Keep your savings ... in the bunker

Not all data warehouses are equally reliable and robust. Floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, military attacks, nuclear explosions — how providers of underground server vaults, created with the highest level of protection against any threats, know how to preserve critical data and infrastructures.

Underground objects surrounded by rock attract a high level of reliability, they are strong enough and can withstand a nuclear attack. Most often, such data centers have only one entrance. Underground, the desired temperature is naturally regulated, the cost of cooling is minimal, which allows us to provide corporate clients with offers at competitive prices. Yes, and the construction of such server farms is often cheaper: the already completed facility is rebuilt, equipped with the necessary infrastructure to ensure operation, and not built from scratch.

Here are some of the safest underground data centers in the world:

The Bunker - United States

Located in Montgomery, Texas, Bunker was originally a nuclear bomb shelter and occupied an area of ​​3,716 square meters. The history of its creation is interesting. In 1982, Louis Kung, the nephew of Madame Chiang Kai-shek (wife of the Generalisimus and President of the Republic of China Chiang Kai-shek), built a secret complex, allegedly the headquarters of his company Westland Oil. All construction took place under the heading "secret", and the territory was guarded by armed people, the locals did not even realize that a bomb shelter of almost 4 thousand square meters was located next to the newly-built administrative building; it was intended for the family of Louis Kung, his staff and their families in case of a nuclear attack. The entrance to the bunker was strictly guarded; for this, firing posts and machine gun installations were installed along the perimeter.

The bunker was designed for 350 adults who could live in it for about three months, was a completely autonomous system with its own diesel generators, air filtration systems from chemical, biological and radioactive substances, two water wells, disinfecting showers, prison cells, real operating room for surgical manipulations. The entrance to the bunker was disguised as a pagoda (Buddhist, Hindu or Taoist building of a cult nature). According to the memoirs, Kung was known as a real paranoid, with 4 armed guards always standing next to him. In 1988 he lost all his property and went bankrupt, in 1996 he died in Houston.

In early 2000, West Hill Park Joint Ventures opened a 550 Club restaurant and bar inside the facility. But in 2005, the company was subjected to the same fate - went bankrupt. In 2007, Westland Bunker bought property for $ 11 million, and a year later a data center and an office town were opened. The object became popular after Galveston was hit by hurricane Aik in mid-September 2008.

Today it is a modern campus with a 4-story building and an underground data center for disaster recovery. The territory has a tunnel that connects the objects Bunker - Data Center One and Data Center Two. Data Center Two was built in 2014, which in turn increased the occupied area to 13,285 square meters. The office building is made of the same massive reinforced concrete structures as the bunker, with five-layer bullet-proof glass, has its own generators, wells. For the last 8 years, the company has been doing everything possible to increase the already high level of security for the provision of services, ensuring the continuity of processes to its customers - starting with fiber optic networks, generators, cooling systems. Bunker, one of the leading technology centers in the country, has demonstrated trouble-free operation during Hurricane Ike. This has helped attract many Fortune 500 companies and government agencies that demand exceptional results and quality service.

Bahnhof Pionen - Sweden

Although it is written about quite a few in the open spaces of the network, it is impossible not to mention it in this list of the most reliable server farms. Bahnhof Pionen is located at a depth of 30 meters inside a nuclear bunker during the Cold War. It is protected by a video surveillance system and a steel door 40 cm thick, and is considered one of the safest data processing centers in the world.

The object is equipped with power systems from diesel generators, which were designed for use on German submarines. The data center is a true work of art: underground waterfalls, greenhouses, an aquarium with sea water of 2,600 liters. In the bunker is the server storage Bahnhof, the structure will survive during the attack of the hydrogen bomb. Bahnhof is one of the largest Internet providers in Sweden.

Swiss Fort Knox - Switzerland

Secure Infostore AG, a Swiss IT security solutions provider, owns two upgraded Cold War bunkers, known as Swiss Fort Knox. Located near Lausanne and hidden under the Swiss Alps, the data centers for cooling use the glacial waters of an underground lake. Territory security is at an exceptionally high level: video surveillance with face recognition mode, bulletproof surfaces in case of military or terrorist threats.

All facilities have autonomous systems, including even their own climate system. The design is resistant to any military and civilian threats. Getting to the territory of the data center is not so easy, rather, it’s not easy at all, access is limited. Security 24/7, some objects are available only to some SIAG employees. Each operation is based on the principle of "4 eyes": all documents are approved and signed by two top managers who are not in mutual subordination. No decision is made alone.

The military bunker was built in 1946 by the Swiss army, in 1993 it was re-equipped into a data storage center. It is connected by fiber to another bunker, which is 10 km away, Swiss Fort Knox II.

Swiss Fort Knox I and II offer ideal protection against any known threats: theft, environmental damage, terrorist acts. Clients are provided with a zero-risk underground infrastructure with the highest protection against nuclear, biological or chemical attacks. In the event of a power supply system, generators guarantee autonomous operation for several weeks.

Data stored in the depths of the Swiss Alps, the entrance door to the bunker, weighing three tons, will be able to withstand a nuclear explosion, safety and reliability even in the event of cataclysms or wars. What can I say - Swiss quality.

The Bunkers - England

Two bunkers - one of which is commanding - were built to protect British citizens in the event of a nuclear attack (in Kent and Newbury). In 1994, these objects were purchased from the Department of Defense of the United Kingdom and the United States Air Force, and re-equipped into two data processing centers.

Both data centers meet ISO27001 and PCI DSS requirements. “The safest data processing center in the UK” in Kent around the perimeter is surrounded by a fence 3.5 meters high, the object is guarded by former military or police officers 24/7/365, it is impossible to enter the territory without permission and escorts.

Iron Mountain - USA

Iron Mountain's flagship data center in Western Pennsylvania was originally a limestone mine, which built a safe bunker in case of a nuclear explosion. The facility is located 65 meters underground, the campus covers an area of ​​809 square meters.

For security of the data, day and night, armed guards are armed, video surveillance systems, you can get inside by passing biometric control. Iron Mountain operates six data centers in the United States, and there are also server farms in Boston, Kansas, New England, Pittsburgh and Virginia. Federal agencies and 94% of Fortune 1000 companies chose Iron Mountain for hosting their infrastructures.

Data Center Kolokol - Ukraine

In early 2010, Kolokol managed to rent an unused anti-radiation shelter of a former electromechanical plant.

Refurbishment of the shelter on the server farm took several months, at the moment the data center has 100 server cabinets, there is a room where you can install up to 10 more racks.

To cool the data center, a high-performance liquid gunter system is used.

InfoBunker - Iowa, USA

InfoBunker is located in the former bunker of the US Air Force, here secretly located secret military telecommunications equipment. The huge radio tower can be seen a few kilometers away. InfoBunker combines the best commercial technology and military-grade security.

The server farm occupies five floors underground: a couple of floors are reserved for data storage, the rest are office and residential premises for data center employees.

Access to InfoBunker only when accompanied, you will have to go through a huge number of steel doors with combination locks, biometric sensors. The facility is equipped with an autonomous power system, in case of an accident, diesel fuel should last for 6 days, there are 65 thousand liters of water in stock, there are military air filters. The bunker will remain intact even after a nuclear explosion.

InfoBunker uses computer-driven turbines (rather than standard piston engines) because of their high reliability and low maintenance requirements. The turbines have a minimum of moving parts, each unit can operate continuously for up to 35,000 hours (4.5 years of continuous operation). InfoBunker turbines can run on several types of fuel, which is a significant advantage over traditional generators in data centers, especially in emergency situations.

The fuel for the generators is located in its own concrete bunker with a wall thickness of more than half a meter at a distance of 7.5 meters underground near the data processing center. The tank capacity of 38 thousand liters. Fuel is delivered via a completely redundant piping and pump system to tanks A and B, each with a capacity of 1,135 liters. In the event of a failure of both engines and a pressure loss in the system, a manual backup system can be used to fill tanks from the main tank.

Data Shelter - USA

Today, the Data Shelter collocation provider is only in the process of converting an old bomb shelter to a modern reliable data center. The facility is located in Fort Pierce, Florida, and is scheduled to be completed by spring 2018. Uptime of a new data center with a Tier IV certificate will be 99.995%.

The bunker was built in 1964, originally was supposed to serve as a bomb shelter in case of a nuclear war. Object area 1 579 sq. M. meters has two entrances, the doors are made of armored steel, the walls - of reinforced concrete 3 meters thick - are able to withstand the most powerful explosions, hurricanes, tornadoes.

The facility is equipped with an air filtration system in case of a biological, radiological or nuclear accident.

Over the years, data center operators have turned bunkers into functional data processing centers. This is done at least from a few considerations: firstly, the safety of storing critical infrastructures due to worsening political situations, and secondly, this is a great marketing move.

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