Okira Energy: city backpack and charging station

Hi, Geektimes. Today we publish a review of our tested backpack with a built-in battery called Kingsons Okira Energy . We talk about backpacks more often than about anything else. This is because the Madrobots team is completely geeky, and most of them carry backpacks instead of various bags and handbags. At least, because it is practical and convenient. True, tastes differ - someone likes Thule backpacks, someone like Bobby (about which we have written more than once).

Now there is another contender for leadership. This is Okira Energy, created by an American company (build - China, as usual). It is both convenient and practical. The advantage is the presence of not only the USB-port, but also the battery. A dead phone battery is not a problem, you do not need to look for a charge if it is always with you. Clearly, you can just carry the battery with you, but why, if it comes in the kit.

The battery capacity is 10 000 mAh. Practically for any phone it is an opportunity to charge the battery 2-3 times.

The internal battery is an original solution. Some manufacturers of backpacks provide the ability to charge external devices, but usually only a wire is sewn into which you can already connect your own external battery. This solution is, for example, in Bobby and Bobby Compact backpacks. Part of the wire is inside the backpack, and part on the right strap, to which the device is connected. Bobby’s advantage is that there is a convenient pocket for the phone on the strap. By the way, in the review Bobby, published by us in June, it was said that XD Design would be worth adding a portable battery to the package. This is really a necessary thing, even in the city, even in nature, but anywhere.

At once we will tell that this backpack is not intended for campaigns. His specialty is urban jungle and, for example, business trips. If we are talking about a short foray into nature, there is no problem, Okira Energy will cope with this challenge. It weighs from not so much - a little more than a kilogram, so both men and women can use it (if you like the strict design).

The design of the backpack is quite successful for both office workers and casuals. It is made of durable nylon, which is resistant to external influences. The backpack is impregnated with a water-repellent, so it does not let the water through, even if the owner has been exposed to heavy rain. Outside there are reflective elements that make the backpack noticeable in the light of headlights and other light sources in the dark.

Inside - also nylon, but light. Not a bad decision, because against the background of light material you can clearly see the entire contents of the backpack, including the smallest things. There are two main compartments and a few extra pockets for small items. As for the main compartments, one of them is equipped with a pocket for a laptop (maximum diagonal - 15 inches). Here you can put clothes, books, notebook and other things that the owner needs. The second compartment is slightly smaller in size than the first, but the same roomy. It is recommended to place documents, laptop chargers, accessories and wires for gadgets, etc.

The straps of the backpack are wide, fairly soft. In addition, the back of Okira Energy is embossed, with a “breathing” material, which helps the back to remain dry. Of course, it is unlikely that a breathing material will save from a humid climate at +40, but under normal conditions there are no problems with ventilation. On the top of the backpack there is a handle that can be useful if you need to carry it without straps (for example, remove it in a vehicle).

The backpack has two main compartments and smaller pockets for all the necessary things. There is also a pocket protected from thieves (well hidden in the back + reinforced material) where you can put documents, money and all that jazz. In this pocket there is a headphone and headset (by itself, wired). If you do not know about its presence, it is difficult to find.

Still above there is a small pocket for points, a travel card and other necessary trifles. On the right side there is a USB 2.0 output, with which you can charge the phone and the necessary gadgets.

On the sides of the backpack are additional pockets, closed with a zipper. They can put a bottle of water, chocolates or things that need quick access.


As a result: a comfortable backpack , waterproof, compact, with built-in charging and headset and headphone output. Good option for geeks. Just remember that this backpack is not for long hikes, but in the city it is almost perfect.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/407069/

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