Shell Charging Station

Earlier this year, the "oil giant" Shell announced that it would install charging stations for electric vehicles in Britain and the Netherlands.

Finally you can see what they look like.

Some oil companies are very concerned about so much the rapid transition of transport from the internal combustion engine to electricity and are looking for ways to adapt to new realities. The growth of the popularity of electric cars is growing and the gas station is facing a degeneration into simple roadside shops, at the same time significant losses are expected due to the fact that people stop buying fuel.

Shell believes that people will continue to call at their “gas station”, but now for charging. In July, they signed a contract with Allego for the installation and maintenance of charging stations, and the first of them was already seen this weekend. Tesla Model S owner Dave Davis found her at a Shell gas station an hour from London:

Interestingly, they continue to use the naming "Shell" and are very similar to conventional gasoline "columns"

They have 3 interface types to maintain maximum compatibility:

The cost is £ 0.25 per kWh ($ 0.34 USD), which is not very much for local electricity prices, which for UK range from £ 0.09 to £ 0.16 per kWh.

However, it is still more than many drivers go to pay. For example, charging on Tesla UK's Supercharger costs £ 0.20 per kWh. Moreover, Shell and Allego are discussing a tariff increase of up to £ 0.49 next year, which will make their charging stations too expensive and probably useless.

Shell is currently planning on just a few such stations in the UK and the Netherlands. If they reconstruct all their 25,000 gas stations on the planet, this will significantly expand the infrastructure of charging stations, which, however, is unlikely at the moment.

It’s impossible to say that gas stations are the best places for owners of electric cars to stop and charge, but in any case, the more stations, the easier it will be to go from the engine to the electric motor.



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