Amazon Alexa Ecosystem - a review of everything that can work with Alexa Echo

Translator's note - this article is a kind of response to comments on this article and shows the scale of the epidemic - shows how fast Alex is spreading from Amazon around the world of IoT, smart houses and smart cars.

The jesting words of experts that Alex will soon speak out of every iron no longer seem to be an exaggeration.

I ask all interested under the cut of this longrid - a lot of information and pictures.

Since then, when Amazon first introduced its voice assistant in 2014,
Amazon has confidently become the most popular mention in the "smart home" section. And suddenly, almost every IT company decided to integrate its product with Amazon’s virtual voice assistant, Alexa.

This kind of integration is constantly continuing at a heightened pace, and at times it is very difficult to even imagine what kind of product Alex will support. Amazon’s website itself tries to show the top most popular products with the ability to work with Alex, but the information on all products with Alexa support is not very well structured.
In addition, for obvious reasons, it is often ignored the fact that in order to work with such devices and to use all the capabilities of the Alex ecosystem, you do not even need to have the Echo device itself.

Thus, not only does Amazon embed Alex in its new devices (Echo Plus, Echo Spot and Fire HD 10 tablet), but the company also allows third-party manufacturers to embed Alex support into their products, for example, Ford began to embed a voice assistant from Amazon into its new car models.

In order to understand what reached Alex, we decided to make a detailed guide.
Below is a list of products, one way or another using the capabilities of the voice assistant from Amazon.


Devices with Alex
Hubs smart home
Light control devices
Switches, dimmers, sockets
Locks, cameras, security
Devices for heating and cooling

Devices with Alex

Although Alexa Echo remains the flagship, it is no longer lonely. Constantly there are new versions, as well as devices from third-party manufacturers.

So, a small review:

Amazon Echo (2nd Gen.)

Announced on September 27, 2017, the second generation Echo has the same features, but has smaller dimensions and more convenient functionality.

In fact, this is a bluetooth speaker with sensitive microphones and with AlwaysOn function. It can control smart home devices, play music from your phone, Amazon Prime or Spotify, as well as order products from Amazon and all this with voice commands.

Using the Alex application, you can customize a virtual assistant as you like, and with hundreds of skills you can do almost everything - from getting an accurate weather forecast to playing any obscene sounds.

The price of such a device starts from $ 99, which is almost half the price and smaller in size than the first-generation Echo and with a fabric-coated case. The cover of the device can be selected from several options, thereby selecting the most suitable for each room.

Also in the second-generation Echo, the best sound reproduction is announced thanks to the Dolby system, which was introduced last summer - the so-called. multi-room audio system.

This makes it possible to compete with Echo Druma-like systems for playing audio, in particular, such as Sonos.

The second generation Echo is available for pre-order for $ 99, the start of sales is scheduled for October 31, 2017.

Amazon Echo Plus

Amazon Echo Plus looks like an upgrade to the Echo flagship. The same design, but a new color has appeared - silver. From new features - Echo Plus can work as a hub for smart home.

Just ask Alex about the installed devices in your home and she will manage them.
Pre-order gift is a smart lamp Hue from Phillips.

The cost of $ 149.99 and also the start of sales is scheduled for October 31, 2017.

Amazon Echo Show

One of the most recent innovations in the Echo family is Show. A touchscreen, a camera and a smart speaker were added, allowing you to make video calls, watch video cameras, watch Amazon Prime Video, of course, buy items from Amazon and much more.

Price - $ 229.99

Amazon Echo Connect

Echo Connect is a $ 35 device that turns any Alex compatible device into a wired phone.

Allows you to connect your home phone to Alex and gives you the opportunity to make and receive calls through a smart column.

Available on pre-order for $ 34.99, sales start - December 13, 2017.

Amazon Echo Spot

Echo Spot - a hybrid of Echo Show and Dot, price - $ 129.99. Pre-order sales will begin December 19, 2017.

Echo Spot allows you to make video calls to other owners of Alexa Show and Spot, view weather forecasts, alarms, timers, etc ...

A small device that can be placed in any room has a built-in bluetooth, an internal speaker and an audio output for connecting to an amplifier.

Amazon Echo Dot

Take Echo, cut off the top and you will get Echo Dot. Dot got rid of high-quality dynamics to reduce the price, but remained the same smart.

A small built-in speaker allows you to communicate with Alex, but is not sufficient for high-quality playback of streaming audio.

Instead, you can connect an external amplifier either via Bluetooth or via a wired audio output.

Separately, Dot sells for $ 49, but Amazon makes discounts when buying a few pieces, or when buying with a Bose audio system or other devices for a smart home.

Amazon Tap

Amazon Tap took the main functionality from Echo and packed them into a portable bluetooth column. Since it's battery powered, Amazon Tap doesn't always listen to a keyword like Echo or Echo Dot. You need to press the microphone button to say the command. However, the new update will allow you to work in hands-free mode for about an hour.

Although Tap is portable, it requires a Wi-Fi connection (no 3G or LTE option), so if you are outdoors, you need to use your smartphone as an access point.

Price $ 129.99

Amazon Echo Look

A recent addition to the Echo family, the Echo Look is a camera with a built-in Alex that allows you to work as an assistant as your stylist.

You can take photos and videos of your appearance and using machine learning Alex will advise how you look better and of course, will recommend to buy new clothes.
Echo Look is not yet in general sale, but you can apply for a purchase at Amazon for $ 199.99.

Amazon Fire TV

New Fire TV, will be available from October 25, 2017, pre-order for $ 69.99, compatible with
4K ultra HD and HDR Tvs and 40% more powerful than the Fire TV Stick.

The device does not have all the functions of Alexa as in Echo, but with its help you can control the smart home and use Alexa Skills. You can control your CBS, NBC, Hulu and Netflix voice applications. The main difference in control is that you need a TV and you can talk to Alex through the path of the Fire TV Remote. There is no always-on listening function, but it can be a plus when you want to keep your privacy.

Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote also supports Alex using the same remote control interface. The same functionality as on Fire TV and at the same time the opportunity to buy a virtual assistant for only $ 50

Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet

Amazon's popular $ 80 tablet is now supported by Alexa. You can watch streaming TV and movies, use thousands of applications, read books in Kindle format and much more. It is very convenient to use Alexa to find the application or TV show you want to watch, especially when your hands are busy.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet

The new Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet is an improved version of the popular Fire HD 8. In addition to the 10 inch screen and higher resolution (1080p), this tablet also has a built-in Alex. The price starts from $ 150 for a model with 32GB, there are 3 colors - black, red and blue.

Pre-order is available, sales will begin October 11, 2017.

Amazon applications

Want to use Alexa anywhere, not just at home? Thanks to a recent update to the Amazon app for the iPhone, now a virtual assistant in this popular shopping app. It does not support all the functions of Alexa as compared to Echo, but it will allow you to use Alex, for example, to search for products in Amazon.

Unfortunately, nothing is said about when the Android version of the application will be released.

Alexa Gadgets

Amazon has announced a whole line of gadgets with support for Alex, designed specifically to work with Echo devices.

So far we only know about the $ 20 Echo Button, which is used for playing games with friends, such as trivia.

About the start of sales is not yet known.

Huawei mate 9

When Huawei first announced that Mate 9 will be the first smartphone with a built-in Alex, it caused a lot of noise.

The phone works under Android, but instead of using Google Assistant, the company retreated from Google, preferring the virtual assistant from Amazon.

The price is $ 464, two days of work from a single charge and a Leica camera (64GB) are announced.

Smart thermostat Ecobee4

If you decide to use Alex everywhere in your home, then the Ecobee4 smart thermostat is just what you need. If you replace all thermostats in your house with Ecobee4, you will not only get a smart thermostat, but also constant access to Alex, thanks to the microphone built-in to the thermostat and the dynamics. Available for pre-order at a price of $ 249, the start of sales - May 15, 2018.

Ecobee smart switch

Ecobee Smart Light Switch is the first switch that allows you to use Alex in every room. It also has light sensors, but that's all we know. More detailed information about the price, apparently will be available in the nearest release of the company.

Invoxia triby

If you want to make your fridge smarter without spending thousands of dollars, pay attention to the Invoxia Triby. This is the first device from a third-party developer that offers integration with Alex. It has a built-in speaker for playing music, a screen and the ability to make phone calls.

Price - $ 120

Ford Sync

Ford cars with the latest version of the Ford Sync system will integrate with Alex, including both the basic Echo functions and the special assistant car functionality.
This integration last year won the CES Editors' Choice Awards.


Ford's status as the only company offering Alex functionality in the car is coming to an end.

BMW and MINI will produce cars with built-in Alex in the on-board computer already in the middle of 2018.

You can learn from Alex nearest gas stations, weather forecasts, flipping through music tracks and much more without distracting attention from the road.

In addition, if you have other smart home devices, you can access them while you're on the go. Now you will not forget to close the garage door or the front door.

Smart home hubs

Although Alex can manage a large number of smart home devices, many smart home integrations require using a hub as a connecting device. Uncomfortable? Yes. But since devices with Alex need a wireless connection to communicate directly with each other, this kind of interaction is necessary so that in the foreseeable future we can do it more effectively.

Samsung SmartThings Hub

Samsung SmartThings is one of the most advanced smart home systems on the market.
Integration with Alex allows you to manage almost all SmartThings compatible devices that can be turned on and off.

Also in the list of compatible devices you can include smart lamps, fans, sockets and switches, locks and thermostats.

Wink hubs

Wink is probably the main competitor of SmartThings, although it has fewer supported devices. Using the hub from Wink, Alex gets access to control smart lamps, switches and sockets, thermostats. The company offers second generation hubs for $ 99 and first generation hubs for $ 69 - the main difference is that the second generation has a bluetooth and a more powerful processor.

Insteon hub

Insteon may not be as well-known as SmartThings and Wink, but supporting old smart home ecosystems remains a very interesting option for them. Alex can control devices using the Insteon hub. It will not work with all hubs, but with the help of the Insteon Hub model (2245-222) you can control sockets, switches and wired thermostats. Hub Hub is installed only by authorized dealers of the company - an unusual solution, which, however, will allow you to avoid the headache of installing smart home systems on your own.

At CES 2016, the company announced integration with Amazon Echo, which allows you to control devices to control light and thermostats. Also, you can control the voice alarm system.

Vivint hub

Vivint is a system installed by authorized representatives and it was also announced on integration with Alexa at CES 2016. Here, Alex can be used to turn on smart home security, control lamps, thermostats, garage doors, and even smart locks.

Even though Vivint is a system installed by dealers, it is considered the best voice-controlled system among smart home systems, although competition in this segment is growing rapidly.

Nexia Home Intelligence Bridge

Nexia is not a very famous brand yet, but it can work with a large number of Z-Wave compatible devices for the smart home. Like and Vivint, Nexia announced integration with Alexa, but so far has not provided information to the general public about which devices will be compatible with Alexa.

Universal Devices ISY Hubs

You may never have heard of Universal Devices, but home automation geeks know this company as thanks to Insteon compatible ISY hubs (“izzy”). The company offers 2 hubs - ISY-994i Series and ISY-994iZw Series. Both are compatible with Insteon, but Z-Wave support has also been added. You can separately enable integration with Alex and you can control the light, door locks, thermostats, etc.

HomeSeer Home Controllers

HomeSeer offers 6 different controllers (hubs) for the smart home, the functionality of which is more suitable for geeks than for the average user. With integration with Alex, HomeSeer allows voice control of lights, locks, thermostats, garage doors and a security system.

Simple control simple hub

Simple Control initially focused on managing audio / video devices and home theater, but this company's powerful controller allows you to control many other devices, including Samsung's SmartThings and Insteon systems.

This system is quite complex and not cheap, but allows you to make a lot of customized settings. Alex paired with such a system can control TVs and even switch channels.

Almond Smart Home WiFi Routers

Instead of buying a hub separately and separately a Wi-Fi router, Securifi's Almond combined these devices in one piece of hardware. Two Almond - Almond + and Almond 2015 routers can also work with Alex and Echo. With this integration, you can activate various scenarios and modes of operation of the controller (Dinner scene, Evening scene, etc.)

Smart lighting

Light control was the very first mode of operation in the smart home, which Alex began to make and today's huge number of smart lamps (as well as switches, dimmers and sockets) capable of working with Echo, clearly show how far Alex has come.
Most of these devices are smart lamps, which, on the one hand, are quite complex devices, and on the other hand, they are quite easily tuned by ordinary users, which allows them to immediately feel what a smart home is.

Philips Hue White Starter Kit

Philips makes the best smart lamps in terms of price / quality, so they are our favorites. The lamps also work with Siri and can work with Alexa, which gives additional features and choices for voice control. In the set for $ 69 comes immediately 2 lamps, but you can also buy them separately.

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Starter Kit

A very good set and this is why - they not only have good characteristics, but also can work in third-party ecosystems. As well as the usual set, it can work with Siri and Alexa out of the box.

Philips Hue Go (via Hue Bridge)

Philips Hue Go is a color luminaire with batteries, with 300 lumens of aperture and operating time up to 3 hours. Requires Philips Hue Bridge (included in the kit presented above) and can be controlled by a special application or Alex.

Philips Friends of Hue Lightstrip (need Hue Bridge)

Another device from the line Hue - Lightstrip - glowing multicolor ribbon that can be cut. You also need Hue Bridge to work with Alex.

LIFX Smart Bulbs and Light Strip

LIFX has a small product line - LIFX 19 - multi-color lamps, LIFX + A19 - multi-color lamps with infrared radiation for night vision cameras and LIFX Z - glowing tape. A notable alternative to Philips Hue, since these lamps are controlled directly via Wi-Fi and do not require a hub. And since they work via Wi-Fi, they can be easily integrated with Alex.

TP-Link WiFi Smart Bulbs

When you hear the name TP-Link, then you probably think about Wi-Fi routers, but the company also produces very interesting devices for the smart home, including 4 types of various smart lamps that work with Alex. Lamps also do not need a hub, which makes them affordable ($ 18).

Cree Connected LED (need SmartThings Hub or Wink Hub)

Cree Connected LED lamps are one of the most attractive in price and functionality. Prices are charged with Philips Hue White lamps and can work with virtually any hub for a smart home. This makes them the best in the long run if you decide to use the Cree Connected LED to build your own smart home ecosystem. With hubs from SmartThings or Wink hub, you can control these lamps with the help of Alexa. In the line there are lamps with a temperature of 5000K.

Price - from $ 15.

GE Link Bulb (working with Wink Hub)

GE Link's lumnaires from GE are trying to compete with Cree Connected LED for price, functionality, and color temperature, but fail to meet other specifications. They can also work with Alex through the hub of Wink.

Osram Lightify Smart Bulb (need SmartThings Hub or Wink Hub)

$ 21.15

The Lightify line of lamps from Osram cannot change color, but they allow you to change the color temperature a little less than LIFX White 800. They work with Alex through the hub from SmartThings Hub or Wink Hub.

TCP Connected Smart Bulbs (need SmartThings Hub or Wink Hub)

Lamps TCP Connected is not the best solution. They need their own controller and they are not impressive with their characteristics. But they can also work with Alex through the hub from SmartThings Hub or Wink Hub.

Switches, dimmers and sockets

In a sense, this is an addition to controlling the light, but here you can control smart switches, sockets and plugs. From ceiling fans to garbage shredders, there are a lot of things you can make smart with a socket or switch. And of course, if you use the devices described below, we can manage them with the help of Alex.

Belkin WeMo Light Switch

If you just want to turn something on and off and want it to work with Alex, then Belkin WeMo Light Switch is the best choice. Unlike competitors, this switch works with Wi-Fi directly, which means that you can control via Alex without a hub.

$ 47.66

Belkin WeMo Switch

WeMo Switch — , . / . Wi-Fi, .


Belkin WeMo Insight Switch

Insight Switch — WeMo Switch, , . 10$ WeMo Switch, .

iHome Smart Plug ( Wink Hub)

As well as Belkin's Wemo switches, the iHome Smart Plug allows you to turn on / off lights or various devices. Works with Apple HomeKit (Siri support), Nest and Wink. Although it works directly with Wi-Fi, it only works with Alex through the Wink hub.

Samsung SmartThings Outlet (via SmartThings Hub)

SmartThings released this outlet long before Samsung acquired this startup and releases it to this day. It works via the ZigBee protocol instead of Wi-Fi, which means that you will need SmartThings hub if you want to control the outlet with the help of Alex.

$ 35.99

TP-Link HS100 Smart Plug

For more information about this outlet, you can read in a recent article .

D-Link WiFi Smart Plugs

Like TP-Link, D-Link offers 2 types of smart sockets that work with Alex - the
regular DSP-W110 smart plug and the power consumption monitoring feature - the DSP-W215 smart plug.

Insteon Switches, Dimmers, and Outlets (via Insteon Hub)

Insteon, unlike other manufacturers of systems for smart home, independently produces dimmers, switches and sockets. Thanks to integration with Echo, all devices can work with Alex.

GE Z-Wave Switches, Dimmers, and Outlets (via SmartThings Hub)

General Electric may be manufacturing production devices, but the company sells a large number of smart switches, dimmers and outlets. Amazon does not mention that these devices work with Alex, but since they are all compatible with the SmartThings controller, this means that they should work with Alex.

Leviton Switches, Dimmers, and Outlets (via SmartThings Hub or Wink Hub)

Just like General Electric, Leviton produces smart switches, dimmers and sockets that can be controlled by Alex through hubs from SmartThings or Wink.

Lutron Caséta Wireless Switches, Dimmers, and Remotes

Lutron , . , Lutron ClearConnect, Caséta Wireless Smart Bridge Wink.

Lutron, Wink HomeKit, , Apple Wink. Wink Lutron .

Enerwave Switches, Dimmers and Outlets ( SmartThings Hub)

Enerwave Lutron, GE Leviton, Z-Wave SmartThings. .

Evolve Switches, Dimmers and Outlets ( SmartThings Hub)

Enerwave, Evolve , SmartThings, .


, . , — — .

Smart locks can not only know what you are near (using a smartphone) and open the doors. They also allow you to temporarily give access to your home to those you want.

August Smart Lock (second generation)

The second generation of smart locks August Smart Lock was integrated with Alex in a rather unusual way. This is the only lock that you can lock using Alex (unlocking is available in all Alex-compatible locks) - you need to say a certain pincode. You can also ask Alexa if the door is open or not if you are away from home.

$ 179.90

Scout Alarm

Scout Alarm is a very simple security system that works with Alex. The company offers a wide range of commands for interacting with Alex, including the possibility of arming / disarming and calling for help.

Netgear Arlo Security Cameras

Thanks to the Echo Show device, you can see live broadcasts from surveillance cameras. Netgear is one of the first manufacturers to offer this integration and our tests have shown that Netgear Arlo Pro is one of the best video surveillance systems.

$ 229.99

Ring - a doorbell with a camera

Like the Netgear Arlo camera, live streaming from a doorbell and other cameras can be viewed on the Echo Show.

$ 179.99 Climate


, . Alexa Skills Kit , .

Nest Learning Thermostat

, , , , IFTTT. IFTTT Wink, Nest .


Honeywell Lyric Thermostat ( SmartThings Hub)

Nobody wants startups to bypass them and therefore the long-time manufacturer of thermostats Honeywell created its own, by analogy with Nest and called it Honeywell Lyric Thermostat. The latest version works with Apple HomeKit and Alex, thanks to integration with SmartThings.

Honeywell Total Connect Comfort Thermostats (via SmartThings Hub)

Not as cute as his fellow Lyric thermostat, Honeywell Total Connect Comfort has more functionality, but it has its main focus on work on a schedule. Thanks to the official integration with SmartThings, they can also be managed by Alex.

$ 159.58

Ecobee3 Smarter WiFi Thermostat

Ecobee3 - was the first thermostat to work directly with Alex, without a hub. It is also the first thermostat to support Apple HomeKit.

$ 243

Sensi WiFi Programmable Thermostat

Sensi — Emerson, , . , , .


Haiku Home

2018 , Haiku Home, . Haiku SenseMe technology, H, I L .

Keen Home Smart Vents ( SmartThings Hub)

, Keen Home Smart Vents . Nest, SmartThings Lowes' Iris , . SmartThings, .

Echo , Ford Sync . , .


Automatic — , — , .

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Garageio — Wi-Fi, ( 3 ) .
Echo , .

In addition to the various devices that you can manage through Alex, there are many services with which you can work.

You can order Domino's pizza, call Uber, check your bank account with Capital One and more.


IFTTT (abbreviation of If This, Then That) is probably the most sophisticated service that you can connect to Echo. This is practically infinitely flexible Middle Man, which helps to connect Alex with thousands of other devices and services that do not have official integration with Alex.


With the integration of Spotify and Echo, you can listen and control tracks with your voice.

Capital One Bank

, , Capital One Bank , .


, Uber . .

Google Calendar

Amazon Googl , . . , Google Calendar. .


, . .


USA TODAY . USA TODAY , , Flash Briefing 7 .

? . .


Kayak — . , , .


Like Angie's List and, HomeAdvisor will help you find plumbing, electrical, and more. Recently, the service announced integration with Alex, which will allow to select the necessary service and make a specialist call.


Perhaps one of Alex’s coolest intrigues, KidsMD is a skill created by the Boston Children's Hospital. Allows you to describe the symptoms of your child's illness and find out if you need to call a doctor and also find out the exact dose of a particular medicine, based on the age and weight of the child. Of course, you should not use this skill as a substitute for the doctor, but this service can help in case of a cold of the child and even if something more serious has happened.


A popular shopping app, OurGroceries allows you to add products to your sheet through Alex. If you notice that the milk has run out, just tell Alex about it and then the application will remind you of it when you are in the store.


SinceEcho has a built-in speaker, there must be integration with the music service. With Pandora, Alex can play your favorite online radio stations.


Want to listen to your favorite local radio stations on Echo? All you need to do is activate integration with iHeartRadio.


TuneIn is similar to iHeartRadio, allows you to listen to stations from all over the country. The difference is that TuneIn also offers news, sports and talk radio. This means that you can listen to CNN, NPR, ESPN Radio and more.

Amazon Prime Music

If you have an Amazon Prime account, Prime Music gives you free access to thousands of old songs. And since this is a product of Amazon, it makes sense to use a virtual assistant.


, , . , .


? Fitbit, , , . ? , .


, Rachio , .

GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub

GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub — , , -. / , .

Ooma Telo


— Ooma Telo — IP-. , Telo . , .


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