The American company Equinix is ​​the leader among collocation companies.

“Just as the invention and development of PCs, network devices and web applications led to revolutionary changes and the emergence of the digital age, innovations that are intended to create new forms of interconnection and interaction become the turning point of our time.”

The American company Equinix is ​​a leader among colocation companies that provide services for the production and installation of server farms. Since 1998, Equinix has confidently entered the world market, currently offering its services in North and South America, the EMEA region and the Asia-Pacific region. Equinix is ​​a dynamic system that has more than 180 data centers around the world, and the number of markets for the company’s presence is 43. If analysts believe (and there’s no reason not to believe them), Equinix’s revenues in the data center collocation market go up, one of the reasons growth - buying competitors. So in early 2016, Equinix acquired the British company Telecity Group for $ 3.8 billion, and in December last year bought 29 data centers from the American telecommunications company Verizon Communication.

Having placed its equipment on Equinix server farms, customers can use private databases, find partners among vendors, service companies, providers of telecommunications networks. In 2011, such an online platform was an innovation from the company, which saves customers time and simplifies partnerships.

The International Business Exchange (IBX) data center's uptime is> 99.99999%. The power systems developed by leading experts in the field of energy management, uninterruptible power systems (UPS) with redundancy levels N + 1, backup generators with an adequate supply of fuel, which is enough for 24-48 hours of uninterrupted operation, are responsible for ensuring uninterrupted power supply. Contracts have been signed for the supply of fuel in case of emergency with nearby energy companies. Every aspect is thought out to ensure a high level of reliability of the services provided.

Equinix server storages are carefully designed and equipped with modern ventilation and air conditioning systems that are able to cool even the most powerful installations, provide optimal conditions (temperature and humidity) for equipment operation, thereby minimizing its downtime due to breakdowns. Several Equinix data centers are LEED certified.

A few words about LEED: this is a rating certification system developed in 1993, a building standard for measuring energy efficiency and environmental performance of projects and buildings. In Europe, Equinix was awarded the Green Award. Equinix can be called a “green” company, whose engineers are constantly looking for new ways to optimize the consumption of energy and water in their data centers by introducing innovative solutions. In some data centers, Equinix departed from its traditional cooling methods: in the European data center AM3 (Amsterdam), water from an artesian well is used for cooling if the outside air temperature is at least 15 degrees, and in Zurich data center ZH5 uses a cooling system for energy efficiency ammoniac refrigerating machines.

The presence in the arsenal of such a number of server farms in many parts of the world allows Equinix customers to place their servers as close as possible to traffic exchange points, which in turn means minimal delays and maximum data transfer speeds. Equinix is ​​not just storage space for server hardware, customers can rent space and place their servers at a minimum distance from server hardware from well-known companies such as, Facebook, LinkedIn, Microsoft and others. As a result, such a physical reduction in the length of the fiber between the partners' servers gives Equinix customers a fraction of a second and in turn speeds up the processing of transactions.

Cable trails. Data Center Equinix SE2 in Seattle

North and South America

Equinix owns 85 data centers in North and South America, mainly in Brazil, Canada, USA.

The data center NY4, New Jersey, has become home to the server equipment of 49 stock exchange companies, that's what fiber trillions of dollars flow from Wall Street. Initially, this building was a factory for the production of glasses, but its work stopped and in 2006 Equinix bought out these square meters and began the construction of server storage.

NY4 Data Center in New Jersey

Equinix has opened the thirteenth data center (IBX) in Silicon Valley. The facility, valued at $ 122 million, codenamed SV10, is located on the Equinix Great Oaks campus in San José, with data centers SV1 and SV5 already located here. The size of the data center provides for the placement of 2820 cabinets for server equipment.

Data Center SV10, Silicon Valley

In 2013, customers of the Equinix MI3 data center experienced all the delights of data transfer with minimal latency. MI3 with an area of ​​2908 square meters, is located in the city of Boca Raton, 70 km from the center of Miami. Good connectivity, direct connection to leading Latin American telecommunication operators, fast access to Latin and South American markets.

Data Center MI3, Miami

Data Center MI3, Miami

Asian-Pacific area

The infrastructure in the Asia-Pacific region, which is “the engine of growth of the world economy”, is growing rapidly. Equinix has 29 data centers in Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, China, Singapore, and Japan.

In early March, Equinix opened another data center in Tokyo, codenamed TY5. Equinix TY5 is located next to the existing TY3 server storage in the “financial” district of Tokyo. This four-story seismically sustainable building. TY5 - server storage in which 725 cabinets can be located under server equipment.

Data Center TY5, Tokyo

Data Center TY5, Tokyo

The total area of ​​the SG3 green server farm in Singapore is 35.7 thousand square meters, which means that in the middle of the machine rooms there is an opportunity to place about 5,000 mounting racks. This data center is called green for a reason: solar panels, circulating water in cooling systems as a refrigerant. The NEWater system was first launched in 2012 in Singapore and involves a mechanism when the wastewater is returned to circulation after treatment.

SG3 data center, Singapore

The data center ME1 erected in Melbourne, Australia, cost the company $ 66 million. The server farm can accommodate about 1,500 installation racks. Customers include Bulletproof, CacheFly, Entrust ICT, Exigent, First Path, GCOMM, Micron21, Telstra, Vocus and others. In ventilation and air conditioning systems, evaporative-type air coolers are used. These are environmentally friendly air coolers, the coolant is ordinary water.

Data Center ME1, Melbourne (Australia)

Equinix has invested $ 128 million in building SY4 server storage. Place up to 3000 server racks? Yes, no question, machine rooms with a total area of ​​more than 12 thousand square meters allow you to store thousands of racks with server equipment. This is the fourth of the company's 4 data centers located in Sydney, as the final link in the chain. All 4 objects are located close to each other and connected using fiber, which allows customers to place equipment on several Equinix server farms, combining everything into a single pool without loss of performance.

SY4 data center, Sydney

Europe and the Middle East

Equinix provider colocation has 62 data centers in Europe and the Middle East: from Ireland to Turkey, from Finland to the United Arab Emirates. A total of 250 thousand square meters for the placement of server farms in the EMEA region (Europe and the Middle East). Premium reliability, 4,295 client companies that host their server hardware, uptime> 99.99999%.

Why Slough (UK)? The choice of location is obvious - in this region there is a traffic exchange hub. The energy efficient server farm is located close to the two data centers of the company LD4, LD5, there is an optical fiber between them that connects three data centers into one infrastructure, no delays in transferring data between servers located in 3 data centers.

Data Center LD6, Slough (England)

The “free cooling” technology is used for cooling - free cooling. Hot air is discharged from the machinery of the server farm with the help of powerful fans, enters the heat exchanger (in which cold air is from the outside), mixes with the cold air and is discharged through the ventilation ducts to the top. The cooled air from the same heat exchangers enters the engine rooms. And so in a circle.

Data Center LD6, Slough (England)

Equinix data centers in Amsterdam are business centers of more than 700 companies. Equinix customers in Amsterdam are given the opportunity to give preference to any of the 150 providers. The proximity of the AM3 server farm to network traffic exchange points is what attracts customers in choosing an energy efficient data center. In the AM3 cooling system, tanks with chilled and heated water are involved, in addition to cooling the server storage, with the output heat, the neighboring buildings are heated.

Data Center AM3, Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, the company offers colocation services on two campuses: Amsterdam Southeast (data centers AM1, AM2, AM5, AM7 are located here) and Amsterdam Science Park (AM3, AM6). Equinix data processing centers are designed and operated according to high energy efficiency standards. The AM4 data center is located in the Amsterdam Science Park.

In July of this year, Equinix announced the opening of another data processing center in Amsterdam, worth $ 113 million. 1,500 cabinets will be provided for Equinix AM4 server hardware, and it is planned to increase the amount of space provided for 4200 cabinets in the future. The data center uses advanced ATES (Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage) system: cold groundwater is used to cool the server farm in the warm season, and the heat from this process can be reused for heating (thermal energy is accumulated in underground aquifers) not only Data center, but also buildings nearby.

Data Center AM4, Amsterdam

Equinix DX1 data center with an area of ​​1,800 square meters. meters was opened in 2013 in Dubai at the intersection of the most dynamic market in the world. Here are the points of exchange of Internet traffic (Internet Exchange) of the United Arab Emirates. Kolokeyshen provider is a link for the regions of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

DX1 data center, Dubai

The ambitious company Equinix was recognized as the largest supplier of retail collocation. Being a leader, it connects powerful Internet infrastructures all over the world.

Today, Equinix connects the world into a global structure, creating new opportunities, through unification. Thanks to innovative solutions, the environmental impact is reduced to a minimum. Equinix is ​​committed to investing in improvements. Eq uality, Neutrality and Internet E x change (equality, neutrality, exchange of Internet traffic) - means EQUINIX.

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