HyperX on Igromir-2017: part 2 - peripherals and e-sports

Hi GT! We promised yesterday the continuation of our post about Igromir? This is it! Last time we talked about our achievements for the year in the field of SDD and DRAM, today we are talking about peripherals.

Under the cut you are waiting for our new items, a couple of interviews and nice bonuses at the end. Let's roll!

The main thing for the year

From the past igromir, we presented a lot of interesting devices: we released a large and comfortable keyboard , an excellent inexpensive mouse , refreshed the line of headsets with a new model in the middle segment , updated last year’s flagship , adding a built-in sound card and the ability to work with virtual 3D sound. A lot of interesting things are planned for this year, but the upcoming innovations are the shortened PRO version of our first “mechanics” - HyperX Alloy FPS and the new HyperX Cloud Alpha headset.

HyperX Alloy FPS PRO

In fact, the main difference between the new and “classic” Alloy FPS is only one delivery option and tenkeyless design. Since the keyboard is aimed at e-sports, and linear switches dominate there - only Cherry MX Red is inside. All the details of the new product, the price and the date of the start of sales will tell next week.

HyperX Cloud Alpha

The new headset will add to the line of familiar Cloud's: this is not a redesign with an original bundle, as was the case with Cloud Silver or Cloud X, but a truly new model, with a lightweight (but still as strong and reliable) design and a new filling.

Interview with Chenk Akkurt, HyperX Product Marketing Manager for Eastern Europe

Cenkkurt arrived at Igromir from HyperX headquarters, located in Fountain Valley, California, USA. He is not only engaged in marketing, but he is also well-versed in the specifics of the company’s work and how new products are developed: from the idea to the production model.

- Where do you get ideas for new products?
Our ideas are a consequence of the interaction of engineers with gaming communities and eSports teams. We cooperate with 35 teams around the world and constantly collect feedback on the game hardware, peripherals: who uses what, what they like, and what they don’t. Our consultants offer some solutions based on their experience and gaming preferences. Well, we only competently process information.

By the way: I am a gamer myself, and our entire management team also loves games. That is, we not only receive information from cybersportsmen, but also pass it through the prism of personal experience: we know what top players and professionals want from devices, and we are well aware that it can happen to combine them with the reality and economic feasibility of producing one or another gadget complicated.

- And how often do you “downgrade” the wish of cybersportsmen in the process of creating a serial product?
Not to say that we have been engaged in peripherals for a long time, but yes, we have to lower some of the Wishlist from heaven to earth. A key parameter for all HyperX peripherals is the optimal balance between workmanship and performance, and the price retailers will charge to the end user. In each product we strive for the perfect balance, so that it is the best in its price category. And the main price category, of course, is the middle segment. So, yes, downgrade, but only so that users do not receive a product in which the beautiful is next to the terrible. We are for a balanced approach.

- Does the prototype differ much from the final product?
Very, very much. It is very difficult to express it quantitatively or to describe in numbers, but believe me, every launch of such a product is a real test. We are constantly learning and improving the development process so that the results delight users. It worked with headsets, now we are spreading experience to other peripherals: while everything also works with keyboards. But just do not think that we “stopped” and enjoy the results, on the contrary, we began to work even more actively. The development of new products has its own unparalleled high, and we like to enter new markets.

- What about the market share in gaming audio? How justified was your approach to creating new models?
How justified - you decide, I'm ready to share specific facts. For three years of presence in the market of headsets from a noname-brand, we have become the number 2 manufacturer. In 2016, over 2,000,000 copies were sold. In keyboards and mice, of course, we cannot boast of such results yet. But so far. ;)

- The new headset, HyperX Cloud Alpha, is about to be on sale. Is this another repainting of the "classic" clouds, or is there something unique in it besides the design?
HyperX Cloud Alpha is our experiment. We are experiencing a new technology that already exists in Hi-Fi headphones, but has never been used in gaming gadgets: we want to adapt it for mass production and see what happens as users react. The internal design of the headphone resonator is unique.

It is about the so-called. "Double chamber". In ordinary headphones you have 1 speaker and its body acts as a common resonator chamber for LF, MF and HF. But to achieve high-quality sound in these ranges, it is required to provide different conditions, often contradicting each other. In ordinary headphones have to compromise, to sacrifice something. In Alpha, we use 1 speaker and two separate cameras: one for low frequencies, the other for medium and high. So you get a clear sound, powerful bass, and the sound picture is not “smeared” by the mutual influence of waves of different characteristics and effects.

Note: of course, in the near future we will release a review of new products - everything is detailed there and we will tell.

- Why are the colored keys used in HyperX keyboards rather than the molded ones of two types of plastic?
The key parameter of our devices is reliability. Quality is our trump card. From this point of view - yes, painted buttons - not the best choice. But I have already said - we strive to create the best product at an affordable price and win the middle segment.

Look at YouTube, some blogger threw our keyboard from the sixth floor, went after it, hooked up - and everything works. That is - reliability. And keycap'y and you can replace, in which case. DoubleShot's just make the keyboard much more expensive, but they won't make it any better: we chose to spend the production budget on a steel frame and high-quality electronics instead. You can hardly change them yourself. A set of caps for keys - easily.

- What about custom switches in keyboards?
We sincerely believe that there is nothing better than CherryMX on the market. Yes, other vendors have custom designs, they have their pluses and minuses, but either they are not as reliable (and produced with less resource / quality / accuracy), or they are more expensive than equal ones by Cherry. So for us, the Cherry MX is the benchmark for value for money, and for the time being we see no alternative to this manufacturer.

There was a real queue to Chenka who wanted to talk, and one more guest of the event could answer marketing questions, so he had a word.

Interview with Vladimir Shevchenko, HyperX Business Development Manager in Russia

- What is the situation with the periphery and what to expect from next year?
Business is good, in headsets we occupy an honorable second place in the premium segment and we have a rising trend, and the first place has a downward one, so it is quite possible that in a year we will be in the first place.

Now we have several keyboards, there are plenty to choose from, but we will not stop there.

By 2018, we will present the “Christmas trees” (Keyboards with full RGB-controlled backlighting). In the same year, most likely, there will be a membrane, a quality one. With good materials, competent wiring tracks, reliable and convenient.

Our second mouse will appear very soon: this time not the “middle peasant”, but a full-fledged flagship. With a top-end sensor, RGB backlighting, full customization of behavior - well, you know how others do it. Everything is only the best and fully customizable.


- How to manage RGB-illumination as? In the old keyboards everything was tied up on FN-combinations, what will happen in the new ones?
Of course, there will be a new software that is responsible for all this. It will be systemic (that is, universal for several gadgets). The need for it was brewing for a long time, but if in the "monochrome" keyboards we managed hotkeys, then with the advent of a full RGB-backlight without an application in any way. Of course, it will not only be a visual. You can reassign keys and record macros, create profiles and link to applications: everything is like in the best houses in London and Paris. Well and the main thing - the interface. Thanks to everyone who made the management software up to us: guys, we love and respect you, thanks to you our products are getting better. We will try to take into account all the "rakes" and make it immediately convenient and good.

- API for highlighting not planning? Others have done quite well, some games integrate well the game events into the design of the periphery, it looks fresh.
About the effects and integration with third-party software I do not know anything. I can only assume that if such a feature will be, then clearly not at the launch of the product, but a little later. 100% out of the box our software will have ready-made presets for specific games: for example, launched Counter-Strike - the WASD, weapon change buttons and all functional elements are highlighted. Came out of "contra", moved to DoTA - the backlight changed to the corresponding layout of the working keys. Trifle, but nice, and peripheral vision still helps.

- Why are there so few keyboards with Cherry MX Brown? We always ask: where to get, why not available?
It's all about the market. We also thought that they were very popular, and initially released all keyboards equally. The market judged itself: Red and Blue - are about the same in popularity, and Brown - about half. Just so lucky that you got a target audience with such tastes on GT. I myself am personally sitting on Browns - I perfectly understand all those who want the keyboard on them. :) Sorry, but everything was judged by the market, sales statistics, and the parent company.

If you want a specific option - please contact our key partners: 4frag and DNS stores. We run the HyperX Alloy FPS Elite keyboard with them, and the Brown version will definitely be available.

- I have already asked this question to your colleague, but I want to hear your opinion too. Why are used colored keykapy and not so-called. "Dualshots"?
Unfortunately, everything here rests on the balance of price and quality. We use classic CherryMX switches, accessories and interchangeable keys on the market - the car and the small truck. Want two-component keycaps - buy and install. We can hardly justify here, heartless mathematics decides everything. There is the price of mass production, and it dictates certain rules: to get into the middle segment with the metal at the heart of the design, high-quality soldering and the most technologically advanced caps will not work, you have to sacrifice something. We are for reliability, so we saved not on the basis of products, but on the simplest and replaceable element.

- And this question has already been voiced, but I want to hear confirmation. Will there be alternative (or custom) switches in the keyboards?
No, do not wait. And why do you need them? Cherry MX is very reliable and effective. We do not plan to save on design and take models of microswitches from other vendors; we also do not develop our own switches. Although other vendors do not have “their own”, for the most part this is a rebranding. Of all the non-standards, only one of them is really unique in its design; they stand in the insanely expensive gaming keyboard and have not made a revolution. You know our philosophy, such an approach is not about us.

- Why does the mouse have a mechanical wheel encoder, and not a “not demolished” optics?
Alas, here as always - we are doing the middle segment, for the general user. Therefore, the wheel with the encoder. The mouse is worth ridiculous money, "jumping" with the wheel is almost a thing of the past, the resource is sufficient. The optical encoder would make the mouse more expensive or increase the response time to the first movement, if you take a cheap model. Both this and that is a dubious alternative.

- Where can I get interchangeable glides for the mouse? Will there be alternatives, such as ceramic?
Nowhere else, we produce them separately. But here is the essence: our mouse has a huge area of ​​contact with gaming carpets. These small stickers are quickly erased and get hooks around the edges, and our two are almost immortal. You will be able to “roll” them up to a significant deterioration in performance within the warranty period (for 2 years) - no question, we will exchange your mouse for a new one. And there and the model will be updated, we will think, thanks for the comment. As for alternative materials: we looked, tested, we are not planning to let the series into production. So ceramics in the near future can not wait: too naughty material, and not everyone comes to this behavior of the mouse on the carpet.

That's all folks!

We are leaving with a clear conscience for the weekend: we told about all the interesting things that happened and will be, shared the opinion of the management. Oh yes, the promised bonuses. There are two promotions in the DNS: with the HyperX Cloud Stinger headset and the HyperX Pulsefire FPS mouse.

Both are sold at a discount right up to October 22. Now everything is exactly. Have a great weekend and don't forget to subscribe to our blog .

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