Anton Rosenberg and Telegraph have made peace

In September , several articles were published on Geektimes about the conflict between the ex-employee of the social network “Vkontakte” and the company “Telegraph” with Nikolay and Pavel Durov. We are talking about the charges made by Anton Rosenberg against Telegraph LLC, which, he argued, belongs to the Durovs.

After some time, Telegraf LLC filed a response lawsuit demanding the recovery of 100 million rubles for the disclosure of commercial secrets by Rosenberg. In both cases, court proceedings were held, at which nothing particularly cleared up, the conflict remained open. Today it became known that Rosenberg was able to negotiate a settlement agreement with the Telegraph company.

The following message appeared in the Telegram channel of the joint press service of the St. Petersburg courts: “According to the agreement, the respondent will pay the plaintiff 1,784,610 rubles. 38 kopecks and [compensation for] moral damages in the amount of 60,000 rubles. "

It should be noted that the Telegraph employees asked about the settlement, and Rosenberg accepted this offer. The agreement itself was approved by the Kuibyshevs District Court of St. Petersburg. At the same time, Telegraph undertook to pay Rosenberg a salary for forced absenteeism and compensation for moral damage. The company will also indicate in the workbook of his ex-employee that he quit on his own will on October 24 of this year. The claim of "Telegraph" to Rosenberg will be withdrawn.

In turn, Rosenberg, within the framework of the agreement, renounced claims to Telegraf, having also agreed not to file a lawsuit again.

The company, according to its CEO Alexander Stepanov, had to stop work and dismiss almost all employees. The reason - the actions of Anton Rosenberg.

On September 21, the Telegraph CEO stated that his company offered Rosenberg to enter into a settlement agreement according to which he would receive 4 million rubles. But Anton Rosenberg refused , demanding 25-30 million rubles.


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