"And talk?" Why do people give birth to robots

Why do people give birth to pets? So that they meet them after work, give their love, warmth and affection. As a result, a person feels his worth. And if he lives alone, then thanks to his smaller brothers, the feeling of loneliness disappears.

So here. Around the same reasons, people began to get robots at home . Examples are in our article.

You are not alone - you are with a hologram

Everyone knows that the Land of the Rising Sun is ahead of the rest of the planet in terms of hi-tech. So, the Japanese came up with the Gatebox device - a holographic assistant girl named Azuma Hikari.

Cute assistant with pleasure talks on any topic and even writes messages during the day, while its owner is away from home. The latter, by the way, can choose any voice for it.

"Who said meow?"

If before people started pets, now robots are in trend . Why not? The robot-pet is always affectionate and friendly, much easier to "train" and not dangerous. And there is no allergy to it, it does not need to be fed (unless it is connected to a power source) and cleaned up after it.

Moreover, some of them are capable of not just barking or meowing, but also speaking in human language ( Furby Boom ). And lovers of the exotic can make a seal ( Paro Baby Seal ), a fly ( iPhone Controlled Bug ) and even a dinosaur ( Pleo ).

Companions for our grandmothers

Assistant robots help out not only the younger generation, but also the elderly, who more than others need special care. For example, the company Intuition Robotics invented the social robot ElliQ, which helps older people to master new technologies, as well as stay in touch with family and friends.

It is a portable display and a device that recognizes gestures and speech. Powered by voice control. Thanks to machine learning technology, the device adapts as much as possible to the owner. Skype video calls, walks and reminders about the time of taking the medication are not a complete list of ElliQ skills.

Robots XXX

Speaking of loneliness, it is impossible to avoid the topic of sex. His absence - like the absence of the second half - drives depression, melancholy, sadness, a sense of uselessness and a number of other unpleasant emotions.

Sex robots are able to return everything to their places by delivering the necessary cocktail of endorphins and dopamines to the brain.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, the usual “amorous toy” can turn into a real companion with whom you can talk. For example, the robot Harmony is able to conduct conversations in several languages ​​and quickly learns new.

Man is a social being. He is always looking for support and understanding. Of course, from time to time everyone wants to be alone, but when loneliness acquires the value of a constant, I want to howl to the moon. We find truly amazing ways to get rid of this feeling.

They say laziness is the engine of progress. Obviously, loneliness - too.

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