The most absurd ICO according to CarTaxi


Hello friends! Our ICO is already in the process and has collected more than 5,000 airs, in the middle of the month our investors will again receive bonuses from the company's profits. While we were preparing to launch, we found that in attempts to raise funds for the ICO in some projects, it comes to an absurdity. We share our findings with you - these are the most amazing, strange and fantastic ICOs. Immediately make a reservation that all these projects are not for fun, and they really sold tokens and even raised money from investors. Attention, information is not for the faint of heart.

Jesuscoin is the so-called "decentralized Jesus on the blockchain." This ICO charges ended quite recently - September 19 - and they collected about 200 ethers. The team section states that the founder and CEO of the project is Jesus himself, and his colleagues are biblical figures, including also the donkey Jesus, who is responsible for customer service. According to WhitePaper, the goal of Jesuscoin is forgiveness of sins, miraculous healing, and possibly fundraising for future crusades.

A few of the arguments that the creators of Jesuscoin investors cite in favor of their ICO:

No less ingenious ICO in August on the wave of the popularity of the series Game of Thrones was launched by Russian unknowns in August. Now, however, their site is no longer working. We are talking about Westeros Coin - a service by which the creators promised to sell paraphernalia for the Game of Thrones fans from their own online store. As part of the team led by Deineris Kriptorozhdennoy made the most colorful characters of the series, but their quotes, unfortunately, are lost along with the site. But on YouTube, re-voiced videos have been preserved. Of course, in the state of passion in connection with the release of season 7, someone could invest.

Despite the fact that prostitution is an illegal activity, its enthusiasts will still take it away. The so-called Eros project sold its tokens in July. There is, however, the opinion that the creators did not intend to automate the shadow sphere, but only hoped to attract attention to themselves at the expense of the exotic. Anyway, the project attracted several hundred thousand dollars. Token holders were promised a charge of 2% of the company's profits and a 25% discount on the services of the service.

On July 13, unknown developers raised $ 30,000 in the first half hour after the launch of ICO. This is a project called Fuck Token . The creators of this token say: " FUCK give a FUCK." According to the plan of developers in July of next year, the token will be supported in most social networks, so that each tokenholder will be able to send a sign of disapproval (or, on the contrary, support) to anyone.

In conclusion, we can only wish you one thing: invest in a real business and make a profit :)


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