In Russia - more expensive. How to save on buying an iPhone 8


The cost of Apple’s smartphones has never been low. So this time, by releasing iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and announcing iPhone X, the American technology giant has updated its own price records. In Russia, as in some other countries of the world, new iPhones will be sold at prices close to those of the space. For example, for Russians, an iPhone 8 (64gb) will cost almost $ 1,000, which is $ 300 more than a Delaware resident. Therefore, the most profitable option to purchase a new iPhone was and remains buying in the United States. Of course, with subsequent delivery to Russia by “Post”

iPhone 8. What's new?

Unlike Apple’s past phone models, the start of the G8’s sales hasn’t caused a stir around the world. On the first day of sales, 50 smartphones were sold in Singapore, 30 in Sydney, and in London only 7 people became owners of the iPhone 8.

Following this, the company's shares fell from $ 162.8 to $ 150 per share, so since the launch of the new smartphones, Apple’s capitalization has decreased by $ 65 billion. However, many experts considered this a good sign for the company, as stagnant sales of the iPhone 8 could potentially indicate more demand for iPhone X.

As for the characteristics of new iPhones, now the phones have an A11 Bionic processor, which is said to be 25-70% faster than the previous A10.


Eight cameras have the same characteristics as the iPhone 7, but the A11 Bionic has a built-in image processor that intelligently optimizes shooting settings. Apple also promises faster autofocus, improved HDR shooting, an increase of up to 60 frames per second when shooting at 4K and 1080p resolution when shooting Slo-mo. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have wireless charging and the ability to quickly charge, but the necessary components will have to be purchased separately.

The design, for the first time with the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s, returned the glass, which was declared as the most durable glass among all the phones.


The glass is really not as fragile as it was in the iPhone 4, but the first tests are not very encouraging. The glass can withstand a few drops, but in order to avoid cracking, it is better to use the cover :

Is it worth taking? In fact, the iPhone 8 is not much different from its predecessors, except that only wireless charging and even faster stuffing. If you do not have an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, then of course it’s worth taking - the iPhone 8’s powerful iron will last you for several years.

When you purchase in the tax-free state of Delaware (namely, there is our warehouse), you buy an iPhone (as well as any other Apple equipment and not only) at the lowest possible price. The same iPhone 8 will cost you $ 699 + $ 15.99 for delivery by “Mail”. This means that after 8-16 days of waiting, you will receive a new iPhone, saving $ 270! This is more than 15 000 rubles! (at the rate of 58).

Customs duties and notification

You can still import private parcels worth up to € 1,000 per month to Russia for free. At the current rate (€ 1 = $ 1,173), you can send parcels up to $ 1,173 to Russia for free, so new iPhones of all configurations are not subject to customs declaration (when buying in tax-free state and current exchange rates). But, even if the course grows, it will still be profitable to buy in the USA. At the moment, the amount of duty will be 30% of the amount by which the value of your parcel exceeds $ 1,000.

We remind you that next year we are expected to lower the duty-free threshold to € 500 , and in 2019 - to € 200. Another reason not to postpone purchases in foreign online stores.


When buying, be sure to pay attention to the availability of notification. What is it and why you need it, you can find out in this article .

Currently, there is a notification on the iPhone 8 (model A1905, T-Mobile) and iPhone 8 Plus (model A1897, T-Mobile ). There are no notifications for new iPhones in the Sim-free package, so we advise you not to risk it, but to take a smartphone with a T-Mobile SIM card. Such a device will be delivered without any problems, it will definitely work in Russian networks and in which case it can be repaired under warranty at official Apple service centers.

We save, no matter what

Naturally, such a significant difference in price is actively used by second-hand dealers, therefore several years ago the American site Apple stopped approving orders that, in their opinion, may be related to resale. After that, the addresses of a number of mail intermediaries were on the suspicious list. Despite this, Apple approves many orders placed on mail forwarders. Understanding the blocking logic of an order is almost impossible, but here are a few recommendations that will increase your chances for a bargain purchase on

If you are unlucky and the order is still blocked - the money frozen by Apple will not be returned immediately. The repayment period ranges from 1 day to a month. To speed up the process helps to contact the bank with a statement on the return of funds. After that try again to make a purchase, but this time it is better to use another credit card.

Step by step. How to save on buying Apple?

  1. Register on the site by mail, enter the code GEEKTIMES and get $ 7 to your account. In your account, find out the virtual address for your purchases in the USA.
  2. Select the product you need on and place your order in accordance with the recommendations given above.
  3. Keep track of how the parcel is sent to our warehouse, and then - straight to you. PROFIT!


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