Cosmophysical factors in random processes

Two identical drugs 14Cmeasured 250 times on December 28, 1980 by Vadim Ivanovich Bruskov on two independent automatic (!) installations of the French company Intertechnik. Histograms are incredibly similar.

The article will talk about finding a recurring “idea of ​​the form” of histograms, built on different physical and biological models, but at the same time (or, even more mysteriously, with periodicity per sidereal day and sidereal year):

About the algorithm confirming the periodicity of the idea of ​​the form of the probability of radioactive decay in the sidereal year and sidereal day can be read in this article on Habrahabr.

When the amplitudes of fluctuations of magnitude are kept in a constant range, histograms can vary greatly and each form a unique picture, clearly visible to the eye.

This is described in more detail in the book.

And in the articles on the successes of the physical sciences first and second .

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Maybe this is some kind of previously unknown radiation? Could this be a neutrino fluctuation - “lepton gas concentration fluctuations”? For beta decay, this assumption did not seem very wild - the formation of neutrinos accompanies beta decay. Can there be neutrino flux fluctuations - a cause of fluctuations in the probability of beta decay?

Naturally, we first thought about the Sun as the source of this influence.
Influence means that you need to look at the average level of the measured value and the magnitude of the amplitude of the results.

The possible role of electromagnetic fields can, in principle, be revealed in the experiments of two options:

Systematic experiments with screens were carried out in the 1980s with the example of fluctuations of the enzymatic activity in solutions of creatine kinase and the reaction rate of AK + DCTPH. The main result of these experiments: the screens affect, but these influences do not depend on the screen material. These results have been confirmed in hundreds of screen experiments. When placing the investigated solutions in steel, brass, aluminum and plexiglass screens of the same shape, one-type changes in the shape of the histograms of the measurement results were observed, independent of the screen material. These changes consisted in decreasing amplitude.

Indeed, what to talk to me - a specialist in measuring radioactivity, mathematics - cultural people firmly know that radioactivity cannot be influenced ... I also knew this. But it was not about the impact on radioactivity. My opponents could not understand it.

By agreement, experiments were carried out in Pushchino. The reaction of Ascorbic acid (AA) + Dichlorophenolindophenol (DHPHIF) was measured, and carbon beta activity in Leningrad.
The expected effect - a synchronous, local time change in the shape of histograms at a distance of more than 600 km in measurements of processes of different nature - in general, was confirmed. At the same time, it was clear that this was not a 100% effect, but only a high probability of a synchronous changed histograms.

The main object of research is histograms constructed from a relatively small number of measurements, when the number of measurements and digits (bins) is comparable.

If one reconstructs the line of reasoning when drawing up a criterion for the similarity of two smoothed histograms (probability density functions), then several empirical rules can be distinguished: the first thing that is evaluated is their “overall appearance”: the similarity of extremely smooth figures - their symmetry - skewness to the right or left. Then the number of apparent extremes is determined.

Then the distance between them. Then the relative height of the peaks and the depth of the troughs.

Now let's return to the main conclusion of the study - at the same time the histograms of radioactive decay of different devices, but located in the same room or in the same city are similar.

The effect of the near zone: regardless of the interval of 60 seconds or 90 seconds taken: the nearest histogram is the most similar. (i.e., a +2 + 3 indent period is much less similar).

The conclusion that was drawn from the results of work in the period 1951-1997 with such processes of different nature (from biology to chemistry and physics) is as follows: We are dealing with fluctuations of the space of time due to the heterogeneity of gravitational fields.

The second part of the work from 1997 to the present day is devoted to the study of this heterogeneity with the help of a radioactive decay detector. Since this process does not depend on trivial causes, data can be recorded around the clock and V. Rubinstein collected detectors in a laboratory in Pushchino. Alpha decay of plutonium 239 has a half-life of 24 thousand years, so the changes in intensity can be neglected. However, as it became clear after 2002, the special merit of radioactive decay is in the ability to investigate the dependence of the observed effects on the direction of particle escape. Alpha particles fly only a few centimeters in the air. For beta particles, you can find ones that fly a few meters. But beta decay is worse, because the energy of the emitted particles is different.

However, when measuring radioactivity, it is impossible to study changes in the shape of histograms for times less than 10 ^ -2 seconds, for this purpose preparations with very high activity would be necessary, which is associated with radiation safety and limited speed of measurement systems. For experiments with a higher temporal resolution various "noise processes" are used.

Starry day

Moon about 27 daily intervals:

Star year is 365 days + 369 minutes. An effect is found!

Experiment with collimator:

Without collimators in the same geographical point (at the same local time), similar histograms appear synchronously, even when measuring processes of a different nature. And when measuring with “western” or “eastern” collimators that are in the same place, on one laboratory table, there is no synchrony.

Moonrise and Sunset

Evection, Variation, Annual inequality

The phenomenon of the discovery was discovered by Ptolemy. Variations and Annual Inequalities - Tycho Brahe and Newton.
All these three terms refer to the initial sequence of the members of the formula of the moon. They reflect the laws of the motion of the moon, due mainly to the influence of the sun. The members of this formula, which characterize deviations of the Moon from uniform motion with constant angular velocity, are called inequalities . From the first five inequalities, the terms with coefficients 6.289º and 0.214º are due to the ellipticity of the unperturbed (Keplerian) orbit, and with coefficients 1.274º (evection), 0.658º (variation) and 0.186º (annual inequality) - perturbations from the Sun ...

Evection is the most significant deviation of the true motion of the Moon from the motion according to the laws of Johann Kepler, caused by the Sun. Otherwise, the meaning of an ejection is to periodically change the shape of the lunar orbit, that is, to increase and decrease the eccentricity of the Moon's orbit. The ejection period is 31.81194 days ... This effect due to the gravitational influence of the sun on the moon. Variation (opened by Tycho Brahe, explained by Newton in his "Beginning"). The period of variation is half the synodic month of 14.8 days.

The annual inequality (openly Tycho Brahe) is a periodic change in the motion of the moon with a period equal to one year. Due to the one-year inequality in the period from January 2 to July 2, the Moon lags behind the middle Moon, and from July 2 to January 2, the real Moon precedes the middle Moon:

(45779 minutes = 31.79 days)

Solar eclipses

From the totality of the data it follows that we are talking about sharp spatial anisotropy.
On the example of solar eclipses it can be seen that the stable form repeats time after time at the moments of maximum eclipse.

It is important to note that the results of measurements of radioactive decay correspond to Poisson statistics.

Shnol has a databank, the results of every second measurements of alpha activity Pu239 started on July 7, 2000, after the start of operation of the instrument of the I.A. Rubinshtein construction

What this discovery means to practice:

1. Using the algorithm, it is possible to calculate forbidden and allowed states.
2. Accuracy of any space measurement


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