Reaper FY919. Quadcopter with FPV for $ 50

It will be a question of an inexpensive toy, which at its cost may well surprise with its stability and the ability to fly via FPV via WiFi. In the video you can also see a comparison with "conditional classmates." But the most surprising thing about him is the presence of a camera for orientation in space.

We will talk about this device here:

In general, it is made very securely. Very good screw protection, rigid support frame. Unfortunately, this all adversely affects the flight time, but more on that later.

Immediately tell about the characteristics of the copter:

  1. 120mm frame diagonal
  2. Weight 90g
  3. Collector engines
  4. Battery 350 mAh, 2 cells
  5. WiFi camera for taking photos / video and flying from the first person
  6. Optical sensor for stabilization
  7. Control from a remote or mobile application


This photo just has to be here for the full review.

All the toys: the device itself, the remote control, battery, charger, spare screws and instructions. Unfortunately, I didn’t immediately order additional batteries for it.

Remote controller

Powered by four AAA batteries that are not included. By itself, it is simple with ordinary joysticks. The remote can be pulled apart and installed in the middle of the phone connected to the camera.

For adults, good hobby radio control systems put normal sticks, but for this device joysticks are more than enough. By itself, it is very unhurried and there is no need for precise and sharp control. There are also many buttons that respond to various functions, such as automatic takeoff, shutdown, return home, turn on headless mode, etc.

Battery and charger

Included with the copter is a 350 mAh battery and two cans. That is, its voltage is about 7.4V and this is a significant advantage. But I was not lucky and the battery got defective. After a few flights, he stopped working. After I removed the heat shrink from the battery, it turned out that inside it there was a switching board that had broken. Of course, I did not waste time waiting for a new one, but simply restored the old one.

I must say that the battery sits very tight inside the copter and, most likely, I broke it myself. But I still think that this moment is not fully thought out. And I did not understand what was the need to install this switching card inside the battery.

Also included is a normal USB charger with balancing battery cans. This means that it charges each cell of the battery separately. Usually for toys they are not bothered with this, but here everything is done soundly. And the battery has two connectors. One for charging and one for powering the copter.


On the bottom of the Reaper is a battery compartment, a power button and two cameras. One is used to record video, and the second is for navigation.

The quality of the picture from the main camera, of course, is very low, but you have to understand that it costs $ 50, and for such money, I find it quite acceptable. From the point of view of flying FPV, the delay time is crucial. In WiFi cameras, it is usually very large, but in this model from this point of view everything is fine. There is, of course, a signal delay, but it is small and, taking into account the low dynamics of the device itself, it is ultimately quite well controlled by the camera. Also, the angle of the camera can be changed. The disadvantages of the camera are the fact that it has a fairly narrow viewing angle, which is also very important for FPV flights.

Separately, I want to talk about the optical sensor used for navigation. The cable of this sensor can be seen if you open the battery compartment:

With full responsibility, I am ready to declare that indoors this is the most stable and predictable copter that I have ever managed. When I started to get involved in droning, even takeoff required skills, and the whole flight turned into a fight. Reaper, thanks to optical stabilization, can take off on its own, holds its position very well and is very predictably controlled. I absolutely calmly let the people who did it for the first time in their life fly and they had no problems.

Also, thanks to the camera in the copter, the "headless" mode works fine. In this mode, it at the start remembers the position of the axes. After that, regardless of the direction in which the vehicle is rotated around the yaw angle, it moves relative to the starting point, and not relative to itself.


But the most interesting, of course, in the video. In addition to the review of the copter itself, I also wanted to compare it with “classmates”, as I announced at the beginning of the article.


You can buy a copter at this link .

The material was prepared with the support of the group Goods from China to the Radio amateur .


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