"Academy of NAG": telecom gathered at the autumn session


Writing about various technical conferences is always somewhat difficult. Especially when you don’t take direct participation in the process itself, but rather as if you are watching from the outside. But be that as it may, it is necessary to write, because the conference, which took place in Yekaterinburg from October 17 to 20, deserves attention.

Already the fourth annual “Academy of NAG” gathered representatives of more than 80 telecom operators from all over the country, and technical specialists from well-known vendors such as NAG, RDP.ru, Juniper Networks, Extreme Networks, VAS Experts, Intel and others broadcast from the stage for them.

“NAG Academy” from year to year tries to raise its level and surprise with any innovation. Last year, as an experiment, participants were offered a kind of “refresher course”. During the first day of the Academy, vendors in the form of practical classes told the participants about the nuances of working with equipment.

Director General of "NAG" Dmitry Samodelko welcomes guests of the Academy

Innovation had to taste, and at the “Academy of NAG-2017” practical exercises stretched for the first two days of the conference. The list of topics was varied and many participants, literally, were torn between audiences in order to have time to grasp as much “tasty” and useful information as possible. The program of the past “Academy” can be found here .

During practical exercises, participants could familiarize themselves with the nuances of network equipment, video surveillance features, as well as in practice see how the work of the APK Load is arranged, collecting and analyzing data from metering devices of a whole residential area in Yekaterinburg.

For the first two days, the atmosphere at the “Academy” was reminiscent of university corridors, where concentrated silence and muted discussions lurked behind the doors of the audience. Signalers solved technical problems that vendors set for them.

“In practical classes, we try to set the participants really challenging tasks, which are difficult to solve even for us, the teachers. But the operator has no unsolvable problems , ”notes Rodion Bender, a specialist at the development department of the NAG company.

In many classrooms, “students” solved problems with a collective mind, sharing their own experiences in solving everyday work tasks.

"I first visited the" Academy "NAG" and while the impressions are excellent. High level of organization of the event. As for the workshops, the classes allow to consolidate and expand their own knowledge , ”said Oleg Pishulev, an engineer of the management and monitoring department of the Permtelecom network.

The main message of the Academy is communication. Communication of participants with iron manufacturers, communication with each other, communication with hardware and software.

Live dialogue between the “students” did not stop even during short coffee breaks. On the contrary, a general break allows participants to communicate with the audience walls during classes.

The final two days were devoted to round tables and business training. The latter have become the next annual LevelUp “Academy of NAG”. The trainings for the management team of telecommunication companies aroused interest and attracted representatives of the management team of many providers to the conference.

And of course, a showroom where you could touch and use “NAG” equipment and purchase it if necessary.

“NAG Academy” is not only workshops, round tables and reports. It is also a good entertainment program, which all guests who came to the Ural Capital could enjoy in full: excursions to the nightlife of the city, a game of “beer-pong” and a festive dinner.

All this was a good conclusion of the fruitful work of each day of the Academy. Finally, a small promotional video to the already-past conference, which of course was worth putting out a little earlier.

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