1998 Japanese laptop (Fujitsu fmV-BIBLO NCIII13)

Hi, today I want to show one interesting copy! He was given to me by someone z0mb1 from the irc channel # 16bit, for which he thanks a lot.


This laptop was made around 1998 by Fujitsu Limited in Japan. Its characteristics are as follows:

CPU - Pentium MMX, clocked at 133 MHz
RAM - 96 MB SO-DIMM SDRAM (extended to maximum, standard supplied with 32MB)
HDD - Toshiba MK4310MAT 4.3GB 4200RPM (1.6 GB drive as standard)
Video - Magic Graph 128 zv + TM.

It was produced in two versions: with a slow DSTN matrix having a resolution of 640x480 (for such versions “D” was added to the name) or with a fast TFT matrix that could already display up to 65536 colors in 800x600 mode!

Laptops of the fmV-BIBLO series were released only for the Japanese market at a price of 298,000 yen (excluding taxes), which was approximately equal to $ 2,600 at the then rate.

But it is remarkable not by price, but by size.

This kid has a size of 230 × 170 × 34 mm, which is slightly larger than an A5 sheet.


The machine weighs about 1.1 kg. On the front side has a latch to open the lid. (and an unpleasant chip):


On the right side of it are located:

- Kensington lock
- Mechanical volume control
- Headphone / microphone jacks
- Proprietary port for remote FFD (under the cover)
- Charging socket


On the left side there are:

- Modem jack
- IR receiver-transmitter


Keyboard OADG-compatible, contains 85 keys. Unfortunately, it is broken. There is also a trackpoint under it, called the QuickPoint II.


Extended capabilities

This laptop was positioned as a business device, so it has 2 ports in the back:

- For an extended battery (5.5 hours of battery life claimed)
- For a device called the “BOX”, which is actually a port replicator!



It is made in a single design with a laptop and does not look like something extra.


Contains such connectors:

- separate PS / 2 for both mouse and keyboard
- 2 USB 1.1

Fastened to the body with two screws.


View from the other side:



The lithium-ion battery is surprisingly well preserved, despite 19 years of use. Although you should not exclude the option that the banks have changed someone from the previous owners. Be that as it may, the battery works and for this is a huge plus to the old man.



This laptop was created for Windows 95 / NT, although it was already sold with Windows 98.

That's why I installed 98SE. To do this, I had to pull out the hard drive and write the distribution kit there. It was not so easy as I expected. On my mostly old PC, the disk geometry was not calculated as it was on a laptop, I had to get another sistemnik with an identical bios on which everything turned out. I suggested where to look for a problem to me bocha, without him I would have been busy with this longer.


The laptop is really badly beaten with life, many latches are cracked, and some parts are not at all. As I mentioned earlier, the keyboard also does not work. Currently, it can only be used with a port replicator.

PS Post turned out a bit crumpled, but I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for reading to the end.

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