Bobby XD Design: original or fake. What to choose?

Bobby - without exaggeration, the main backpack of this summer, and, of course, he could not, in one form or another, go to one-day sites, where fakes fall straight from China.

We decided to see if everything was bad.

Having been inspired by several videos where the authors categorically do not recommend taking backpacks from Aliexpress and show monstrous things, a torn lining and torn webbing fake Bobby, we decided to go the other way and choose the “best” Bobby fake.

In fact, it would have been great for modern Chinese to invent a time machine and go to the Renaissance Age: they are brilliant copyists. Even in terms of color - still go, criticize:

Although it is clear that the “strokes” are wider and more careless, it is the color of this rejection that does not cause. For those who are very sensitive to the details, the Chinese backpack is unlikely to fit. There are clear omissions in some points.

There are no light reflectors on the straps:

In the original they are:

Places for exiting the USB outside and fixing the wires inside are also confused. Also, in the fake backpack there are additional zippers on the inside, which provide access to the lining.

Otherwise, everything seems to be in place. Even the pockets on the straps took care:

Now about the important thing: the fake Bobby is made really worse for some reason, which is wrong to keep silent. And here it should be noted that our fake was not worth 1400 - 1990, as a significant number of proposals, in other words, it is, however, one of the best.

If you do not talk about the smell, which will accompany you for some time, transferring to the Cherkizovsky market half-rolling times, then, firstly, Bobby-fake does not hold the form at all.

Although it also has lining on the inside, it is very, very flimsy. Actually, it can be seen in the photo "Out of the box."

The second important detail: a small button inside that holds, in addition to the velcro, the back of the backpack. Why this is important: if you open a backpack without these buttons together with a laptop, the strength of the sticky fastener is not enough to keep the backpack from full layout in the form of a book and there is a high probability that the laptop will be on the floor.

In other words: something like this will happen - a complete layout, and if it is on weight, then all this can end up badly enough for all that was lying inside the backpack.

The second point is the quality of the line, it is worse. A copy of Bobby begins to crawl out quickly enough and it does not require at least some long life: the seams themselves do their job.

General negligence is also present: here, for example, the seam just moved out of the line.

The original Bobby backpack is made more responsible, and it is sewn inside:

And finally, lightning: at Bobby, they are also made inside, which increases reliability, and extends service life, since it directly protects this lightning. Lightning fake is not so reliable.



They also learned to copy almost everything from the back: we even got a copy with a secret pocket, which was really hard to imagine after everything that was seen and revised, but here the forgery produces a space without a lining:

All other pockets on the inside in our version were in place:


Also, if you decide to buy a Bobby on the market, in transition and doubt, then most likely you will not find the logo and mention Bobby anywhere on the fake backpack, there is an embossing on the original. And also fake labels are very different from the original ones:

What should be added

First, we want to assure that the backpacks sold by us and the few other companies that you know from blogs on Geektimes are original products.

Secondly, if you liked our version of fake, then additionally, before taking the risk, we recommend and listen to the opinion of people from the links in the first paragraph: our fake is really one of the best, and there are quite a lot of complaints about it and functionality. You can get something that will be much worse.


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