The launch of the first satellite of the Earth is 60 years old, and Rudolf Svorenu is 90 years old (exclamation mark)

Today marks 60 years since the launch of the first artificial Earth satellite - the beginning of the space age. And in the same year, it turned 90 years old - Rudolf Anatolyevich Svoren - the author of the book, known and loved by many electronics engineers , " Electronics step by step ."

In 1957, Rudolf Anatolyevich worked in the magazine Radio. Everyone knows - the satellite from orbit sent signals - and they could be received by radio amateurs on all planets. But not everyone knows that the data on the characteristics of the signals, and the diagrams of the receiving devices - were published in advance in the journal Radio - and this was directly contributed to by Rudolf Anatolyevich, here is a fragment of his memoirs:

Newspapers often reminded that Americans are preparing in the near future to launch an artificial satellite of the Earth, the first in the world apparatus for moving in outer space. Nowhere was it reported that work is being done in this area in our country, obviously it was thought that first you need to do something, and then tell about it. We, with our senior editor, Elena Petrovna Ovcharenko, wrote a letter “to the very top”, proving that we need to tell you about the upcoming launch of a satellite in our country. Moreover, in this case, the magazine "Radio" will be able to form a large group of radio amateurs receiving satellite signals. I don’t know in what ways our letter moved, but the answer appeared instantly - on the instructions of Academician Sergei Pavlovich Korolev, three articles on Soviet satellites and their operating frequencies were prepared for one of the institutes at Radio Institute.

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The books on electronics that Rudolf Anatolyevich wrote have a unique property - they clearly explain complex, fundamental things. Together with initiative people from Cyberphysics, and in cooperation with Rudolf Anatolyevich, we want to re-issue these books.

On how things are going with the reprint, how many people were noted, interesting reviews, and also the news about the new book from Rudolf Anatolyevich, read on.

That year we started the registration of people in the questionnaire, who would like to receive a reissue of a paper book ( link to the questionnaire ). More than 1300 people have already been noted in the questionnaire, here are some of the interesting reviews:
Yes, I read it myself, my friends read it. Due to this, everyone who read 30-40 years ago and to this day in different ways, but is friends with electronics. (St. Petersburg)

I read as a child with open mouth. Today, the instrumentation engineer and A. I recommend! (Noginsk)

I read a book two times. She made an indelible impression, thanks to which I absorbed fundamental knowledge that I would never lose. (Moscow)

Favorite book of childhood, read to the holes. In many ways, determined the choice of profession (software engineer, amateur radio) (Moscow)

In our radio circle, the physics teacher explained everything to us from this book. I have a friend who also teaches physics, but he doesn’t know a lot about electrical engineering. With the help of this book, he wants to learn himself and convey knowledge to children, he is going to open a radio circle at school. While going to work on the old, but both are looking forward to re-release. (Nizhny Odes)

At the institute, it seemed to have stolen from me. 37 years have already passed, and the disappointment has not passed. (Kaliningrad)

In my childhood I read a book From a detector receiver to superheterodyne. It was the best I've ever read on radio engineering. Over the years, I studied radio engineering and acquired quite a few books and experience in radio construction. Now retired but mind the radio circle at school. I would like to purchase Svoronya Electronics step by step for work (Torez)

Was reading. From scratch began to study iron and the book became an excellent help (Kaliningrad)

Guiding Star (Moscow)

Book Defining My Life (San Francisco)

In addition to the well-known book “Electronics, step by step,” we are planning to publish a new book from Rudolf Anatolyevich - “Electricity, step by step”, it was released in 2012 in very small circulation, and now it can not be found.

These two books are complementary. And first of all, Rudolf Anatolyevich wants to publish the book Electricity Step by Step, and after it the Electronics Step by Step.

Book's contents:


The more people will be registered in the questionnaire - the faster we start a campaign to raise funds for the reissue of books, join . Thank!

PS: Also in the near future we are planning an interview in Rudolf Anatolyevich, - you can leave your questions in the questionnaire (or in the comments).


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