And let's together write a "reminder to the public" on setting up apartment Wi-Fi

In apartment buildings with wi-fi there was a tragedy of communities: everyone has it, it is twisted to the maximum, as a result, all of each other scored a broadcast to almost complete inoperability. Is it possible to solve the problem with "small efforts"?

Following the discussion and voting, the main advice in the Kafka style:

To make your wi-fi work better - do not use it and connect everything with a cable

--------- to-n-e-ts ---- in-with-t-and-in-to-and ---------

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The state, our natural “communal arbiter”, initially stood in the pose of the bullies “forbid everything”, and then quietly withdrew from the problem. Then she woke up - and again "ban", but this time not at all, but without a passport. Well, it is clear - the state solves its own problems, not of society (which objectively reduces the viability of such a society).
I myself would have no problems distributing my Wi-Fi with all the gift (with priority over the traffic to my devices, including wired ones), if only the neighbors turned off their points, (or connected to strangers for simple things like reading Habr), but Now it is fraught with such a side that nafig-nafig.
Alas, providers also do not seek to help solve this problem, but rather their actions often only aggravate them - they mount routers closer to the front door on the mezzanine, twisting everything to the maximum. They can be understood (money, terms, brimworkers, capricious customers), but not justified.

Alas, another feature of our modern Russian mentality (I don’t know about the others) is the sheer neighborly disunity (atomicity, “domain structure of society” ) - people trust Habr colleagues more than those with whom the door to door lives for decades ... In general “Passing passwords to each other” is, alas, absolutely not an option, almost as impassable as handing out the keys to an apartment.

Although most of the users - people from IT or radio communications are far away - everyone enjoys the fruits of progress , for it’s still damn convenient. Also, our population as a whole is law-abiding - a lot of things are done “as said”, not really understanding the sources of instructions. <skip reasons> This bug is massively exploited now by all and sundry - and that’s the idea to work out social hacking for the benefit of the whole gift.

There is a thought - to write such a memo, so that when performing simple actions in it, everyone would feel better, while no one would get worse. In the same way, the memo should not be rejected by either professionals (that is, do not contain deliberate nonsense) or conditional grandmothers (that is, written in simple, understandable language, and actions should also be simple). If the memo is printed on a matrix printer and placed in the stairwell among the usual announcements - then it is very likely to be read somehow and then taken for granted these items will be perceived ...

The first iteration that did not work (I fired an ancient draft from the backup now):
UPD: this is CHERNOVIK for discussion and only for discussion!

Dear neighbors, who has Wi-Fi!

Let's not interfere with each other!
Modern wi-fi routers (routers) "punch" the signal through the walls and floors, ceilings on a couple of floors.

The password closes your wi-fi from others, but does NOT remove the radiation itself, which is just a nuisance to everyone else. (and their radiation (signal) is a hindrance to you)

1. If possible, use a cable - at least to stationary devices (computer. TV, media player, etc.) - it is not susceptible to interference and does not transmit them on the air itself.

2. If you are only going to install a router (hub, router) - choose a place closer to the center of the apartment away from the walls with neighbors and windows, closer to the most frequent point of working with wireless devices, for example, in the living room or office, and not in the kitchen or in the closet in the corridor.

3. If you already have it - a sheet of foil or tin between it and the wall to the neighbors (or window) - improves communication in your apartment - reflects your signal to you inside and reduces the useless departure of your signal to the outside.

4. Use a switch in your router to turn it on only when you need it - and do not block the broadcast in vain the rest of the time (when you do not use the Internet - the working router still “holds the channel” and sends connection requests. Yes burns electricity).

5. Or configure it to schedule its automatic on-off (it is configured in the same place where the passwords)

6. Encourage your neighbors to do the same.

The wi-fi radiation is completely safe, but in any case, the electronics automatically keep the signal power sufficient for communication - the more interference or the further two devices are - the more power they give out to the antennas, i.e. removing the router “to the mezzanine”, you do not make the radiation less - on the contrary, it will only “thresh” stronger, so as to “finish off” and your phone / tablet / player, etc. will do the same).

7. Which for others is a hindrance, it means that the others will have a better connection too. And their router will stop interfering with you (since it will reduce the signal power, since your interference will not interfere with it)

A simple walk up the stairs on Saturday evening shows that about two hundred wi-fi devices are active at the entrance, that is, several per apartment (telephones, smartphones, iPhones, new flat-panel TVs, computers, tablets, laptops, media players, game consoles, cameras, kinects, cars in the parking lot, at home opposite, etc.) - by putting foil-tin screens and turning off our wi-fi as unnecessary, we will all reduce the jamming of Wi-Fi broadcast by interference, improving ourselves the quality of wireless Internet.

I think everyone understands what is wrong here - long, confused explanations with intricate words. He wrote clearly not a poet.

The second iteration - I understood what should look “impersonal” both by authorship and by addressing - what typical of our various countless “elevator use rules” (subway / bus / telephone / microwave / sink) look like.

That text I, alas, have long been lost, was written five years ago and I cannot even reproduce its style now even approximately, but there was something like this:

Rules for placing wi-fi equipment in apartments:

• If possible, connect fixed receivers (computer, player, TV) with a cable.
• Disable unused wi-fi on TVs, media player, game consoles, smart phones, smart toys, etc.)
• In other wi-fi consumers, turn on only when it is really necessary.
• Place the transmitter as close as possible to the main receivers - preferably in the center of the apartment, at a height of about one meter from the floor.
Screen the transmitter from parasitic signal leaks to the street or into the staircase, placing tin or foil from the window, porch, floor and ceiling side (leaving the directions “inward to the apartment” free) UPD: the advice was considered stupid and harmful by experts.
• Turn off when not needed, for example, simply by removing the power supply from the wall outlet - this will save you not only electricity, but also the resource of the transmitter. [/ * here, of course, slyness and stretch, but without much falsehood * /]
• In the settings menu, select the "minimum" signal level and turn off the "5GHz" if you do not use it (if you do not know whether you use the 5GHz band - then most likely you do not use it)

And this, damn it, worked! - a little, but out of the ten nearest - several networks began to appear on the air only in the evenings, and before that they stuck around the clock. Maybe it seemed important to people about saving electricity, they just never thought about it.

Here I see the problem in what - I am rather weak in the clerical office - the text simply blows that it is “left”, which means trust “on reflexes”, so that the conditional grandmother (even if this is a grated major) poked the worker with her nose: “because ! ”- also will not cause.

Therefore, I propose to the community to jointly ponder on this topic.

I do not amuse myself with the illusions of the ability to solve the problem of the “tragedy of communities” from below through the “universal self-consciousness of the masses” and understand the global futility of fluttering, but somewhere somewhere sometimes — maybe it can help someone (make life hmm ... more convenient).

UPD2: about the foil I was already clearly explained in the comments that I am fundamentally wrong.
UPD: I’m not going to rule anything higher - that would be obvious what the discussion was about.
here I leave the points that did not cause any special objections.


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