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“The more monstrous the lie, the more willing the crowd to believe in it!”
P.J. Goebbels

Like most of my posts - it has a reason. More recently, one of my random companions decided to impress me with knowledge of the history of music and told a lot of “interesting” about the standard of setting the “la” note of the first octave. By the way, at the first impression a man was not stupid (until he began to talk about the frequency of 432 Hz) and, according to him, he was a graduate of the St. Petersburg State Conservatory. Rimsky-Korsakov. The interlocutor's story abounded with a mass of pseudo-historical “digressions” and an appeal to the research of the Fibonacci mathematician and Giuseppe Verdi’s legacy.

It’s pointless to argue with believers, so I decided to learn more about the frequency myth from Google and ran into a monstrous picture. It turned out that the Runet is replete with antiscientific and esoteric arguments about the reference frequencies for the musical system. The amount of yellow conspiracy content is amazing. Reasonable and adequate publications on this topic are relatively few, and their attendance is much lower than that of outright nonsense.

The level of argumentation of most occult obscurantist sources can hardly impress even a little bit of a literate schoolboy. Despite this, I decided to add another spoonful of truthful tar into the sea of ​​sugary sweet and poisonous for common sense esoteric mead.

In principle, the absurdity of the statements of my interlocutor hardly requires a detailed analysis and proof - the nonsense is obvious. The myth has been thoroughly debunked, but for those who accidentally led and did not lose their sobriety of thought, I will cite a few of the most compelling arguments under the cut. I am more interested in something else, for what reason this kind of nonsense is gaining popularity, to which a separate section of this opus will be devoted.

Goebbels and Rockefeller stole the “right” note “la”

Proponents of the theory of “musical conspiracy” are literally convinced that the current reference standard for setting the “la” note of the first octave (440 Hz) is “wrong”, “harmful” and contributes to “the transformation of people into sick slaves”. At the same time, it is stated that the “la” note of 432 Hz and the musical system created on its basis are perceived better by man, since this frequency “corresponds to biorhythms”, “resonates with water”, “is associated with Fibonacci numbers”, “harmonizes with rhythms the universe, ”“ heals from terrible ailments ”and just uplifting.

Conspiracy theorists also claim that the frequency of 432 Hz for the note “la” has been used since ancient times, in particular, was used for ancient Greece and Egypt. Later, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Giuseppe Verdi allegedly appreciated her. In the name of the latter, this frequency is named today.

The most interesting thing is how they describe the change of this frequency. Here the opinions of conspiracy disagreements. Some argue that “hitting” the “true” frequency began as early as the 19th century and blamed Helmholtz (apparently because he really thought a lot about the standardization of the musical system, and probably created a tuning fork with a “demonic” 440 Hz).

Others sin on the Rockefellers, stating that without changing the musical system, these prominent financiers would not be able to gain total control over humanity and stock markets. Still others traditionally push everything into the National Socialist Workers Party of Germany, arguing that it was Genosse Goebbels who possessed the secret knowledge of the “non-faithfulness” of frequency 440 and its detrimental effect on people.

Pursuing the secret goal of enslaving the peoples, the Nazis introduced into practice a new musical system throughout the Reich, and the use of the frequency 432 Hz for the note “la” 1st octave was forbidden under the pain of painful death in the anechoic gas chamber of the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. In other words, all the worst in the world is connected with the demonic sound of the note “la” at a frequency of 440 Hz and the musical system created on its basis.

A few words about how things really are

I will begin, perhaps, with antique instruments. According to prominent historians such as Sifakis G. Μ. (“The Function and Significance of Music in Tragedy”, London, 2001.) and Skrzhinskaya MV (“Ancient Greek holidays in Hellas and the Northern Black Sea Coast / - SPb. 2010), archaeologists find ancient musical instruments in a small amount and an overwhelming majority in the form of fragments. Tuning forks for tuning antique musical instruments were not used, built by ear, focusing on your own voice.

Next about Verdi and Mozart. Mozart used a tuning fork created by Johan Andreas Stein, a famous Viennese tuner. Measurements showed that Stein's tuning fork is tuned to a frequency of 421.6 Hz. In addition, Haydn, Salieri and Beethoven used Stein’s services. This may indicate that they also used the frequency of 421.6 Hz for the “la” note of the first octave. Handel's tuning fork was recently discovered to tune the piano. Measurements showed that Handel's “la” was slightly higher than that of Mozart, the frequency was 422.5 Hz.

During the 18th century and almost the entire 19th century, there was no reference frequency. For different halls, opera houses and churches (in cases with organs), the frequency range for the la note varied from 400 to 460 Hz. For the first time, the generally accepted standard for the “la” note of the first octave was introduced in Europe in 1859, and the idea of ​​standardization was proposed by the concert stages of France. In accordance with this standard, the “la” note was tuned to 435 Hz.

Verdi is the only composer who mentioned the structure and frequency of 432 Hz in 1900, as he first bequeathed to his descendants to fulfill his requiem with a “L” frequency of 435 Hz in accordance with the French standard of 1859, and later made a mention of what makes sense reduce the frequency by 3 Hz (i.e., to 432-x). The reason was not the spiritual features of the frequency and not its supposedly aesthetic value, but the composer’s desire to preserve the authenticity of the work and its support of a single French standard.

By the way, about the measurements themselves and Hertz, as units. The ability to measure the frequency relatively accurately appeared in 1834, thanks to such instruments as the gear of Savard and the Scheubler tonometer. Cycles per second were chosen as the unit of frequency, which in 1930 was named after the great Hertz.

The first international agreement on the adoption of the first octave frequency 440 Hz as a standard for the note “A” was adopted at a conference at the British Standards Institute in London in 1939. The German delegation and especially Goebbels, with all their desire, could not participate in this conference, due to the start of the Second World War. In Germany, this standard was adopted only in 1955, together with the ISO 16 standard.

I also recommend reading and reading the following materials on this topic:

One and two .

The inexhaustible fountain of human stupidity

Speaking quite frankly, it was difficult for me to believe that such an impressive number of people in Russia is easily bought by stupidity about the “all-good” note “la”. I am sure that the previous section in this post did not reveal America for the overwhelming majority of readers. Another thing is interesting, how quite adequate people familiar with the school course of physics, as well as with the fundamentals of musical theory, are convincing in frank nonsense? Why do many people, often young, tend to believe this and other myths? ..

The mechanism of persuasion is quite simple. The opinion of the authorities is added to the delusional conclusions, as in this case happened with Giuseppe Verdi. Verdi's tiny phrase (taken out of context) about the “la” of such-and-such frequencies, the “great gurus of modernity” turn into proof of their marginal views on the standard. The source is hardly available on the network and it will be quite difficult to verify.

Further, for greater conviction, a story is invented about antique instruments, about which even archaeologists know relatively little (many exist only as products of historical modeling created on the basis of excavated spare parts and images on amphoras). And right there, the names of ancient thinkers who took the first steps in the theory of music, in this case Pythagoras, are appealed to the “all-good” frequency. The historical basis is already there, it becomes even more likely.

The next step in convincing myth-making is the creation of worldview conflict. The goal of the conflict is to oppose the nonsense being promoted with something terrible and demonic, such as Goebbels or Rockefeller (here, depending on the target audience). This will automatically turn the alternative points of view into enemy propaganda, and, accordingly, into something unworthy of the attention of the true adept of the “frequency of light and good”.

To create the illusion of the scientific nature of the above, the numerical value of the frequency is adjusted by numerological speculation to anything related to human physiology, theoretical physics, mathematics or astronomy (brain currents, heart rate, frequency of the earth, sun, water, Schumann resonance, Fibonacci numbers , Fourier series, etc.). The abundance of numerical values ​​in these sciences gives tuftologists a rich choice. Indirect coincidences, for example, suffice, for example, the frequency of one of the oscillations of the Schumann resonance is about 8 Hz (7.83 Hz), if you multiply 8 by the “correct” number 54, you get 432, and if by the “wrong” 55 - 440 .

Real frequencies are not even indirectly related to the number 432; conspiracy flashes usually even fit the numeric values ​​themselves.

For especially impressionable people with a visual type of perception, “experiments” with sand or flour are recorded, like the one presented below:

In fact, the focus proves only that the material resonates at the desired frequency for the “researcher”. At the same time, it is claimed that the correct geometric forms are the essence of phenomena unexplored by science related to the “divine frequency”.

You can write a book about the reasons why the technology of introducing myth into the mass consciousness works well. I see several reasons that are particularly well suited for Russia. Reducing the level of school and other education, against the backdrop of a massive loss of interest in learning. Practically everything in order to recognize nonsense is in the school curriculum, but students have no motivation to memorize, and teachers have tools for developing motivation.

Commercial promotion of occult and esoteric beliefs through the media, the abundance of content in the network. It is easy to attribute here numerous “reality” shows and even entire television channels in cable broadcasting, which promote pseudoscience and esoteric obscurantism. Money does not smell, and for the sake of ratings, the grains of “secret occult paradigms” are falling on the fertile soil of atavism of the Russian pagan world perception. A similar situation is echoing in runet, where every 10th video blogger will soon become “enlightened,” “all-seeing,” “holy,” who achieved nirvana through the attainment of the sacraments of the “great and all-good” frequency of 432 Hz.

Distrust of science and doubt in scientific authority. The complexity of modern scientific discoveries and developments, the inability to understand them without a sufficient level of knowledge, cause massive distrust of science, reducing the authority of scientists in the eyes of the general public. In search of accessible and understandable ideological landmarks, many people begin to look at reality through pink occult-esoteric prisms.


I suggest that readers themselves draw a statistical line under my reasoning and take part in the survey, which is available below.

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