Posture Correctors that "survived"

Two years have passed since we offered you a large selection of crowdfunding projects dedicated to a healthy spine.

During this time, the niche has shrunk, many have been “lost”, and the time has come to sum up some results: today a selection of “stable” projects.

It does not hurt - okay

Our relationship with the spine at one point becomes extremely consumer, and we behave very ungrateful.

This usually happens at a time when parents stop scaring us with the fact that a hump grows and constantly monitor how we sit at the table. As a result, for many, the spine becomes the enemy, and not a friend, which can be described as a memetic picture:

And as long as it does not hurt - and good. Although doctors confirm that it does not always hurt, and some negative changes can be formed relatively unnoticed. The producers of posture correctors played on this: small devices that remind us that we should straighten up.

They do not trust them all . More precisely, not everyone sees a practical value, as it were, especially since the border between a flat back and the correct position of the back is nevertheless necessary ...

And, nevertheless, several years ago, this market had ambitions for hundreds of units of production, and now - not even dozens, but rather units have remained. That, perhaps, for the better.


It’s not the most popular project, but I want to start with him, because he was, as it were, the first to be buried: he didn’t collect the required amount on crowdfunding and began to sell steadily on his own.

Moreover, the project solves a deliberately different task: due to the even position of the back, Prana promises proper breathing and relief from stress, as a result. It is even attached not to the upper body, but to the belt.

In various sources, you can see the cost of such a posture and breath corrector is $ 150, however, neither on Amazon nor on the official website is available, but the company calls to leave requests for mutual cooperation.

Prana acts as if in three ways: a tracker and a breathing trainer, a gadget for collecting statistics and analytics, and also as an activity tracker, which makes it partly related to Lumo Lift. In general, a significant part of the truth is in this: the respiratory system depends on the posture and the position of the back, which is briefly described on the website .

But breathing exercises to improve productivity and reduce stress - this is pretty cool, especially since it was done in a game of gaming: Prana has a section for training:

Lumo lift

The most famous proofreader, which is present in almost every collection. It is an absolute long-lived in this niche.

In Russia, this corrector (as not to praise yourself) is also widely represented by our efforts - the official partner of the brand here is Medgadgets. On Geektimes there was already a fair amount of mentions of this gadget, so it makes no sense to dwell on it for a long time.

It is convenient, invisible to others, which was an important ethical component for developers, and also has the ability to synchronize with a smartphone, analyzes activity in steps and maintains statistics of the even position of the back.


The project is ideologically similar to Prana: the main theses are correct breathing, no stress, but this corrector is made in the form of a pillow on a chair.

This is its dignity, as we understand that we use the corrector only in a sitting position: none of them work while walking or in the prone position. And its disadvantage, as a miniature corrector can be with you in several places: in a cafe with friends, in the office, at home ... But it’s not so easy to carry a pillow.

Until very recently, a pillow could be bought for $ 200 on Amazon .

Upright go

The tracker and analyst promise to correct the posture in two weeks, or at least improve it. This is a relatively new project, and already consisting of two products: one lumbar tracker (Pro) and the Go tracker - for mounting on the neck.

From an aesthetic point of view, both of them lose to inconspicuous clips and brooches: even the cushion on the chair is less issued than both of these devices, however, the cost is lower - $ 100 .

Frankly, in addition to the stated training programs, there are no strong advantages: it is not very conveniently mounted, it looks very noticeable, the autonomy typical of a gadget is about a week. And, nevertheless, on Kickstarter, the team raised over $ 1 million!


UPright - not the only developers whose proofreader is noticeable. There is a project Alex, which is issued even stronger - it is mounted on the head, similar to some headphones.

In other words, the questions, oh, and what do you have about it, are provided for you. There is such a corrector on Amazon £ 89 .

It works in a clear way: it fixes deviations from the pose and gives a delicate reminder in the form of vibration that it is time to straighten.

Non-universal correctors

Several amazing projects, which for some reason began to be sold. Firstly, the corrector points should be noted.

Non-universal Jins Meme does directly that not everyone works with glasses.

The second project - a smart bra, which not only monitors the posture, but also controls breathing, heart rate, stress, etc. The reason why this device is not suitable for everyone, is also likely to be understood without comment.

Cost Vitali - $ 149 at a discount .

Russian market of posture correctors

In addition to the western Lumo Lift, there are several samples of electronic proofreaders in the domestic market, and almost every one of this list is familiar to you.

Master of Posture

Perhaps the most famous domestic proofreader. From its advantages - ease of use and relatively low price .

The disadvantages include the method of attachment: to a special adhesive patch and non-configurable vibration response intervals. In general, the device is reliable and working, fully meets the stated characteristics.


A crowdfunding project with a long history, which was asked to return money four days ago. His fate is not fully known, but the declared characteristics were curious.

All the same vibration, but at a lower cost + in the future application. In other words, for three thousand we could get a mix from Lumo Lift and the Master of Posture and maybe we will get it someday.

How the model was developed was also written here on GeekTimes .


Curious product . The only one that notifies of a violation of posture is not a vibrating signal, but a sound, which can be very useful if the child is at home, learning lessons, and parents in another room.

It does not have any smart capabilities, it does not adjust in any way, and the signal triggers as soon as the position of the back has changed and the threads draped over shoulders stretched, activating the squeaker.

Summing up

Since then, despite the fact that new projects have emerged and received some kind of support, the market has narrowed rather than flourished.

Even from what is presented here, how to buy some products is a mystery. Stable demand and stable supply, whatever one may say, is in Lumo Lift and the Master of Posture, everything else is sold by the piece.

Surprisingly, projects that are complicated by some additional idea do not fire: for example, those that promise to improve the standard of living qualitatively by restoring breathing, getting rid of stress, etc.

From a technological point of view, too little has changed: the correctors work in a sitting position and cannot help in movement or in a lying position - in the recumbent position they simply turn off, as they believe that they are at rest, on the table, for example.

Although, in fact, we are also able to walk unevenly, but the position in such a short period of time from step to step is not fixed. While somehow ...


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