Want to track staff? Start with yourself

On Geektimes, there are periodically articles about the surveillance of employees by management. In terms of ethics, tools, law and other things. Let's define the main purpose for which this is done. To improve the efficiency of staff in the company. So, this also applies to managers.

In my opinion, it is simply impossible to determine in advance how much efficiency will increase. And putting employees before the fact is also not ice. Especially in small companies. Therefore, you need to experiment on yourself and show employees the results.

I once refused to work at home and rented an office. One. To create more correct in terms of the work environment. Many freelancers put in control programs for working time and turn off everything that distracts for working hours. And this is a good move.

Work computer should not be used for recreation. There is a smartphone, the ability to go out for a breath, go to a cafe for lunch, chat with colleagues. From the point of view of stress relief, a change of scenery works much better.

For example, I set myself a Workexaminer and decided to collect monthly statistics for the time used. After all, he often does not understand where the precious time goes or why the sample task ate so many resources. A lot of small works are performed in a day, which I don’t remember.

What I studied:

So, the conclusions:

This is how properly built nutrition, only here the diet information.

What else turned out to be a good experiment: I took measurements without changing the daily routine and my habits. That is, first made the measurements, but on the basis of the changes.

Here is another important point: the changes must follow certain goals, that is, time must be released for something really important. Well, about the fact that the goals must be measurable / achievable, and so on, I’m not talking any more. The difference between “I need time for personal projects” and “I want to reduce the daily time spent on projects by 1 hour and go in for sports in a month” is endless.

How do you optimize your day?

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