Virtual reality with Lenovo Explorer helmet

Virtual reality is definitely one of the most discussed topics of recent years, and Lenovo also has something to show. Today we will tell you about VR Helmet Explorer. And the most attentive under the cut is waiting for a pleasant surprise.

Virtual reality helmet is one of the most significant improvements for personal computers in recent decades. Lenovo Explorer was conceived and created as the most natural extension of your PC. It allows you to do more favorite things: watch movies, play games, travel the world, get more impressions from 3D, 360-degree and 4K-video, surf the net or even work in office applications - and all this in virtual reality.

Since the orientation sensors in space are built into the device, no additional external sensors are needed. So the helmet can be activated in minutes, simply by connecting the USB and HDMI cables to the computer. But more importantly, Lenovo Explorer does not require the most powerful computers to work with and makes mixed reality much more accessible.

We designed the Lenovo Explorer so that it was convenient to use both at home and at work. According to users, the most important thing in helmets - besides availability, is comfort. Therefore, we have developed a helmet from scratch so that it is light, neat and comfortable. We took into account that users will want to immerse themselves in a mixed reality for a long time, so they carried out a thorough calibration to ensure the perfect balance of weight. In the inner surfaces of the headset are used soft materials, and the body is made of soft-touch plastic. There is also a latch that allows you to raise and lower the "barbers" of the helmet, without removing it from the head completely.

The territory in which you move, is limited only by the length of the cord, which is four meters. The helmet will track any movement in space with excellent accuracy, no matter if you shoot a zombie in Arizone Sunshine or are looking for the best view of the Inca ruins during a virtual tour of Machu Picchu.

But the truly full possibilities of mixed reality Windows appear with additional ways of interacting with the computer that open with this helmet. Now you will get more options for working and playing, watching video content and exploring the universe. All this is available thanks to motion-tracking Bluetooth controllers. They completely change the way they interact with the virtual world - from creating things or weapons in Minecraft to changing the scale of pictures in PowerPoint on the fourth, fifth or twentieth virtual monitor. You can also use an Xbox joystick or a classic mouse keyboard.

Anyone who has ever put on headphones at home or in the office, so as not to be distracted by extraneous sounds, can move into the mixed reality of Microsoft: right into the house by the sea, where you can do some serious work, research or preparation of presentations. And when things are done, you can watch a movie or a series in a personal cinema - even if you are still at work. Lenovo Explorer also understands voice commands in English through the assistant Cortana.

Lenovo Explorer supports many high-quality content such as HoloTour and Hello Mars, and also works with the mixed reality of Windows and provides more than 20 thousand applications from the Windows Store.

Uncover the secrets of Machu Picchu, exploring the Inca plaques at sunset, or fly over Rome in a balloon, looking at the city and its surroundings with a 360-degree panorama. Live the “seven minutes of fear” on Mars from NASA, watch a basketball game in 360-degree mode, or just watch movies in your own virtual cinema. Mixed reality dramatically changes the sensations of viewing any content, be it a virtual tour, a game, watching a video or even a photo. And all this thanks to the support of 3D, 360-degree mode and 4K.

Of course, to play powerful games, you need a powerful computer configuration, because the helmet resolution is 2880x1440, but all other content for mixed reality Windows is available on all PCs that support the minimum system requirements - a Core i5 processor with integrated graphics. More details can be found at this link .

And now - the promised bonus. We are starting to accept pre-orders for Lenovo Explorer in conjunction with the M.Game gaming club and the M.Video network. Having made a pre-order, you will not only be among the first to receive a helmet, but also save on the purchase - the discount will be 10% of the total cost (39 990 rubles) for the version with controllers included. You can pre-order this link . Retail Explorer will start October 20th.


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