On the on-board computer "Gazelle Next" found easter eggs - Tetris

Not only Google is able to hide Easter eggs in their operating systems. So the engineers of the Gorky Automobile Plant (Russia) proved that they, too, were not made with a finger. One of the owners of the low-tonnage car "Gazelle Next" somehow randomly pressed the buttons of the onboard computer and the pedals in the car - and accidentally launched Tetris !

So, in order to launch Tetris on “GAZelle”, you should perform the following sequence of actions:

  1. Ignition ON;
  2. Start the car;
  3. Three times the right turn signal;
  4. Turn on the high beam twice;
  5. Squeeze the grip five times;
  6. Increase engine rpm to 2000.
  7. When the rotational speed meter shows the desired number, hold down the arrow to the left.

UPD 10/17/2017. The author of the Easter egg Kudesnick33 appeared in the comments. He argues that to launch Tetris, it is enough to fulfill points 6 and 7 of the instructions.

The sequence of actions, frankly, non-trivial. It is difficult to imagine what can motivate an ordinary driver to randomly perform all these manipulations. So it seems to be more plausible version that a person found Tetris not by chance, and an insider from GAZ suggested to him. But the fact of it does not become less funny.

Some users thought at first that this was a fake, so they decided to check it out for themselves . It really starts. However, there are some reviews from outraged drivers who did not manage to reproduce Easter eggs.

The right lever on the dashboard moves the figure to the right and left, and the left one moves it down.

There is another problem. One user complains that he cannot exit Tetris mode. He called the dealer - they said it was not a warranty case.

Others advise GAZ programmers not to waste time on creating Easter eggs, but rather to correct the error on an electronic odometer, which is reset every time it reaches 65,535 km.

It remains only to assume which Easter eggs are hiding in other Russian cars (on the forums they are very creative in this regard). The main thing is that drivers do not get into trouble by trying random combinations of pedals, levers and buttons while on the go.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/407465/

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