[VIDEO] WANHAO D7 Box and D7 Plus - how it works

Many people like the Wanhao Duplicator 7 3D printer for its simplicity and extremely affordable price. More information about the printer is in our previous review Wanhao Duplicator 7. Its main drawback was that the work required a permanent connection to a computer.

Engineers at Wanhao solved this problem by creating the D7 Box , a control unit that connects to the printer and replaces the computer when printing. Also released a new modification of the 3D-printer itself, with a built-in control unit - D7 Plus .

A detailed review will definitely be later, but now we want to share a video with you - we shot this video in the WANHAO laboratory in China, especially for readers of our blog.

D7 Plus features:

For this money you get a photopolymer 3D printer ready for autonomous work - just download the project via USB and print without connecting to a computer.

Characteristics of the D7 Box:

The D7 Box is a standalone control unit not only for the Duplicator 7, but also for other DLP stereolithography printers, including self-made ones.

If you already have Duplicator 7, this control unit will be indispensable - it frees the computer for any other purposes, effectively turning Duplicator 7 into Duplicator 7 Plus.

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