Over 50,000 charging stations for electric vehicles in the USA

The new report of the Electric Vehicle Charging Association (EVCA) on the state of the charging stations industry in the United States says that there are now over 50,000 charging stations operating in the country.

The report also says that in the period from 2017 to 2025 global infrastructure infrastructure growth is expected at 46.8% annually, and by 2025 the income from these stations should be $ 45.59 billion. In the United States alone, revenues increased by 576% over the past 5 years - from $ 27 million in 2011 to $ 182 million in 2016. If revenue growth is the same as during 2015-2016, i.e. 11%, then by 2020 it could be more than $ 276 million.

The leader in the number of charges in the US is California.

Graph of growth in the number of charges in the US:

In California:

The association predicts explosive growth in the industry over the next few years, thanks to, among other things, the Volkswagen Electrification Program (VW's Electrify America program). Volkswagen deployed this program in conjunction with the California Air Resources Board (California Air Resources Board (CARB)) and the US National Environmental Protection Agency (US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)) after a scandal on the fake results of diesel emissions from this German manufacturer. The United States has requested $ 2 billion in damages that will go towards the development of electric vehicle infrastructure.

Earlier this year, a plan was announced that included the installation of ultrafast 320kW charging stations for California and a network of 150kW stations throughout the country. This summer, the installation of these new stations began, which most likely will serve as a good impetus for the development of the entire industry - the network of charging stations is being transformed into an independent large industry, the revenues from which could potentially approach $ 300 million by the end of this decade

Now there are 4 main players in this market: ChargePoint, EV Connect, EVgo and SemaConnect, which own 49% of all charges in the USA, which is over 25,000 and 57% of all charges in California - 9,072 stations. All of these companies have their main offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

From myself I would add that on the one hand there are indeed a lot of charging stations in North America and Western Europe — in my city, for example, there are more than 250 of them . But only 75 of them are Level 2 stations (relatively fast charging) and only about 10 DCFast (i.e. very fast charging). On the other hand, in the overwhelming number of cases, electric vehicles are charged at night from home charges. On the third, the mileage of affordable cars between charges is constantly increasing, and the cost of batteries is constantly falling.


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