Maps of planets and satellites of the solar system appeared in Google Maps

The developers of the Google Maps map service have added the ability to explore the planets of the Solar System and their satellites using their maps. In preparing the maps, thousands of photographs that were taken by the Cassini interplanetary probe for 20 years of its work were used. Probably "thousands" is not even the word. The device made about half a million photographs of various objects in the solar system. Basically this is Saturn and its satellites.

Now all these places that were previously "seen" only by the camera lens of the device can be found here via this link . In particular, service users can look closely at Enceladus, where, as Cassini has found out, there is an ice-cold ocean.

In addition, you can evaluate and Titan with its methane lakes.

The developers in their post express their gratitude to Björn Jónsson, an astronomer illustrator who “glued” the maps of Europe, Ganymede, Rhea and Mimas using images from NASA and ESA. In addition to these objects, there is also Pluto with Venus, as well as several other moons. Only 12 new worlds that you can explore.


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