ICO's most original ideas this fall.

The primary placement of tokens, that is, ICO, can be treated differently. Many consider them to be a pyramid, a bubble, but somehow. And indeed, some companies are acting in bad faith in this regard. On the other hand, there are normal organizations that conduct ICOs to raise funds for real projects.

ICO is now very much, but the original - units. This material is a review of the most original ICO ideas of this fall. Some of them are already underway, others are only starting soon. If you are far from investing in something like this - see what the projects below are all the same worth it. At least out of sheer curiosity.


This ICO is carried out by a real-life company that has been operating for quite a long time and is called CarTaxi. This is a service that allows you to evacuate your car for cryptocurrency. An accident happened, the battery sat down, or the fuel ran out in the middle of the road - CarTaxi helps to solve these problems. Now the system operates in 20 cities, a little later it is planned to expand the network of the project to the USA, Russia and China.

The application combines tow trucks into an online network, and allows you to quickly connect with any of the participants in the system.

As for tokens, they are called CTX.

Share Estate

And here we are talking about real estate. The project team creates a platform for investment in commercial real estate worldwide. It works all on the basis of the infrastructure of Ethereum and “smart contracts”. In general, real estate is one of those areas where digitalization and acceleration of work processes are required, plus ensuring security of transactions for both the seller and the buyer.

The project team has the following objectives:

1) Make the real estate market accessible to all. Previously, high-quality properties were closed for small companies and small investors. The project reduces the threshold of access to the real estate market and allows you to receive a stable and fairly high income, without significant investments.
2) Create a new cryptocurrency, supported by real estate properties around the world, which will be less susceptible to volatility.

The Share Estate team includes real estate specialists, lawyers, and financiers who know what the market needs.


Here the idea is to invest in a specific athlete. But it’s not about the sweepstakes, but about supporting young players who are just starting their careers. If an athlete begins to make a successful career and enters into lucrative contracts, he shares his earnings with those who have invested in it. It is clear that all this is spelled out legally; a formal contract is concluded that cannot be simply broken.

The TokenStars team includes analysts that are sufficiently experienced to implement this project, promoters and specialists from other fields of activity.

In principle, the project itself looks a bit difficult to implement, but the idea is interesting. And yes, it is not about all sports, but only about tennis. Perhaps in the future, if the project shows itself well, other disciplines will be connected. The company already has the first contract - it was signed with Veronika Kudermetova, who will soon become a member of the US Open.


This is our “catalog of catalogs”, that is, a platform that plans to centralize the holding of many ICOs. The project is being implemented by the forces of the Japanese company “Tech Bureau”, which appeared in 2014, so this is not a one-day, which appeared to raise money in order to then quickly disappear.

As far as can be judged, COMSA is a serious project in which large Japanese funds have invested, including Nippon Technology Venture Partners, Infoteria Corp, FISCO, CAICA. The company is going to organize a consulting platform for consulting those companies who are going to conduct ICO on the technical basis of COMSA.

Of course, we plan to release our own tokens, which will be called CMS. In general, the platform will be something between Kickstarter and a consulting company.


Here, the idea is already in the organization of a unified platform that will help centrally procure items (gear, yes) in various online games. The company does not exist the first day, it has a lot of customers, so it’s not like a fake either. Attendance at the resource is 60 million visitors per month - they are unlikely to hide from the money received during the ICO.

In addition to game currencies and goods, the system offers to create your own websites that are devoted to various games, launch and configure servers, develop mobile applications. Roughly speaking, members of the system can organize their own gaming community. Now, on the basis of this platform, there are 250,000 websites, the total attendance of which is 18.8 million unique visitors.

Plus, the project has a good strategy, which can lead to a rapid growth in the rate of issued tokens.


Another original idea that aims to create a community of authors of books, fans of their work, as well as publishers and agencies. The platform invites authors to publish their books, and agencies, if they wish, can promote work. Of course, not for free, but for a certain percentage of the commission.

If there is a translator who wants to translate the book into another language in order to expand the sales market, then he can earn.

In principle, now more and more authors are in favor of working freely, regardless of the publisher, using the modern version of Samizdat, that is, the Internet. And such a platform would be beneficial to all.

In general, there are more than enough original ideas; it is simply impossible to place everything within one material. If this selection is like, then others will follow.

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