Will smart watches become smarter and how to save on their purchase?


Smart watches are one of the most controversial gadgets on the wearable electronics market. The main claims of users are reduced to the functionality and autonomy of the clock, but are not limited to them. In the usual form, smart watches have existed for more than 7 years, and during this time, many models and variants of gadgets in the watch form factor have appeared on the market. In this article we will tell you which smart watches, in our opinion, are the smartest and worthy purchases, as well as how to save tens of thousands of rubles on their purchases when delivered from the US by Mail .

Garmin Vivoactive HR
The equipment of the American company Garmin is highly valued among technologists, as well as sports and outdoor enthusiasts. Garmin launches smart watches, bracelets and fitness trackers in various price ranges. The watch is friendly with smartphones on iOS and Android using the Garmin Connect application.

Small clock, with a touch screen in a plastic case. Contrast screen: the image is well read in the sun.

The clock is focused on collecting information about your condition, which can be monitored both through the application and on the computer. Vivoactive HR shows notifications of any applications installed on the smartphone, as well as SMS and incoming calls. In GPS tracker mode, the clock holds a charge for up to 13-14 hours, without navigation - about 8 days. Before the full battery gadget is charged in half an hour.

The price of this model in the American Garmin store is $ 249 ($ 14,500), in the official store in Russia - about 3,000 more expensive.

Garmin Forerunner 735XT


The Forerunner line is positioned as a specialized triathlon watch (running, swimming and cycling). 735XT automatically detects you are swimming in open water or in a pool, and when riding a bike, the gadget synchronizes with the Garmin Vector sensors. The gadget is able to record VO2 max, frequency of steps, pedaling. Like a normal smart watch, with GPS off, the 735XT will last 11 days.

The price for this watch in Russia starts from 30 000 rub, while the cost in the official store in the usa is 23 000 rub (at the rate of $ 1 = 58 rub). Upon delivery to Russia, the fastbox package will cost $ 16 and the savings are obvious.

The latest version of the line - Garmin Forerunner 935 - will cost $ 100 more.

Garmin Fenix ​​3

This popular and beautiful model has many features to help in sports, as well as provides navigation during tourist / climbing trips. Controlled by five buttons around the perimeter of the case. The more expensive model uses a non-scratch sapphire crystal. Fenix ​​3 can withstand pressures up to 10 atmospheres. In the Fenix ​​3 clock mode, they work up to six weeks, in the training mode using sensors - up to 50 hours without using GPS.

The price of various configurations in Russian stores starts from 33,000 Rubles, while on the American Garmin website this model can be purchased for 26,000 Rubles. The older model - Garmin Fenix ​​5 - in the official store costs $ 150 more.

Garmin Quatix 3

In Russia, Garmin Quatix 3 became popular thanks to Dmitry Medvedev. It was in them in February of this year at a meeting in the Federation Council the Prime Minister was noticed. The very next day, the Russian site Garmin could not accommodate everyone who wanted to buy this model. The server continually “fell”, and the official distributor of the brand in Russia stated that the entire stock of watches in its own warehouses and partners' warehouses had already been sold.


Quatix is ​​designed for everyone associated with the sea - fishermen, sailors involved in sailing. With the help of various marine applications, Quatix can display local data on gas and water, water temperature, wind power, number of fish, time of an articulated parking, etc. In fact, this is a whole command center on your wrist. In addition to the basic functions of a smart watch, the watch is able to remotely control the Garmin VIRB action camera and the Garmin Fusion marine stereo system.

The bright color screen is covered with sapphire anti-scratch glass. Quatix 3 can be submerged to a depth of 100 meters without consequences. In Russia, the cost of these watches starts from 45 000₽, while in the USA you can buy watches for 26 000₽ - almost 20 000₽ cheaper !

Apple Watch Series 3


Of course, we could not fail to mention the new model of the most popular smart watches. Over the past year, Apple has sold about 15 million to Apple Watch, and at a recent presentation, the head of the company, Tim Cook, said that Apple had become the largest watch manufacturer in the world, overtaking Rolex.

The design of Apple Watch version 3 remained almost unchanged, the main changes were made to the filling. The new processor has become 70% faster, and Siri has learned to speak. The new wireless module called W2 allows Wi-Fi to work 85% faster, and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to spend 50% less energy. Nevertheless, the new watch will work up to 18 hours from a single charge, which, of course, is still not amazing.

The main feature of the Apple Watch Series 3 has become an integrated LTE module that allows you to use your smart watch as a standalone device without synchronization with your smartphone. But in Russia it will not be possible to evaluate this innovation for a number of reasons, therefore, watches without LTE will be sold on the Russian market. To connect to the mobile network in the Apple Watch Series 3 uses a special chip eSIM, replacing the usual SIM-card. In Russia, eSIM is not used, the technology is equated to “SIM cloning”, which is prohibited by law.

In Russia, the cost of the Apple Watch Series 3 with a screen of 42 mm starts at 27,000‚, but buying a gadget from the American Apple store and delivering it to Russia will save you 7,000.


Interesting smart watches with unusual technological solutions often appear on crowdfunding platforms (why not to recall the popular Pebble watches). Let's tell about some new items:



The Swiss company Sequent has radically approached the problem of the autonomy of a smart watch by developing a gadget that does not need to be charged. The Sequent smartwatch uses a patented kinetic self-charging system for batteries, thanks to which kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy.


To work hours just hang on the user's hand. The resulting electricity is enough for the basic functions of a smart watch: Sequent are able to measure the pulse, use GPS, display the number of steps completed. Sequent has no display. The time is indicated by mechanical hands, and the new notifications are reported by the clock using a small LED indicator. You need to read and respond to notifications through a mobile application for iOS and Android.

You can pre-order Sequent for $ 219. The retail price after the end of the campaign will be about $ 500.



Another alternative approach to the problem of energy saving was demonstrated by the LunaR startup. A solar panel is built into the watch dial, which can be charged both outdoors and indoors. It is stated that it is enough for the clock to be in the light just 1 hour a day to forget about charging in principle. However, the charging cable comes bundled with the watch (apparently in case you live and work in complete darkness). In all other respects, LunaR are standard hybrid smart watches with mechanical hands.
Watches can be pre-ordered for $ 138.

Ze time
The Swiss watch Ze Time is a very curious model. They are positioned as the first hybrid smart watch, with traditional hands and a round touch screen.
The chronometer in this watch is mechanical hands, and below them is a color touch screen, which is responsible for the usual functions of a smart watch, can calculate the pulse, pitch, distance, etc. The device is compatible with smartphones, ranging from Android 4.3 or iOS 8. It is promised that the battery life of the clock will be 30 days.

The combination of mechanics and touchscreen looks at least interesting and unexpected:

You can pre-order Ze Time for $ 149.

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