All the time, hot water with a kettle Xiaomi MiJia Smart Kettle

We must start with the fact that it is rather a “smart thermos”, not a smart kettle, but beautiful. What is interesting in the Bluetooth-kettle from Xiaomi?

The impressions remained contradictory this time. But we must start with the fact that Xiaomi has two teapots in the range: ordinary, electric, and with Bluetooth control . I have a second home now.

By itself, the teapot is not very much structurally different from similar structures: two parts, a stand and the container itself.

At the same time, the reservoir is very, very minimalistic: there is not even a scale, so finding out how much water is left is problematic.

In total, it holds a half liter:

The stand, or base, is connected to the network, however, as in most cases with Xiaomi, the plug is not European, which can also cause some difficulties.

Excess wire can be removed inside the stand from the back, wrapped in a circle. Also, it should be noted rubberized legs, non-slip and provide stability on the table.

Kettle, like a kettle, in principle. From the “control” buttons on the case you will find one mechanical and two sensory. A mechanical button opens the lid or, rather, opens it.

In order to avoid premature wear, the lid opens by 45 degrees first, and only then it can be opened by hand until the end.

Touch buttons, not localized, are located on the handle, from the inside:

The one that is closer to the kettle is boiling, the one that is next is maintaining the temperature. And here is what temperature should be maintained, you need to configure through the application. The kettle connects via Bluetooth to the MiHome.

The fact that the connection takes place via Bluetooth is somewhat frustrating: to boil water coming to the house will not work: everything is in the radius of the apartment. But this connection is not quite full.

What is available in MiHome:

And that's all. In other words, the main button that would be expected - the power button, or boiling, no. Therefore, it would be more fair to call Mi Kettle a smart thermos.

There is a point of view that this teapot was created for tea lovers: they say, there are rules that certain varieties must be poured with water of a certain temperature, otherwise the effect is not the same. And this version, judging by the available modes, deserves support:

You can hack the system: you can remotely start the boiling process by switching from “warm up to” mode to “cool to” mode, however, for this, the button for maintaining the temperature on the kettle must be turned on.

As a result, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle is not the most convenient, but not bad. Among the inconveniences, it is possible to note the illogical start of boiling, the lack of a water scale and the need to be careful when opening the lid: the metal rim heats up.

Against this, the kettle is quite light, neat, the cord retracts into the stand, which preserves the aesthetics of the space that the kettle takes. Constant (up to 12 hours) maintenance of a certain temperature will be appreciated by those who like to brew tea of ​​a certain grade, rinse nipples and baby bottles with warm water, and everyone who needs hot water for this period.


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