The long-awaited news: CEO of the Polybius group of companies will start work in January 2018

The New Year's gift for PLBT token holders and all those interested in the fate of the Polybius project will be assumed the position of CEO of the Polybius group of companies, who will take up their duties on January 1, 2018.

An agreement with the future head of the Polybius group was reached in October. They will be the current vice-president of the Swiss division of the bank Credit Suisse. Unfortunately, public announcements of participation in other financial businesses are prohibited by the terms of his current working contract. Therefore, the official announcement of the name of the future CEO will be possible only after the expiration of the current contract with Credit Suisse in December 2017. Currently, he is engaged in the transfer of cases at the current place of work. He will begin work at the head of the Polybius group from January 1, 2018.

In addition to banking, the Polybius group will also include the DigiPass project and the Polybius venture fund. After taking office, the key priorities of the Polybius Group CEO will be to determine the country of jurisdiction of the future bank, to form a strategy for the development of Polybius projects and to recruit key team members.

A member of the board of the Polybius Foundation, who organized and conducted the ICO Polybius in the early summer of 2017, Ivan Turygin spoke about how this choice was made:

- The Polybius project is a unique phenomenon, a financial institution of a new type, so it must be launched by the strongest team you can assemble. And we are proud of the kind of people we manage to attract to it. The new head of the Polybius Group is a world-class financier with a decade of experience as an investment banker, having closed more than $ 3 billion in transactions over his career. And this is just the beginning.

Currently, the Polybius Foundation is actively preparing for the launch of the project’s operational activities, including the preparation of a financial audit of the Polybius Foundation OÜ, the organizer of the ICO Polybius, which ended in July. The project team will be present at the conferences Disrupt Berlin 2017 and Fintech World Forum 2017 .


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