Unexpected meeting. Chapter 14

Zarkon worked with current reports. A week has passed since the fleet launched an operation inside the SPM and the central government managed to restore the formal subordination of corporations to the law. Zarkonu was available in full information not only of the Order, but also of the Church. And the picture of events he did not like. The mass media discussed the attack, its execution and customers. One version was built more fantastic than the other. But pure factual information hinted that everywhere too everything is agreed. This was clearly a thoughtful, cunning, very clever and detailed large-scale plan to destabilize the CMS systems.

In such a diversion, one could suspect large peripheral worlds, but a third of these worlds for the last two years have been engaged in sluggish unofficial fighting clashes with each other. No prior and alarming information has been received from these worlds. Even now, Periphery has not declared the readiness of its space fleets, as has often happened. And it all seemed strange. On the other hand, the worlds are bogged down in disassembling with each other and the forces and means for the potential use of the current situation in their favor were simply not corny.

Comment from the author and abstract
Comment on the author.
An unexpected meeting is my experimental literary project. The project is based on my thoughts on the model of controlled development of civilization, ideas about future technological advances, as well as some thoughts on scientific and technical progress, its role and implications for the development of human civilization. The idea of ​​the book originated in 2013-2014, but only at the end of 2015 I had free time and I was able to start working on it. Initially, a series of separate stories was planned, but in the process of creating a single universe for stories, I preferred to try to write a whole science fiction work.

Two former graduates of the Academy of the Space Fleet, who have not seen each other for a long time, unexpectedly meet on a cargo ship. Both are working on the task of providing support ship cargo. However, after the almost completed regular inspection of the ship and the cargo on it, events occur that prevent further divergence of their life paths. In an atmosphere of mutual distrust, heroes have to figure out what is happening and look for solutions to emerging problems. After the overall situation on the ship becomes clear, there is another unexpected encounter that not only has a strong influence on the future of both heroes, but also triggers larger-scale events in the worlds inhabited by people.

For those who read for the first time or read a long time ago: decoding used abbreviations
VKF - Military Space Fleet
ZKP - Spare Command Point
AI - Artificial Intelligence
KIRP - Kinetic Induction Rotary Gun
NBS - NeuroBiosystem (corporation in SPM)
Security Center of CMS - Security Service of CMS
SCM - Union of Central Worlds
FIPI - Physio-Intellectual-Psychological Index (person)
CCTS - Central Command Telemetry System
TSUK - Ship Control Center
EMIG - Electromagnetic Pulsed Grenade

It seems that everything is logically everywhere, but this is what made Zarcon wary. He intuitively felt that something was slipping from his gaze.

“We need to close the issue with Trilem,” Zarcon thought. - While there is time.


Krim, a freelance teacher at a branch of the VCF Academy, with undisguised interest considered the next future pilot who appeared before him. How did he get into this "golden" group? The group almost entirely consisted of children of wealthy people. Too secured. The overwhelming part of the group did not show any special thirst for knowledge in the specialty, and young people preferred to spend time at their pleasure, before the control tests driving the minimally necessary information under the influence of neuro-accelerators, which accelerated neural network processes, increasing brain activity in general. In this mode, the student simply read or watched the training material, instantly assimilating and memorizing it. With a properly constructed supply of material and the continuity of its absorption, it was assimilated just as well as with ordinary classical training. However, after such preparations a long rest or restoration in a medical capsule was required. Most of the trainees didn’t have any constraints in their means, so there was nothing surprising in this learning style. Two or three weeks of active training, passing test cases and their lives returned to their normal course. Everything seemed simple and fun enough. The problem was that the level of knowledge gained was precisely minimal, and besides, after a kind of “loading”, it was not yet “twisted” constantly in the process of subsequent training. All of this did not have a positive effect on the quality of education, and Krym already knew this in advance, starting from a certain stage, people will simply overwhelm tests that require practical experience in working with information obtained from various educational units. At best, twenty percent of the group will reach certification tests, and no one will be able to pass them, because no one in the commission will ever release a drop in space. Only a few people from the group systematically and meticulously understood the specialty, really wanting to become full-fledged near-planet pilots and to discover for themselves the possibility of further professional growth. One of them was now in front of him.

It is not clear from what considerations Krima was put on this group. It is possible that someone wanted to spoil life in this way - intraelite clashes often resulted in subtle disgraces. At first, Krim wanted to abandon the group, but, after getting acquainted with the extended student questionnaires, he became very interested in a pair of students. Unlike other teachers, Krim had to pass a mandatory face-to-face conversation in addition to tests, in order to pass certain stages of training. And not everyone was able to do it the first time, since the questions of Krim, though rarely went beyond the limits of the material studied, they required the ability to operate with the information obtained in the learning process. If the student did not know how to do it, then he went to “learn” the material. Today, the first acquaintance with the method of teaching Krim took place and the whole group arrived in quiet shock.

- Reed, judging by your answer, it turns out that the time of arrival at the destination is fifteen hours. I understand correctly?

- Yes that's right.

- Recently, those wishing to dump on a single asteroid. Participated?

- Of course!

The teacher smiled - who is missing events organized by the institution?

“Then you should know that the last part of the journey, equal to just one billion kilometers, you did in ... remind me of time.”

“It is about thirteen o'clock,” the young man’s voice sank a little as soon as he understood the teacher’s trick.

- It's good that you have a good memory. That is, it turns out that you claim that there is no difference between the VKF frigate and some kind of far from the most high-speed liner? According to your calculations, would a civilian ship have a frigate?

Examined this time did not hurry with the answer. His eyes ran a couple of times diagonally across the room, he sighed and admitted an obvious fact.

- It turns out that way.

- And you do not want to explain how this happens?

Reed sighed again and began to set forth his thoughts.

- Under the terms of the task, the frigate had to leave the orbit of the single planet Ruus and arrive at the orbit of the single planet Octa, which is one billion kilometers away. External gravitational effects neglected, assume that the ship leaves the hyper at a distance of one million kilometers from the destination. Since it is forbidden to go a leap closer than one million kilometers from inhabited objects, the ship will need to move this distance from Ruus. When accelerating with a single standard acceleration for four hours, the ship will travel one million kilometers and be able to go into hyper. A jump of one billion kilometers takes about seven hours. Under the terms of the task, the jump is accurate and the ship will leave the hyper at exactly one million kilometers from Octa. The exit speed from the hyper will be equal to the entry speed and will be about one hundred and forty kilometers per second. To pay off this speed, it will take four hours when braking with unit standard acceleration. The result is a rough estimate of fifteen hours.

“Good, Reed!” I look with the multiplication and addition, you have everything in order, unlike the previous examinee. The values ​​are not entirely accurate, but I do not require accuracy yet. Come on in the same way.

Reed, however, showed no particular joy, as he simply did not know where to start.

- Oh well. Take the initial. Your liner did not jump from orbit and its speed was zero.

“Well ...” Reed began uncertainly, “since there was no orbit, you do not need to go a million kilometers to go to the hyper.”

- Ta-aa-ak, - the teacher drawled.

- So you can jump right away. Ummm ... The minimum conditions for a jump are the preparation of equipment and the acceleration of the ship to a speed of three and a half kilometers per second. When jumping, vertical gravity was not turned off. So, most likely, the liner was moving with an acceleration of 0.1sa. With this acceleration, the minimum speed is gained in about an hour.

Reed looked questioningly at Creme.

- Come on, come on, as long as everything is correct. I wonder what the result will be.

- The hyper liner also stayed for seven hours. Surely the liner came out exactly, that is, one million kilometers before the asteroid. The exit speed is equal to the entry speed and for complete braking the liner will also need one hour when braking from 0.1sa.

Reed looked at the teacher again.

- And-and-and?

Reed was thinking, remembering something. Krim patiently waited for the results of his thinking.

- Oh, no. I am wrong. After the release, we occupied the "sofas".

"Sofas" called soft niches located in the cabins of ships. With significant acceleration and deceleration on ships, the usual vertical gravity was turned off. Thanks to the constant acceleration of the ship, the floor turned into a wall, and the wall nearest to the ship’s engines turned into a floor. A person who is in a niche just lay on one of its walls, waiting for the stage of acceleration or deceleration to end. Sometimes these stages lasted for hours and were specially chosen at night, so that people could sleep in these niches. Civilian ships usually did not develop an acceleration of more than one standard unit, so the person did not experience significant discomfort in such conditions. Soft niches were usually located in the corner of the cabin, so with any gravity it was free to climb out of what was now the floor. For people flying for the first time, the focus on changing the floor on the wall made an indelible impression: people got out of the niches, walked and for some reason always jumped on the wall.

- When braking at 0.1sa for one hour, the liner would have covered about six and a half thousand kilometers. And you need to pass a million. So the ship has accelerated to the standard unit, has gone half the way, smoothly turned around and began to slow down. If we neglect the initial speed of exit from the hyper and consider it approximately, then to overcome half a million kilometers it will take somewhere ... two and a half hours. Total it turns out all the way took about thirteen hours.

- To be precise, then thirteen and a half hours. Not bad, Reed. Not bad. So all the same, why did the liner cover the distance faster?

“Because the frigate was moving from orbit to orbit, and the starting point of the liner was empty.

- In general, it is true. And the mass of ships? A warship is heavier than a liner?

“Well ...” the student thought about how to answer this question, “I think the thrust of the cruise engines of the warships is more of the thrust of civilians.”

- Good. Last question. If the planet of Octa is not single, but to be in a stellar system, how will the flight time to it change - will it decrease, increase or remain unchanged?

Reed thought.

- Increase.

- Why?

- Because the way out of the jump must be calculated on the assumption that it does not come out of the hyper in the sphere containing the objects of the star system. So you have to first calculate and make a long-range jump with an exit point not falling into this sphere, and then an exact close one. It will take extra time. Offhand - this is an extra five hours.

The teacher pretty looked at the boy. It seems he was not mistaken in choosing a group.


Krym left the building and stumbled upon a person waiting for him.

- Ltd! What people have visited our worldly light! - Krim was clearly glad to see you.

The men greeted each other.

- What is due to the Holy Council visiting such a high person?

- What does the Cathedral have to do with it? Where does this information come from? Let's stop clowning in public. Here you can sit comfortably somewhere? In a safe place?

- What is the high syllable, I am amazed your Holiness! Without fail we will find you a cozy place. Be kind to follow me.

A couple of people, exchanging words cheerfully, crossed the green square, went beyond the limits of the academic complex and drowned in the city. Having passed a couple of blocks, they turned into a cafe on the sign of which the glowing trail of the rocket emphasized the name "Pyritus Uma Nun".

- You are not tired of working at the Academy?

- Job? Yes, this is entertainment, for which they also pay money! Here, take the current group - only four people passed the interview before the practical tests. And this is just our first meeting. I'm afraid to imagine how many people will reach at least a tenth of the course. It seems that these are not erudite children of planetary cones, but beginner science-fiction writers - they clearly have a great talent in substantiating their answers.

Zarkon smiled. Krim was a rare officer in the Navy who, occupying a high position, was engaged in training not only his crew. Combat officers found it difficult to combine service with academic work, but Krim somehow did it. The command would have long wanted to see him at the head of one of the squadrons, but, for reasons that were incomprehensible to many, he remained for many years the commander of a tactical battle group consisting of several heavy ships. It is said that the interests of the SC of the SCM, the commander of the All-Union Parliamentary Federation and the Krim itself, which had some economic interests in the neighboring peripheral worlds, were closely intertwined here. Krim had his own mercenary interest in the Academy of the VKF, so no one was surprised that the most promising personnel from his groups at the end of training turned out to be on his own ships. His group was the leader in efficiency in the fifth fleet.

- Some still manage to get an internship in your group. And often they remain there on the contract. You even manage to lure civilians!

- Eh, Zark, Zark - what to do? People today somehow does not break much into the Navy. Have to spin. Do you think my specialists only work on naval contracts? To take you here is somehow doubtful that you ... and the Church ... found in each other a lot in common. But now I’m sitting with a man whose capabilities are probably many times greater than mine. But they have a lot of me. Everyone has their own interests everywhere.

The men sat for half an hour, remembering the past and exchanging opinions on various current events. Finally, the pauses became longer, and the interlocutors began to take a philosophical look at the street longer - the usual friendly chatter began to come to an end.

- You know, Zark, what do I like about you?

- Come on, open this secret to me.

- Many solve issues in the virtual. Including quite such ... mmm ... interesting questions. Who would personally discuss. Just contact me and we, comfortably settled in the virtual, just here we are talking as it is with you now. It is understandable - in-person meetings are quite expensive and long. And I’ve seen you personally for the third time lately. In life I do not believe that the representative of the Holy Council has so much time that there is nowhere to go. Especially in the situation that has now developed in the SPM. Personal communication is ... a kind of value.

- Well, last time I was passing by you. Why not take a look at an old friend?

- And now?

“Now there is a deal,” Zarcon confessed.

The cream looked questioningly, silently sipping a drink from a glass. Zarkon looked around and offered to move to a closed room in a cafe. In a small room, he locked the door, removed and launched the deployment of a mobile anti-eavesdropping complex.

“I need a visit to the quarantine planet.” The one that is completely out of place and you secretly supervise it.

- Wow, what awareness! - Crim raised his eyebrows in surprise. - And for whose interests are you baking?

“Polulylichnykh,” Zarkon could, but did not completely hide behind the interests of the Church. With this man he allowed honesty. In certain, but quite wide, limits.

- If you know about its existence, you could visit without any permission?

- I need a confidential visit.

- Cover? Convoy what? Let's lay out how to eat, I do not understand.

- In the sector must pass a few ships and, after a while, come back. Officially - in order to control the quarantine. In the system, the passive detectors are probably hung, the visiting illumination will be - there will be no getting away from disturbances when leaving the hyper. Therefore, a personal solitary visit is undesirable. But here ... the trick is that there really should be a few more ships leaving there and their surplus to stay there for a short time.

- And what kind of ships?

- What do you think? I still have no personal fleet, - Zarkon spread his hands.

Crim turned the empty glass over.

- Hmm. Well, you have requests. Frankly speaking specific even for me. Battle ships?

- Yes.

- Why should they be there, I think, you should not ask?

- On the contrary. Ships to protect the system.

- Protection? From whom? Practically nobody knows about this system. System in deep space. She was found by chance.

“And yet, for several centuries now, the SPM has somehow not been in a hurry to remove quarantine. Why do you think?

- If this is somewhere officially, which I strongly doubt, then for the purposes of anthropological research. And in fact, for sure, a certain selected group of people holds it for themselves. Backup system with exoplanet. With pre-cosmic, but civilization. Do not be surprised that I - one of several people in the Navy, who knows about it. And that, just because I have a great relationship with Aros. Even the crews did not know what we were doing there.

- Exactly. The Church, or rather its individual personalities, has the same vision. Ships are needed to ensure protection. Just in case. While the situation in the CMS does not settle down. Then they will need to be returned back.

- What is your interest?

- I need a visit to the planet. For a personal assessment of the level of civilization. And this information will not go to the Church. I can share a basic squeeze with you if you want.

The men fell silent. The pause dragged on. Finally, the Creme came to some decision.

- I assume that the second supervising ship group does not exist. I have no access to the system monitoring complex. I even have no information on it. Most likely, he is and he is passive. Surely, control is done exclusively by SBShniki. And the higher ranks. Do not be surprised that personally. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out an entire operation on the cover. One group passes by an official secret way, the second - one by one and with a hook through deep space. The first group, reaching the place, begins to jump there randomly. After some time, several imitator ships with hyperdrives are launched, and they jump to a maximum, and a little later, ships from the second group appear instead. Thus, input of your ships is provided. Then they will have to maneuver without hyperdrives, so the coordinates of their appearance should be carefully considered in advance. I understand this is just a star system with an exoplanet?

- You understand correctly.

- The operation on the covert withdrawal of ships is approximately the same, with the difference that the imitators will have to be dragged along like real ships, and then simply sent to the star, where they will successfully burn. - Krim smiled. - Net working out.

- The question remains about the price.

- It is not so difficult to organize a check. I know where and for what you need to pull to get such an order, without causing any suspicion. Simulators can be dragged in a disassembled state as ship dodgers.Hyper motors for them can take the waste, which would be enough for only one maximum jump. On-site, you will need to assemble simulators, attach and configure hyperdrives. Very good engineering personnel will be needed.

- Krim, no one expected it would be cheap. The right and reliable person. Plus secrecy. Plus my personal request. In addition, you need to get out as quickly as possible, for this I am ready to lubricate the mechanisms of your department.

Crim looked at Zarcon.

- To be honest, I would not have taken on this adventure, if you had not addressed me. If the command finds out about this initiative, then I’m a skiff. Even somewhere to hide will be meaningless - they will find all the same. Why do I need all this?

- Only two people will know the real state of affairs. Me and you. The cathedral does not know exactly how and what exactly I am doing. The commanders of the conducted ships will not be able to tell a lot - they jumped and hid. Active scanners will be disabled. With a lot of passive can not collect. The route of your group is closed at the level of the Security Council and the ICF. All engineering tasks are solved at the level of your group without the involvement of a third party. The launch of simulators can be explained by teachings in deep space, it is not necessary for most to know about hyperdrives - well, here you yourself will think of what and how. For my part, I provide information security completely. And I understand that you will do the same with yours. I trust you, and you trust me. In due time everyone pulled out another from a hopeless situation hopelessly risking his own life. It is ... hard to forget.I proceed from the assumption that our human qualities have not changed since then. That is why we are sitting here. I understand your risk. But it will be fully paid off by the loyalty of the Church, and for you it can be very useful. In addition, you yourself understand that, in which case, your chances to legally get into this system only increase. In assessing the cost, you can feel free to - I am ready to give you the opportunity to earn some extra money without demanding anything in return.In assessing the cost, you can feel free to - I am ready to give you the opportunity to earn some extra money without demanding anything in return.In assessing the cost, you can feel free to - I am ready to give you the opportunity to earn some extra money without demanding anything in return.

— … ? – .


Unexpected meeting. 14.
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