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We will not delve into the topic of relevance of English for programmers. And let Cap himself support us! Of course, many developers are ready to defend a different point of view. However, it is difficult to argue with the fact that all the main resources for development in the field of development are English-speaking.

Yes, there is always a choice: use the necessary information immediately after its appearance or wait months / years of translation and hope that useful materials are not outdated. But why wait, when there are so many useful services that will teach English even the most stubborn anti-polyglot.

Start with grammar

Have you ever tried to study grammar using video tutorials? EngVid will help you get started: the amount of video content on the site is huge and, perhaps, there are no topics that their native speaker teachers would not touch. EnglishDom is also easy to learn English grammar.

There are other useful sites to tweak the grammar: - everything necessary for theory and practice. The site has many interactive lessons, programs, games and tests in English. Suitable for learning the language from scratch, since all materials are explained in Russian. The only thing the resource lacks a clear step-by-step tutorial or teacher who could systematize the learning process. - "Read This! Picture This! Test This! ”- this is the main feature of the resource, where you will find a large number of tests and explanations of the theory. The site is entirely in English and will suit those who already have 200-300 words in their arsenal. It will be difficult for quite beginners to understand the structure of the sections and select suitable exercises. - practice of English grammar from a girl called Seonaid. Basic knowledge is open to all in the free access, and all the “interesting things” can be obtained for $ 10 per month. Perfect for students with a confident average level of English, to develop further on their own.

Practiced? It's time to learn the words!

Studying grammar is better in combination with the new vocabulary: - the site contains video tutorials and test exercises for them. You will be able to practice IT-English and learn new words and phrases that will be useful at work and in the workflow. Yes, the resource does not have an incredible design, but there are pretty good image tests that will help you learn ~ 500 new IT words. - 30-minute free business lessons and articles to test for knowledge of new words and their proper use in context. The creator of the site, Chris Clayton (Chris Clayton), works as an English teacher in Spain. You learn, you listen, you say - an educational program that will help you to learn new words in a complex way and to practice both students and teachers.

EnglishDom combines the advantages of these sites to speed up the process of learning new vocabulary and increase the effectiveness of the exercises. It is possible to customize the intensity of online workouts and complexity, choose any of the ~ 100 topics or create your own individual dictionary from any words on the site that you would like to remember. 300 words in an hour? Easy, just watch this video .

Mobile applications to help

Why not turn the study of English into a habit and set yourself a couple of applications so that in your free time (metro, coffee, 15 minutes before bedtime) you can improve your level with your smartphone?

Voxy - differs from other applications in that it can constantly adapt to the needs and desires of the user. Need an urgent TOEFL preparation? Going to Europe and do not know how to contact the waiter in a restaurant? Teachers, native speakers, will gladly help you with English. ( IOS , Android )

Words - the best application in the "Education" in the opinion of Apple. More than 9 thousand words for study are available to users even in offline mode. Adaptive mechanics of tasks and tests with an emphasis on memorizing words with which difficulties constantly arise. As they say "learn from mistakes." ( IOS , Android )

15500 Useful English Phrases - the application is an interactive dictionary with over 15,500 useful idioms that will be useful in live communication. Here you will find frequently used conversational phrases, interesting comparisons and metaphors, classical aphorisms from literature, phrases and whole sentences for business style and everyday communication. ( IOS )

EnglishDom also launched their first application, which will help to memorize words in a new format. By the way, it is fully synchronized with all the other workouts from EnglishDom, it gives you the opportunity to create completely your own sets or to teach already prepared ones using a special system of repetitions. You can choose the theme of words and degree of difficulty. ( IOS , Android ).

Browser Extensions

Most of the useful resources for programmers are in English. To speed up the learning process while doing your favorite coding, install these useful browser extensions:

English dictionary translate pronunciation is a useful tool for memorizing new words and pronunciation practice. Highlight any word on the site, click on the extension button, or select the item you need in the menu - a window appears with the translation, transliteration and the “audio” icon to listen to its pronunciation. A simple solution to save time and get the most useful information on translation. (Google Chrome)

LeoTranslator is a logical addition to the application of the same name. You will be able to translate words or phrases on the pages of any site, add them to your personal dictionary and then study them separately. And soon detailed statistics on progress and training will be shown in the extension. Convenient and easy. (Google Chrome)

ReadLang - the whole training center in the English language! After installation, any article in English can be read in a convenient format. When you click on unfamiliar words, the translation is displayed, the full value and an example of pronunciation are displayed on the right. Each article can be saved to your personal library, each unfamiliar word can be studied using the card method. If you read a lot of foreign literature, this extension will help a lot. (Google Chrome)

There are many ways to learn English. And the more you pay attention to it, the faster your level will grow. Therefore, EnglishDom actively develops new educational formats, combining them into one large complex, the sole purpose of which is the success of each student. Our platform can hardly be called just English courses via Skype. EnglishDom is a powerful ecosystem with game mechanics and interactive user interaction with the culture, vocabulary and grammar of the English language.

If you haven’t rested from coding for a long time and want to improve your level, welcome to EnglishDom for a course for IT specialists . Try our SMART English, and we are sure you will like it here. To write in your resume “the level of knowledge of the English language - advanced”, you need very little - the desire and patience. And our 10,000 graduates will tell you the same thing. Successes to you and we wait on occupations!

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