How ordinary orders bring new ideas

Inspired by articles from the column " Lifehacks for geeks ." But the post is not about health, but rather about small chips that can be used for business, just watching people and their attitude to the world.

Post about printing / printing.

A few years ago, my friend from Volgograd (let's call him Stas) became interested in Tibetan culture and everything connected with it: meditation, gymnastics, vegetarianism. As a result, for some time he greatly changed his attitude towards life, became a vegan advocating ecology and the “right style”.

Since the case was in the region, with the products was difficult. But then came the shop "Fluffy" with excellent design, prices, service. And everything was fine in this store, except for one thing - the goods were released in plastic bags, which greatly annoyed many customers. Stas was already shaking from this seemingly insignificant detail and hatred of polyethylene and everyone who eats meat. It is strange that the owner did not understand this.

After some time, Stas had an idea-fix - to give the store eco-friendly paper bags. Eco-paint, recycled paper. All things. My friend was very pleased to give a gift, and then be purchased in a store where everyone knows you.

Packages turned out like this:

Pictures are still here .

A year later, Stas threw vegan and wear "rose-colored glasses", but this is not important. As it turned out, many owners of such markets are themselves vegetarians and are not very good with plastic bags. The owner of the printing house jumped at the idea. The first thing that turned out - a lot of shops.

He worked out almost perfect printing technology, purchased new equipment and found several suppliers of excellent paper. After that, he prepared a good presentation of his proposal, called, wrote and sent samples to the owners of stores for vegans, the benefit of finding their contacts is not at all difficult.

Now the company delivers its paper bags to dozens of vegetarian stores throughout Russia. A simple ordinary order led to the appearance of an additional base of regular customers and a new business niche.

Ideas are in the air! Look carefully around and watch the attitude of people towards life more.


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