MGB smart scales: what's new?

For the month that has passed since we brought the new scales, we made a number of cosmetic and aesthetic changes, and also tested the device additionally for compliance with the output indicators with reference analyzes.

Scales have the right to life.

Localized application

Scales have become more convenient and clearer. In spite of the fact that some letters / numbers come out of the framework set by him, the first step to the best has been made - everything is in Russian.

All parts of the application are translated, not just the main menu: internal comments on the statistics are also localized:

And the side menus, where the configuration of your device and your profile takes place:

New box

Updated MGB box. Now it is also a great gift: the information on the box is also presented in Russian.


New data and tests

The physical and mathematical method of diagnosis embedded in the scales is called bio-impedance, and for some (long) time there are discussions about its applicability for the diagnosis of body composition.

To date, experts agree that this method can be an alternative to the reference DEXA (densitometry) research on a number of indicators, primarily related to the level of body fat.

Bioimpedancemetry at its peak can “spread out” the body into a colossal number of indicators - over 50, which, of course, is some slyness. The advantages of bioimpedancemetry are obvious:

However, science is still periodically skeptical glances in this direction, however, as in the study of body composition in general. Yes, such an analysis is not popular. The same DEXA is mainly administered selectively, for the analysis of bone mass in a specific area.

Basically, the diagnosis of fat mass is relevant in sports medicine, less often such an analysis may be prescribed by an endocrinologist and a cardiologist.

Two dexa

There are already two comparisons on our account, and both justify the scales and are capable of indicating their accuracy according to the stated parameters. We have already introduced the readers of this blog to the first table, but this did not seem enough.

Fat mass in%21.419.7
Fat mass in kg13.611.9
Lean mass49,651.4
Metabolism1348 Kcal / day1427 Kcal / day
Mineral composition2.5 kg2,773 kg

For the second test, we chose a participant who would radically differ in characteristics: skin type, age, height, weight, which can affect the counting algorithms, and launched a similar procedure. We also attach the PDF with the results .

Fat mass in%3738.6
Fat mass in kg38.737,8
Fat Free in kg66 kg64 kg
Metabolism1829 Kcal / day1673 Kcal / day
Mineral composition3.2 kg3.5 kg

Both sources stated obesity.

Of course, a great advantage of DEXA is not just accuracy, but the detailing of information on parts of the body, but with such close results that fit into the allowable error, the bioimpedance method can be used to track trends and body changes in general.

Is there any other way to find out the level of body fat?

Yes, but all other methods will be less accurate or comparable, but more complex. There are a dozen ways known and, in order of accuracy, they can be written this way:

Why do it at all?

Analysis of body composition is not the most popular diagnostic method, which is not able to influence treatment in isolation, but at the same time, the danger of certain changes in the body due to excess fat mass is obvious.

In other words - this diagnosis is a way of self-control in the first place, in order to avoid possible problems in the future. The analysis is also used by athletes to improve results, those who want to lose or gain weight.

Analysis of bone mass is also of critical importance, and the decline in this indicator should be alarming, since osteoporosis currently occupies one of the leading lines in terms of prevalence along with diabetes, oncology, and cardiovascular diseases. In other words, there are far from useless metrics to follow!

Why scales?

Scales - it is convenient and affordable, and somehow this gadget is in any home. The type of weighing analyzers has been known for several years, and this niche - smart plug-in weights - has been framed for a long time. They are related to the “Foot to Foot” type of bioimpedance meters and can give an error within 3–6% of classical methods.

Any biomedanesometer does not have any particular detail, therefore such devices are positioned as gadgets for monitoring the dynamics.

Why MGB?

First, it is inexpensive . The model is in the price segment up to 3000 rubles, but comparable in functionality and more expensive, branded models.

One of the advantages of this model is a very compact size and low weight - without a box up to 1 kg, which allows them to be easily transported, if required, and conveniently stored in the house.

The scales work via Bluetooth and support multiplayer and guest modes.

Also, these scales have a history of testing, moreover, both in comparison with the clinical domestic bioimpedance meter, and with the reference type of body composition analysis.

They are arranged simply and clearly:

There is always a coupon!

For those who want to buy MGB scales , there is an opportunity to use a coupon for a discount of 500 rubles - EIDJFK , which will significantly reduce the cost. Coupon is valid when you pay on the site until the end of the week!

How to improve measurement accuracy

Before bioimpedance analysis it is not recommended to drink liquid for 2 hours, and also not to drink alcohol for a day.

On the scales you need to stand barefoot evenly on the four electrodes, which are located on the edges of the case from the outside.

Do not get up from the balance until the weighing is complete. It is also worth considering that this type of analysis is contraindicated for people with a pacemaker and pregnant women.


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