Drone flamethrower helps clean power lines from debris

Supposedly, the video features a DJI S1000 + capable of lifting up to 11 kilograms of cargo into the air, designed for lifting massive Canon 5D Mark III-IV type mirrors, but resourceful Chinese garbage binders have come up with a way to save the time and effort of the crane operator. This is not the only flamethrower video (there are two more under the cut).

Other craftsmen screwed a chain saw to the DJI S1000 + chain saw in order to cut icicles, Christmas trees, balloons and snowmen bouches.

What other non-standard drone applications have you seen? (grenades and rifles do not offer)

Drone chainsaw:

Another flamethrower video:

This is what DJI S1000 + looks like .


Wingspan - 1 meter


On the DJI S1000 +, plastic is used at the attachment points of the beams to the main platform and for motor mounts, unlike DJI S1000, where an aluminum alloy is used. This, by the way, makes a big difference in price - about $ 2,000.


With a weight of an empty copter of only 4.4 kg, the total weight of a copter can be up to 11 kg.
Flight time is 15 minutes.


Instructions (PDF)

Since the filling of a drone in the form of a fotik and a lens can cost half a million rubles and more, we have invented a parachute system:

Bonus: roast turkey

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/407141/

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