Google Chrome extensions for learning foreign languages

We have collected several useful extensions for Google Chrome, which facilitate the process of learning foreign languages ​​and help to read articles not only in their native language.

For convenience, the lists were divided into two categories: extensions for learning English and universal, suitable for other languages.

Let's start with English:

1. English Dictionary Translate Pronunciation is a simple extension that allows you to watch the translation, pronunciation and example of the use of the English word. Works also with PDF pages. The window with the translation is invoked by double clicking on the word of interest.

2. Each Word Translator is an interesting solution: you add words with the translation to the dictionary, after which they appear on the screen periodically as drop-down cards in the browser or regular notifications if the browser is closed. Minus: will have to add manually. Plus: a constant reminder works well for training words, and there is no need to allocate a separate time for this.

3. Grammarly - extension for checking grammar and spelling. Suggests which word is better to put in the sentence, corrects typos and spelling errors. There is a premium rate.

4. Ginger Spell Checker and Grammar Checker - also checks grammar and spelling, depending on the context, but there is a dictionary, pronunciation of words and even entire texts written by you, and translation into 40 languages ​​(information from the official extension site ).

5. Announcify - voices pages with English text in its entirety, without highlighting. It is convenient when you want to listen to the pronunciation of new words and practice perception by ear. For those who have a higher level of Upper-Intermediate, the extension will help to listen to voiced English articles in parallel with other cases.

Multilingual extensions:

1. myVocabu is an extension for translating and training added foreign words to the dictionary. Supports 91 languages.

2. Select and Speak - voices the selected text fragment using the iSpeech speech engine. You can customize voice and voice speed, supports 15 languages. There is a paid content.

3. ReadLang - creates flashcards from the words you added for further training, supports 45 languages.

4. LearnWords - the extension shows the added words at the bottom of the browser page, remembers the learning progress. Supports 45 languages, English-Russian dictionary illustrated.

5. Google Translator and the Elements of Yandex: Translation - fairly obvious extensions, but nonetheless worthy of attention. Google supports 53 languages, Yandex knows European languages, can translate both by word and texts as a whole. In our subjective opinion, Yandex translates a little more precisely (at least from English).

6. Google Dictionary is another Google extension that shows word meanings. In the settings, you can add saving of the viewed words, as well as allow other extensions to use this story - it is convenient if you want then to drive the list of words into one of the simulators.

7. Language Immersion - the extension will suit those who already know English well and want to learn another language. It replaces some of the English words on the page with the words of the language being studied, so that you train the translation directly in context. The settings indicate the language being studied and the complexity (that is, the percentage of words replaced). Supports 64 languages, which pulls up from Google Translator.

Bonus readers

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