Smart watches and fitness trackers: which models are chosen in Russia

Wearable gadgets actively penetrate the life of modern man. Both analytical agencies and retail chains are unanimous about the growing popularity of smart watches and fitness trackers in the world and in Russia. We conducted our own research and found out which devices and whose production is most in demand in our country. Details - under the cut.

At first, buying smart watches and fitness trackers was a lot of geeks. But over time, the devices became more comfortable and functional, their interfaces are friendlier and clearer. And to the fans, who love to master technical innovations, people who value their time began to be actively added.

This has generated a new wave of demand for fitness gadgets. Our own research shows that sales of fitness trackers, for example, have tripled in one year. And it is already possible to identify certain leaders.

Smart bracelets and fitness trackers

The overall picture can be estimated from the table and chart, in which our analysts clearly showed the change in demand for smart bracelets on the Russian market in the first half of 2015, 2016 and 2017:

The picture is very positive. In paper terms, we see an explosive growth in sales of devices in 2017. With the entry of low-priced Chinese models into the market, the average price tag decreased by almost 2 times: from 4700 rubles in 2015 to 2400 rubles in 2017. In the future, the market will continue to increase volumes, but the average price is likely to remain at the current level.

And what about the sales leaders? We looked at the first ten positions in the ranking.

Hitlist of fitness trackers and smart bracelets (in M. Video sales for the 1st half of 2017)

  1. Xiaomi Mi Band 1 Black
  2. Jawbone Up 2 Gunmetal Hex Rope
  3. Samsung Gear Fit 2 Dark Gray
  4. Jawbone Jawbone UP2 Black Diamond
  5. Jawbone UP2 Orchid Circle Rope
  6. Jawbone Up 3 Silver
  7. Jawbone UP2 Black Diamond Rope
  8. Sony SmartBand 2 Black
  9. Samsung Gear Fit 2
  10. Jawbone UP2 Oat Spectrum Rope

The result is expected: the most popular are the gadgets of the Chinese company Xiaomi, which offer users reliable devices with a good price-quality ratio.

The undisputed leader is Xiaomi Mi Band: a multi-functional fitness tracker that is useful not only for athletes. It can work as an alarm clock, measure the pulse and monitor the activity of the owner. This bracelet was bought 9 times more often than Jawbone Up 2, which occupies the second line of the hitlist. If we look globally, according to our data, Xiaomi today occupies more than 60% of the market of fitness trackers sold in Russia.

In the world in the second quarter of 2017, 3.5 million Xiaomi wearable devices were sold, according to IDC .

The history of Samsung trackers is also interesting. The company occupies one of the leading positions in the production and sales of mobile equipment, so it is quite logical that such trackers of this brand primarily attract owners of “like” smartphones. And indeed, in conjunction with the "native" phone, these trackers offer maximum functionality.

However, the cost of Samsung trackers is several times higher than that of the more popular and affordable Xiaomi, which, moreover, are well synchronized with smartphones of different brands. Therefore, although Samsung bracelets and occupy a prominent position, but clearly not up to the list of top sellers. In our top 10 hit two.

Significantly (four times, compared to 2016) passed the position of Jawbone. The reason is simple - the bankruptcy of the company. The bracelets have not yet disappeared from sale, but the stocks are gradually disappearing. Nevertheless, out of ten fitness bracelets most popular in our stores, six are in the name of Jawbone.

The Jawbone tracker chip is a large choice of individual design: various body colors, several variations of exterior trim and lots of other little things that allow you to choose a gadget individually. Typical Jawbone customers are brand lovers or those users who are primarily concerned with individualizing a gadget.

In the top 10 there is one Sony gadget - a Sony SmartBand 2 Black bracelet. This is a rather interesting model with good functionality. But it is significantly more expensive than its competitors and therefore does not sell as well.

In principle, there are models of more affordable Chinese manufacturers on the market in this segment. Among them are Razer, Mio, Harper and several other, less well-known brands.

Smart bracelet Garmin vivosmart HR

Interesting position Garmin. This company focuses on the sports and tourism sector and offers the user a device for active training or with maximum protection from external influences. This “conditional” niche led to stability: there are no explosive sales, as well as sharp drops in demand for these devices. The price of Garmin is about 8-12 thousand rubles.

Smart watch

Similarly, the smart bracelet is changing the demand for smart watches. These devices turn into independent gadgets that can perform many functions without the help of a smartphone. The development of specialized software significantly expands their capabilities. Some manufacturers try to incorporate unexpected functions into their watches, for example, cameras. More often you can find a hands-free headset.

Naturally, all this is interesting to end users - and stimulates demand. For example, for the first half of 2017, 40% more devices were sold on the Russian market than during the same period last year. But, unlike smart bracelets, the leaders here are not Chinese at all.

Smart watches will dominate the global market of wearable devices. Their share will rise to 67% by 2021, according to IDC.

The undisputed sales leader of the first half of 2017 is the Apple Smart Watch. The popularity of the iPhone also affects related devices, so the interest in the Apple Watch is very high. 7 out of 10 models of our top sales list are occupied by Apple models.

A year ago, in 2016, 23 Apple Watch sold every minute in the world.
Business Insider, August 2016

Samsung is in second place. Samsung Gear S3 frontier became a real sales hit in the first half of the year, overtaking one of the popular Apple S2 models by half. Samsung is almost a third cheaper than Apple watches, while they are fully compatible not only with Android, but also with iOS, offering users similar functionality.

It is interesting that in our top list there are watches from LG. The price and functionality of the LG Watch Style are very attractive, but the gadget itself is less popular than its Apple or Samsung counterpart. The company held a campaign in which this watch was “as a gift” when buying a flagship smartphone G6 - and this, of course, attracted additional attention to the model.

Outside the top 10 were Garmin gadgets and several expensive devices for producing lesser-known brands. The main audience of many of them are those geeks who are interested in everything new and who are not afraid to independently deal with the arising difficulties.

Top 10 sales for the first half of 2017 is as follows:

  1. Samsung Gear S3 frontier
  2. Apple Watch S2 Sport 42mm Sp.Grey
  3. Samsung Gear S3 classic
  4. Apple Watch S1 Sport 42mm Sp.Grey
  5. SW Watch Style Titan
  6. Apple Watch S2 Sport 38mm R.Gold
  7. Apple Watch Nike + 42mm Sp.Grey
  8. Apple Watch S1 Sport 38mm Sp.Grey
  9. Apple Watch S2 Sport 42mm Gold
  10. Apple Watch S1 Sport 38mm R.Gold

In general, in the market, sales of smart watches in the first half of 2017 (compared to the first half of 2016) increased by 44% in quantity and by 49% in monetary terms.

According to IDC analysts, in 2017, 121.7 million wearable devices will be sold in the world in 2017. By 2021, annual sales will increase to 229.5 million units. In general, smart bracelets and watches are today one of the most actively developing areas, in which more and more electronics manufacturers from all over the world are participating. By the number of options offered, the Chinese are definitely leading. In this case, the most advanced and interesting models are found in the assortment of not the most famous companies. Leading brands are watching with such manufacturers with interest and the reaction of users who dared to buy such new products. And then actively introduce the most interesting pieces in their new models.


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