6K camera from DJI - 35mm Zenmuse X7

DJI made the whole show with the announcement of the new product, kept it secret, and there were many discussions on the Internet about what it would be: Phantom 5, the new Spark or the new application. There was even a couple of fake videos.

As a result, DJI introduced a camera and a suspension for professional film production. The Zenmuse X7 records 6K video at 30fps, with a 35mm sensor, and is compatible with 4 DL-Mount lenses (16mm, 24mm, 35mm, and 50mm). So far, the camera is only compatible with Inspire 2 , but plan to integrate with other models.

Zenmuse X7 vs. Zenmuse X5S

When DJI Inspire 2 came out, DJI announced the Zenmuse X5S , which made it possible to shoot 5.2K video with improved stabilization.

If the Zenmuse X5S camera matrix had a dynamic range of 12.8 stops, then the Zenmuse X7 raised this parameter to 14 stops.

The Zenmuse X5S camera had an updated Micro 4/3 matrix, which made it possible to get a much better image. Compared with the previous version of the camera, detailed frames are obtained due to the increased pixels of 3.4 microns in size and the resolution of the matrix of 20.8 megapixels.

The Zenmuse X7 uses a Super 35mm (23.5 × 15.7 mm) sensor and increased the pixel size to 3.91 micrometers. This allows you to record RAW video 6K / 30 fps or 3.9K / 59.94 fps and take photos with a resolution of 24 megapixels.

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