacker has definitely decided to make money. He put his unique Tesla Model S P90 ++ on sale at a round price of $ 150,000 . This is about one hundred thousand more expensive than the serial Model S. The premium seems unrealistically large, but you need to understand that this is the only such car in the whole world, and uniqueness in human society is valued above all. Everyone wants to have something that others do not have, let it be some trifle, the main thing is unique. But the Tesla Model S P90 ++ is not a trifle at all, you can go to the city and accelerate to a hundred in 3.37 seconds (and maybe faster). Can you imagine what overload the pilot is experiencing during such acceleration? He is literally pressed into the chair, like an astronaut at the launch of a rocket.

In addition to all the upgrades listed for his Tesla Model S P85, the hacker made another one. He installed the equipment for the autopilot . The fact is that Tesla presented the autopilot in October 2014 and announced at the same time that now all cars will be equipped with “iron” for the autopilot, that is, a camera, radar and 360 ° ultrasonic sensors. Over the past three years, Tesla has repeatedly updated the software, introduced new features. Naturally, the owners of older versions of the car asked the question, is it possible to install hardware for autopilot and software for older versions of cars? Tesla quickly cooled their ardor and unequivocally stated that there would be no question of any modification. Like, the equipment of the old car will cost too much, so it is easier to buy a new car with an autopilot. Well, Jason Hughes proved that it is still possible.

To install the equipment for the autopilot, the hacker had to replace the steering wheel and steering column, dashboard, brake booster, ABS / ESP (traction control module), speed sensors on all four wheels, windscreen, rearview mirror, parking sensor ECU, all parking sensors and their wiring, all the cover of the rear bumper and the temperature controller module. He added a radar with an appropriate mount and front-camera assembly. It took more to modify the front bumper cover and liner of the wheel arches to accommodate the ultrasonic sensors.

In general, the guy did his best. It is possible that there will be a buyer for his “swallow” for $ 150,000. If I had money, I would have bought it.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/407011/

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