Sensorwake - an olfactory alarm clock that wakes pleasant aromas

For the first time on Geektimes the Sensorwake alarm clock appeared in 2016 in the ICover blog. Then he appeared on Kickstarter.

Now Sensorwake can be bought, including in Russia. He claims to be the proud title of "innovation", because really: neither analogs nor competitors yet. Its main feature is that it wakes up not with sound, not with light, but with aromas.

The Sensorwake gadget, a surprisingly easy-to-use gadget , lacks the ability to synchronize with a smartphone (already a rather tattered teeth), and all controls are placed on the device case.

Buttons "back and forth" are used to set the time and set the alarm time, the black and white light switches between the modes when the display is on or when it goes out in seconds.

The most noticeable button - "alarm" - just activates the setting time of the signal. No confusing patterns and combinations are not here.

Here, in this area of ​​the control panel, there is also a hole for the cards: there are only a few of them , and they are sold separately, but the basic set of Sensorwake includes two flavors — “fresh bread”.

The cartridges are the plates filled with special aroma balls:

It works like this: at the moment the signal is triggered, a small fan is started inside the device, which smells through a special outlet on the back of the case.

This model is designed for two minutes: if during this period you did not wake up and did not turn off the alarm, then in the third minute the sound is also connected! The sound is:

As you may well have noticed, there is an aromatic oil next to our sample, and a piece of cotton wool sticks out from the device itself. Indeed, we tried to find an alternative to complete cartridges. This works, the fan does not turn on only when the device is empty. It turned out to be quite enough to activate the Sensorwake operation. It is difficult to say how correct this is and how it will affect the device’s performance in the future, but we have completed the full cycle from beginning to end in this way.

Advantages and disadvantages?

First, with all the apparent simplicity, it is unusual and has no analogues. The problem of comfortable falling asleep and recovery - exists, otherwise the niche of gadgets would not be filled with various kinds of sleep analyzers, smart alarm clocks, light alerts, etc.

Such a way to wake up - under the pleasant smell of coffee, bread, chocolate can be much more comfortable and calm than the traditional ones - to the sound of something, a vibrating signal or flashes of light.

A simple and functional design that provides ease of operation is also rather a plus than a minus: there is not a single unnecessary or unnecessary button, and you can figure out how to adjust the time without instructions in a minute.

For flavors - a fairly large selection of common pleasant smells: espresso, croissant, sea coast, chocolate, bread, grass and mint. 1 capsule is designed for a month, or 30 awakenings (a little more than a month, if we exclude weekends).

The device works from the network, and this, perhaps, somewhat complicates the task: not all the sockets in the bedroom are strictly near the bed, but the case is not blatant. The device comes in a luxurious tight box:

Where is already 1 bread cartridge.


Sensorwake - as a means of waking up is really unusual, and it took some time to get used to it. Great at first helps all the same built-in sound, probably the first couple of days it was he who woke up.

Also, the light noise from the work of the internal fan does its work and becomes visible when it wakes up. The smell is palpable, audible and noticeable, but not very sharp. Although, of course, the accents of the flavor, which comes in the set, as it seemed, were deliberately underlined, which seems to be an idea. But this is not “ambush”, you should not be afraid.


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