Our SmartPoket housekeeper is a year. And she fell

The turn was completed, and both goals were achieved: initially we wanted to make everything comfortable for everyone, and then - accessible. This seemingly simple work was divided into two stages. Both - behind.

Hey, why are we worse than the Chinese ?!

We got into the original idea of ​​KeySmart for a long time, however, they did not dare to borrow for a long time. Then we noticed that “citing” a stranger in our postmodern world is common and convinced ourselves that we act out of noble motives.

So it all began. The logic was simple enough: each of us has several keys.

And, sometimes, and so:

And all this is most often in this form:

Following the initial scenario, we believed that giving it a much more concise and compact look is better for everyone. And our salvation of people was this:

We began to preach this idea here and on other resources, but we were rightly faced with some questions ... And one of them:

Hey, why are you better than the Chinese ?!

Initially, SmartPoket has long existed on paper in the form of a drawing:

Then for a long time existed in the form of a pile of metal:

And for some time he stayed in the comparison mode, both with the original and with the Chinese clones. There are several cases in life when extra centimeters are saved, and this one is one of them.

Perhaps the most popular Chinese housekeeper, because of the price with which they would inevitably be compared, turned out to be, for example, extremely small. It literally killed the idea of ​​compactness, which we defended with the SmartPoket, and the bunch of keys somehow swelled:

We do not blur the logo: by name - is searched

Its strength was also not up to par: aluminum, from which the Chinese sample was made, could be cut like paper, with ordinary scissors:

Well, then it turned out that for such a key holder, because of the size of the fastening elements, it was also necessary to select the necessary number of keys, which is also a so-so story.

In other words: in terms of size, durability and convenience - the SmartPoket turned out to be in front, but so far it still came out expensive.

It should be noted, and the fact that not all Aliexpress is cheap: the same organizer, which is the only one in the photo at this price, but with free shipping it is in one place, mostly plus 40-50 rubles.

If you do not look specifically for this model, then the price tags of something hoo:

And for not the best quality.

And what to do with large keys?

Big keys are small. Understanding this, we barely noticeably increased the first basic version of the key keeper:

In this form, it can accommodate a long key.

However, big keys are big. And this is exactly the first step and the main difference that we were in a hurry to be proud of: an enlarged version of the key house.

The issue is still not resolved with keys that are not of a flat type, but this is already something. Much! Now, if desired, and some assiduity SmartPoket can hide such a set in itself:

Yes, in some places it is necessary to undermine, some things have to be changed, some (some types of tablets from the intercom) should be fixed outside, but aesthetic changes are noticeable with the naked eye:

So far we have come with two versions of the SmartPoket: large and small, and therefore the second task remains - to reduce and reduce the price.


Despite the rather simple design, the housekeeper was expensive.

It is foolish to make excuses, but 999 rubles for the first version. Yes, the price was also affected by a small amount, and tons of waste and unsuitable material, and, although the price came out cheaper against the background of the original version, it began to compare us, of course, with the Chinese, and with all the advantages - the price lost.

The second task that had to be solved: to find an opportunity to reduce the price. Gradual interest in the SmartPoket allowed to increase the volume, and now both versions are now worth 300 rubles cheaper, both large and small - 690 rubles. Or set .

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