Simple, cheap, convenient - a Nexx chest heart rate monitor for training

The time has come to prepare the “cart in the winter”, and for those who choose a chest heart rate monitor, we have a decent offer.

Since the moment when Polar introduced the first consumer heart rate monitor, exactly 40 years have passed: since then, there have been a lot of offers, not very sophisticated, optical, episodic, and yet, chest sensors are still considered the most accurate and convenient for training. .

Despite the popularity, finding a decent model other than the Polar H7 or the new ten, is not so simple: in an attempt to save and see something new, we also go to Aliexpress, but have forgotten how to look, or the breastplates got lost somewhere: on request " chest heart rate monitor " something altogether funny. And some three pages on the heart rate monitor chest , moreover, much of what is shown there does not correspond to the desired one: and the watch + heart rate monitor come across, and just the straps, so if you sift, one and a half pages will be typed.

It is clear: first, not the season. Secondly, there are a lot of cheap optics: let's say a chest heart rate monitor on Aliexpress you buy within 1200 - 1500 rubles, as well as a smart bracelet with a green twinkle.

Nexx - why should you look at it

This model, and this is the second version of the Nexx, with a removable sensor, has several advantages. Firstly, it is universal and at the place of attachment, and synchronization with the software.

Nexx does not have its own application at all: therefore, the user can work with an app convenient for him, where there is already some accumulated statistics: in other words, the Nexx is an ordinary Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitor, which does not require changing habits.

Exercise with Strava? - Please continue. Running with Runtastic? - Successes! Keep statistics on Endomondo? - Great app! Everywhere you can work with Nexx.

The pulsometer is also not whimsical at the place of attachment: it has its own strap, where without it, but if for some reason it is not convenient for you, you can attach the sensor either on another strap or, as we once did, on a sports T-shirt .

Unlike many sensors, where the back of the battery strongly sticks out because of the battery, everything is pretty smooth here, which provides a fairly reliable “bundle” with all sorts of belts and clothes, the heart rate monitor does not rebound, does not detach.

By design - nothing unusual: the Nexx design is a separate strap and a sensor attached to it, from which, in general, the whole set consists.

The strap has a standard area of ​​"Velcro" with electrodes on the back side; it is, of course, adjustable.

No extra stitches, careless threads, nothing that could rub or irritate the skin during an intense workout has been done alright. From the outside - two buttons on a small elevation for attaching the sensor:

And finally, cheap. The Nexx Pulsometer, of course, does not have such a legendary past as Polar, but it does not discourage the price : its cost is 1,490 rubles .

As for the build quality, reliability, versatility and price, a comparable analogue will have to be searched. Of world names, there is definitely no one to oppose: everything around or above five thousand rubles, it seems, even Runtastic Combo left the market with a price of 4 and a half thousand.

In this sense, the workhorse turns out to be very profitable, and if you thought about what to choose a bib, you can safely look to the Nexx.


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